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"I Got A Basketball Jones"

This review comes in conjuction with the start of the NBA season, beginning today when last year's champions the San Antonio Spurs face the Portland Trail Blazers.

Basketball is my favourite sport to participate in, and second favourite to watch (after American football). It is the second most viewed spectator sport in the United States, and is played by over 300 million people in 144 countries.
Playing The Game

Essentially, this game is very simple, however many may be put off by the numerous rules, the rules aren't too difficult to understand, and after a few game, it is to work out.

Basketball is competed with five people against five on the other team. The aim of the game is to score points by throwing the ball into the opposing team's basket.

Playing Time:

In the international games, the game has four 10-minute quarters, and the NBA has four 12-minute quarters. There is an interval of 15 minutes after the second quater has ended, this is half-time. In half-time, the coaches tend to talk to the players and comment on what has happened so far in the game, they are also able to give them advice on how to improve to win the game in the second half.

Whenever a whistle is blown, the clock stops, this means that the allotted time given to each match will be played, and nothing less than this. The whistle is only blown when rules are infringed, and after each point is scored in the final two minutes of play.

The games never result in a draw, after the set amount of time, an extra 5 will be added, whoever comes out on top wins, if this continues, and then so does this system, until there's a winner.

Timeouts also affect how the time is managed in a game.


Time-outs can be used 8 times during the course of a game in the NBA. These are spread out by having them limited to one 20-second time-out in a half, and 6 others than last 60 seconds. You are only allowed to use 3 in the final quarter and 2 in the last two minutes of play. You can only call for a time-out when in possession of the basketball.

Either the players or the coaches are able to call a time-out during the game. These are used to tell the players to use set-plays in the game and to get their minds in the game if they are starting to create a large point-deficit.

Jump Ball:

The jump ball (also known as the tip off) starts each basketball game. It happens to give each team an equal chance of gaining the advantage of ball possession from the start of the game. It starts with one player from each team standing in the centre circle; no others are enabled to do so. A referee tosses the ball up between the two players and once it has peaked, it is in-play and either team can go for it. The tallest players are usually used in this, because who ever tips it fastest will usually do so because of their superior height to the other competitor. You are only able to touch the ball once, so if you just hit it up in the air, then you have to exit the circle anyone else is able to get it.

From the tip off, all the other players are able to pass, dribble, bat or throw it wherever they desire.

Point Scoring:

Most points are worth two points, however when you shoot beyond the three-point line, 6.25 meters you obviously get an extra point for the added difficulty.

After a foul, points shot from the free-throw line are worth only one point. The reason for this is that they are very easy to score and when people first learn the game, this is the first distance they would learn to shoot from.


This rule would be most relevant to offensive players, but everyone on the team must be aware of it. It says that a player isn't allowed the opposing team's restricted area for 5 seconds, this doesn't apply when there are attempting to catch a ball mid-air, or if the ball is rebounded. Once the ball hits the backboard, the clock starts again.

This is to keep the game flowing, not having long periods of time when there aren't any shot attempts, enabling for high-scoring competition every time.

The rule is that when a team has got the ball in their control, as a team, they have 24 seconds to shoot. A shot will only qualify if it hits the backboard or rim, so if they throw an air-ball, the clock will carry-on ticking.

This rule is to keep the pace of the game as fast as possible, it would be used to its limits in the closing seconds of a tight game, one team would be very conservative, making sure that the likelihood of the opposing team gaining possession is as low as possible.

The rule is that you must advance the ball into the other team's half of the court within 8 seconds, if you fail to do so; you forfeit possession, giving it to the other team at the sideline.

This rule is used in three different ways, all in different conditions:

The first way is when the ball is to be thrown-in from the sideline. It says that the ball must be released within 5 seconds, or the throw-in will be given to the other team. The only time where this may be difficult to stay to the rules is when all of the players on your on team are marked well.

The second form of the enforcement of the 5 second rule is when a player is being guarded well. He must get the ball away within 5 seconds when he is limited to options, in order to keep possession for his team. If he has a lot of pressure on him for 5 seconds, then it's his fault on not passing, shooting, dribbling or at least rolling the ball, so he has to get rid of the ball in some way to stay within the game's laws.

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