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"they are taking over my house"

My daughter and i are absolutly barbie mad she has barbie wallpaper and barbie bedding she also has nearly every barbie doll that has been available over the last three years.
Every christmas and birthday nearly all her presents end up being barbie dolls,carraiges and castles.
she sits playing with her barbie dolls for hours on end in fact just the other day she had a pretend party in her bedroom and she invited all her barbie dolls the problem with that was you could not move without tripping over them as she has so many now and each time they bring out a new one she asks me to buy it for her.

Barbie dolls have been around for many years now and are still as popular now as they were when i was little.
There are so many different types of barbie dolls around now and believe me i know because my daughter has so many that her room looks like it is a private house for barbie dolls.
The many different barbie dolls range in price they range from around £10 up to about £25 I will not be able to make a list of them all as there are just to many and it would probably take me weeks if not months to list each and every one so i will just make a list of a selected few which are going to be my daughters favourate four.

This doll is ready to become a hollywood superstar as she sets off ready to star in the movies.
With her style and fashion she already dresses like a big super star with her beautiful long blonde hair and stylish clothes.
This barbie doll comes wearing a really glitsy outfit which is a red trouser suit which is trousers and short top and over that she is wearing a knee length pink checkered coat which has faux fur around the neck,down the edges where the coat fastens and also along the bottom of the coat the fur is a purple colour.

As this barbie is ready to become a real superstar and star in the movies she does come with plenty of superstar accessories.
The accessories for this superstar are a directors chair which has got brown plastic legs and a black cotton seat you can fold the chair flat when not using it.
There is a spare outfit which is a black dress with swirly pink patterns on it and it comes just above the knee and to match the dress are a stylish pair of black sandels which have a glittery silver colour on the top foot bit of the sandel,the sandel has a buckle type fastner on the strap which fastens round the ankle and they also have a high platform type heel.
Other accessories include a tiny plastic identity card,a pair of tiny pink plastic sunglasses,a cosmetics case which contains every essential that a superstar could ever need.There are fake little plastic white bottles and fake makeup,The bottles represent things like perfume,facial cleanser and makeup remover all the things a super star may need the case opens and closes easily and is a bright pink colour.
She also comes with two very tiny cds one is light pink and the other is light green,pictures of herself,costume jewellery which are a necalace,a bracelet and earrings,two very tiny tapes,a tiny bin,a pink oscar award trophy and a small rope barrier which consists of two brown poles and a white rope which goes over the top of the poles and fastens around the top of each pole which creates the barrir.

When i bought this barbie for my daughter i got pretty lucky as i got it on the 3 for 2 offer which was really great which meant i got the cheapest free but normally it would cost £19.99 from woolworths.
The recommended age for this barbie is 6 and over and the reason for this is because kids are beginning to know about superstars and most kids of this age love doing role play .
This barbie is my daughters absolute favourate it really does help her to develop her imaginative skill she even has the doll performing in her own little shows.

These rain barbies are really great my daughter really loves the rain herself and because the dolls come prepared for going out in the rain.
There are three barbie dolls with this one all three are best friends and each have their own pet.

BARBIE RAIN DOLL 1____This barbie has long black hair and she comes wearing a orange rain hat,a orange raincoat,purple wellingtons and an orange umberella.
she has a tiny orange dog who is wearing a rain cape that is also orange.The accessories include small towel,a tiny bag and a toy ball for the dog.

BARBIE RAIN DOLL 2____This barbie has long blonde hair and she comes wearing a yellow rain hat,yellow raincoat,pink wellingtons and a pink and white umberella.
She has a tiny brown and white dog who is wearing a rain cape also in yellow.The accessories are a small towel,a tiny bag and a tiny yellow bucket.

BARBIE RAIN DOLL 3____This barbie has long light brown hair and she is wearing a pink and light blue rain hat,a pink and light blue raincoat,light blue wellingtons and a pink and light blue umberella.
she has a light brown dog who is wering a raincape also in pink.
The accessories are a towel,a tiny bag and a tiny pink teddy bear that is for the dog.

This barbie set costs £20 for all three dolls from argos i actually thought this barbie set was quite cheap as you pay around that amount for just the one doll so when you get three dolls for £20 you are actually getting value for your money.Each of the dolls umberellas do actually work they open and close just like the real thing.
When my daughter plays with these barbies i turn my living room into a rainy day i place a waterproof mat on the floor then place little plates of water around the mat and all three of my kids have hours of puddle splashing fun with them they absolutly loved it as all kids love to splash in puddles and my idea has made it so the dolls can splash in rainy puddles also.
This barbie is for aged 3 and over.

There are all kinds of rapunzel dolls to choose from but the one my daughter likes is the princess barbie rapunzel bride even at the age of seven she has a fascination with wedding dresses.
The barbie has beautiful blonde hair that almost reaches the floor.She is wearing the most adorable white wedding gown that is made from cotton and lace and a tiny pair of white shoes.
She has holding in her hand a bouquet of pink and white flowers which are removable from the doll so after the wedding it can be thrown in the air (who will catch it?).
The thing my daughter loves most about this barbie is that their is not only the doll to play with their is also a viel and light up tiara that she can wear. kids really love this because it means that they get to dress up and be a bride for once.
The rapunzel bride costs £13 from argos,woolworths or even the ebay.This doll is really great value for money as you not only get something to play with you get something to wear as well.
The dolls recommended age is 3 and over due to small parts.

This barbie doll comes from the barbie mermaidia collecton.
My daughter likes this one because of the fact you can change its colour.The barbie has a pink fin,pink body and pink streaks in her hair which change colour when applied with cold water and the colour changes from pink to purple.
When i first got this barbie she decided it would be great to see the whole doll change colour at once so she filled the kitchen sink with cold water and took it for a swim but when she had done she took it out and carried it around which made a mess as it dripped water everywhere and it took me ages to wipe it all up.
The mermaid does come with an applicater which my daughter uses to apply the cold water and it doesnt make any mess either which is great as it means less for me to clean up.
This toy also makes a great bath toy mainly because she is half fish and half human in fact by letting the kids play with her in the bath they actually manage to stay put long enough for you to wash them.
This barbie costs £10.99 from woolworths,the mermaid comes in a range of different colours but i can not tell you what the other colours are as we have a pink one although there is one in a sea green colour but do not know what colour it changes to as i have only bought one colour change mermaid as yet.

The only piece of advice i have really is find somewhere to store all barbies shoes as if they come offthey end up either lost or just hoovered up off the carpet andthe reason behind this is because they are just so tiny and always end up getting lost.

Well i have listed four as i promised id be here all month trying to write out the full list and description.hope that i have not bored you all to death

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  • silver-fir4 published 09/07/2006
    Excellent. If once all Barbies should be lost forever (22 century), the historian will be able to reconstruct the life of Barbie of our times. With this review. LG Tomas
  • Holiam published 12/06/2006
    Yes, my little girl also loves Barbie but I have to say that I'm fed up of them now! Our house is over-run by dolls! xx
  • mummykat1 published 27/05/2006
    brilliant review my daughter is barbie obsessed lol
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