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published 23/06/2002 | polli
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Pro guess it's safer than keeping it in a mattress, just.
Cons Lying branch staff, horrendous charges
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"Lazy, lying staff and huge charges"

Well, where to begin? First off this is not the most comprehensive op that you will ever read. I am not going to cover the banks offers, interest rates or anything, this is purely on customer service and more specifically, my experiences of it.

I have been with the Bank of Scotland for as long as I can remember, probably about 18 years, however I am about to close my account because I have become increasingly annoyed with their treatment of me as a customer. My home branch is Portobello in Edinburgh and I only did my banking there until I left home and moved in to the centre of town. The first problems I started to have were when I turned 18. I went into the nearest branch to where I lived which was Potterrow also in Edinburgh and here the fun starts. I had assumed that you could do anything in any branch of your bank, 'cause well, that's what they were there for. But no, apparently not. The bloke in the branch told me that to upgrade your account from a kids one to an over 18's one you had to go your home branch. Now correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds like a load of crap, but I sadi nothing and dutifully went to my home branch and asked to upgrade my account. While I was doing this I told the teller what the other bloke had said and she told me that that was crap (well not in so many words, but you get the idea) I asked about moving my home branch to one that is nearer me and she explained that you can do ANYTHING at ANY branch, and they actually discourage you from moving your home branch because it creates unnecessary work for them. Right I thought, that makes more sense. So, the story continues.

I wanted to arrange an overdraft and went into the Potterrow branch to ask about it. Guess what, once again I was told that could only be done at my home branch, however he did also say I could register with the banks phone banking service and use that. Okay, I thought so I went home and tried the phoneline. This was great, from what I can remember I had my overdraft that same day and it was no problem, the people on the phone were really helpful and I have no complaints about this aspect of their service. It seems odd that i can get an overdraft over the phone, but not if I'm in a branch. Anyway, by this point I knew I was being lied to, by one of the branch staff, although I suspect it was and is the guy in Potterrow. I also tried to increse my overdraft in the same branch, but no, I was told to go back to the phoneline. Which I did and ended up getting a loan instead which actually suited me better.

I recently came in to some money and wanted to pay my loan off in full. Went in to the branch at the foot of Leith Walk to do this and was told because I had taken out my loan with phoneline, I had to phone them to pay it off. Gggrrrrrrrr! I went home, and phoned phoneline and they told me that I had to send them a cheque to clear off my loan. Let me just spell that out for those of you who may not understand. I had the money in a Bank of Scotland account to clear off my Bank of Scotland phoneline loan, and they had no way of electronically transfering the funds, I have to write and post them a cheque. Does that seem slightly backwards to anyone else?

Anyway, whilst all this is happening, I am getting charged £20 - £30 pounds every time I go over my overdraft limit or a direct debit doesn't clear. I am also paying interest on my overdraft and a £15 'maintenence charge' for my overdraft every month. Also, I know banks that realise that having no money means having no money. But not the Bank of Scotland, if you get charged for going over your overdraft they put the charge on to your account immediately, so yuo've got that day to get the money in your account. They just annoy me so much.

I decided to close my account and believe me they are losing a lot of money by losing me as a customer, the amount of charges and interest that I have paid in the last year is phenomenal. I think my record is £95 of charges alone in one month. I went in to the branch at the foot of Leith walk again and asked to close my account. Guess what, I have to go to my home branch to do that!!!


I think the staff are just incredibly lazy and will lie to get out of actually doing anything.

Anyway, I haven't closed my account yet, but I will be doing so next week, and then I was going to be off to Intelligent Finance which I've heard are so much better, but becasue they're owned by Halifax which is now part of Bank of Sctland, I'm not so sure, maybe I'll just go to RBoS instead. Anyway, I am going to formally complain to the Bank about being lied to repeatedly, but I wonder if I'll even get a response. The thing that gets me is the whole 'you can only do that at your home branch line' what about students or anybody in fact that has moved away from home? I was just lucky I still lived in the same city.

Please, steer clear!

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  • Leopardskinny published 28/09/2010
    I used to work at HBOS and what you're being told is lies, you should ask to speak to the manager, and don't be afraid to make a fuss. The service to customers is shocking.
  • Naymathussain published 17/07/2005
    basically your not the first to complain i never recieved any statments from the bank for six months until i recieved a letter saying i needed to pay 300 worth of charges i was shocked 300 quid disgusting! halifax bunch of crooks better off with the royal bank of scotland they have some brilliant service or even barclays now they look after there customers no doubt. i wote to the ceo and he said the customer relations guys would look into it for me they better bloomin well look in it for me or ive organised billiboards costs me 300 quid a month costs the halifax #300,000 in customer profits who do u think wins me or them. WHO GIVES YOU EXTRA CHARGES WHO WHO THE CROOKS OF HALIFAX DO.
  • Champ666 published 05/07/2004
    Could not agree with you more
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