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Fly in style with the Barbie Glam Jet Plane in Pink. Give Barbie and her Fashionista friends the ultimate travel experience in a first class cabin wit...

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published 03/03/2017 | littleowlski
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Pro Good tannoy noise and microphone
Cons Expensive, rubbish quality, limited play ideas
Value for Money

"Glam Jet that Travels with its own Pool..."

Barbie Glam Jet Plane

Barbie Glam Jet Plane

Most of our kids toys come from the charity shop, mainly because I can't justify spending the money on things that are new. As a result, I'm always horrified by the cost of new toys. We buy many things with the intention of letting the children play with it for a while, and then selling it on; either online or through local selling sites. That was they get to play with lots of different things and we sometimes make a bit of money. This Barbie Glam Jet Plane was one of these purchases - definitely not something I would have 'chosen' to buy for either of the children. I paid £7.99 for it from the charity shop, there are lots of the little 'fiddly' bits missing but the majority of the larger pieces are there. Certainly enough to play with, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. It is currently not available brand new but can be bought secondhand through ebay for about £70.

What's in the Box and Building the Plane

Firstly, it is a very big box! But I will tell you what isn't in the box: dolls to play in the plane with. Luckily, we have a few already but it seems like a bit of a con to put pictures on the box of dolls in their summer clothes, relaxing in the ginormous jet only to write in the tiniest font 'dolls not included'. I can imagine many parents would have given in to requests to buy a new doll or at least some new clothes to put old dolls in. Luckily, because we don't have a normal TV (and therefore no adverts) my kids are still unaware that doing things like this is possible. So Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have been enjoying a relaxing time at the plane pool...

The jet measures 66 x 22.9 x 28.6 when constructed. Fortunately for me, much of it was built when I bought ours, but the wings, tail and swimming pool attachments still needed affixing. This is easier said than done. For some reason, I find it really tricky to click the wings into place and figure out how the swimming pool is supposed to be attached. It's meant to fold down from the rear of the plane but I cannot fathom it out, even with the instructions. Again, fortunately, my kids don't seem to care about the swimming pool aspect of the plane and concentrate mostly on the seats inside.

The plane is large, pink and has a few stickers on it. In my opinion, the stickers do look a bit tacky and I don't think make the jet look 'glam' in any way, but kids love stickers so manufacturers will try to get them into a product any way they can. Did I mention the jet is pink? It's a proper hot, Barbie, in-yer-face pink. For a family that tries to keep all toys a range of bright colours or natural wooden where possible (I did say tries we don't always manage it!) it is a little bit too much. I like to encourage the kids to play with a whole range of things, regardless of colour or which gender it has been aimed at but this plane is so ridiculously over-the-top. There's no chance I would have bought it new!

Aside from the garish colour - imagine if real planes were this colour! - the proportions and dimensions of everything are a little off. For example, the cockpit, the main function of a plane I would have thought, is too small to even get a doll into to pretend to be the pilot. Snow White was denied her first opportunity to fly a plane and instead had to resume her usual position of lying down in one of the plane chairs. Because Barbie dolls are also ridiculous in their proportions, the dolls can sit in the plane seats but then their overly long legs prevent the seats from moving too much forwards and backwards. Likewise, the pool bit at the back doesn't actually give much room for manoeuvre. They can sit still, but that's about it. No girls gone wild style parties for these Barbies; it's a very sedate affair in the glam jet. There are little tiny steps into each part of the plane which are too small for the dolls really, and the jet - while massive - is still too small for a doll to stand up in it. In my opinion, it just doesn't look that great. I would have preferred the cockpit to be the main focus of the plane, rather than the cabin and the swimming pool.

Playing with the Glam Jet

So the strange proportions and lack of focus on the most interesting part of a plane - flying it - limit the type of play to be had with this glam jet. But just in case there is any doubt about the functionality and main purpose of it there are some handy electronic sounds included. Five are claimed on the box, which include the sound of a drink being poured and a sort of tropical theme tune. There is also a tannoy with quite a realistic 'bing bong' sound and a fairly loud microphone. There is also the sound of the plane taking off, which again, is quite realistic. Ironic though in that you can't even get into the cockpit to pretend to get the plane to take off, nor can you comfortably pick up the plane and pretend to fly with it anyway.

I'm obviously not a great fan of the plane - I think the play it offers due to the design is limited. But what do my children think? The main feature of this that they both love to play with is the tannoy. They are four and two years old, and both of them love the sound of their own voice, so they really do enjoy pressing the 'bing bong' and making announcements. They will get their dolls, sit them in the chair and pretend to serve them drinks or food with the trolley and they seem to like doing this too. But all too often, the play ends with my daughter trying to get one of the dolls into the cockpit to fly the plane, realising it won't fit then wandering off. They just don't find the idea of sitting still and having a drink exciting, which is what the essential part of the plane's appeal boils down to. They were really excited when we first bought it, and probably played with it for about 15 minutes. Really though, that's been the longest they have played with it since we bought it. They're not interested in the swimming pool, they get frustrated that the wings and tail come off so easily and they have other play house types of things to satisfy the need to 'make food and drink with dolls' that are better to play with.

Durability and Quality

I don't think it is a particularly durable toy nor is it very well made. The sound effects are good; they're quite realistic and loud but annoyingly so. However, there are so many little bits of food that can (and have) been lost; the little doors in the alcoves at the back of the plane in the food prep area feel a bit flimsy. Any detail seems to be created with stickers rather than the plastic being moulded to represent anything and over time, stickers will always peel at the edges or get dirty. There are quite a few little crevices that attract dirt and dust so overall the whole toy looks a bit grubby. The plane itself is too big for a child to pick up and it feels flimsy if you do so, so it can't be flown around the sky like any other toy plane. Once you've managed to click them on, the wings and tail seem to come off really easily of their own accord. When you try to affix the swimming pool pieces or the palm tree, the plane overbalances really easily so again, it's tricky to put these on.
Final Thoughts

If it wasn't already clear enough: I'm not a fan of the glam plane. It's an expensive addition to a Barbie collection that doesn't actually provide much in the way of play. Perhaps my children are a little bit too young yet to enjoy it, but really I can't see that it offers much more 'fun' than sitting down, having a drink, sitting by a pool, having a drink, eating some airline food... it's all a bit boring. I would not buy this new, nor would I recommend it to anyone other than the biggest Barbie fans, but even they may feel a little short-changed by the not-very-glamourous Glam Jet.

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Fly in style with the Barbie Glam Jet Plane in Pink. Give Barbie and her Fashionista friends the ultimate travel experience in a first class cabin with seating for two and a full size kitchen. This fab first class cabin converts into a fancy dining room so girls can serve gourmet meals with a food cart.When you reach your destination, simply pop out the glam resort from the back of the plane.Featuring a working tannoy for girls to make in-flight announcements and 4 realistic sounds including take off and landing sounds, seatbelt ding, sofa fountain and tropical music. Comes complete with over 40 pieces including food cart and luggage.Dolls sold separately.

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