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Battle Of Los Angeles (DVD)

Nearly 70 years after the US military engaged an mysterious flying craft in the nighttime sky over Los Angeles, the vengeful interplanetary visitors r...

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Review of "Battle Of Los Angeles (DVD)"

published 26/04/2012 | funkyshoes3
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"Battle Los Angeles Film Review."

Intro and Info:

Battle Los Angeles is an action Sci-Fi film that was made and released in 2011. Battle Los Angeles was directed by Jonathan Liebesman who has also directed other films such as the new Wrath of the Titans film. Battle Los Angeles was written by one person: Chris Bertolini and the film was produced by three people: Jeffrey Chernov, Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur. Battle Los Angeles was made on a budget of $70 million dollars and the film grossed just over $211 million dollars so the film was a box office success. Battle Los Angeles is rated 5.8 out of 10 on the IMDB website and that is based on just over 81,000 votes.


Michael Nantz (played by Aaron Eckhart) is a marine who is supposed to be retiring but after giant spaceships carrying hostile extra-terrestrial (that were originally thought to be meteorites) life is found he is made sergeant of a marine company. The marines are sent in to help save people’s lives and fight the aliens whilst advancing through the city. While in the city they team up with a group of soldiers and they manage to call for a helicopter to come and pick them up but the helicopter cannot take the civilians and ends up being blown out the sky by the alien forces. It is then up to this group of marines and the rest of the army to find out what the aliens want and hot to fight them back off planet earth.


§ Aaron Eckhart as Michael Nantz

§ Ramon Rodriguez as William Martinez

§ Will Rothhaar Lee "Cowboy" Imlay

§ Cory Hardrict as Jason "Cocheez" Lockett

§ Jim Parrack as Peter J. "Irish" Kerns

§ Gino Anthony Pesi as Nick C. "Stavs" Stavrou

§ Ne-Yo as Kevin J. "Specks" Harris

Good points and Bad Points:

The Animation in this film is good with all the scenes looking very good and realistic and detailed. Now I don’t know much about direction but I thought it was also very good with the use of different camera angles, also all the scenes ran well together, and the lighting was really good as well. I think it adds a good effect to the scenes and film and so good directing and good Animation.With this film being a futuristic sci-fi film I would expect CGI and special effects to be a big part of the film’s production, and the CGI was very good the aliens and the spaceships did look very good. The Special effects in the film also were very detailed and very realistic when it was used which also makes the film look better and in my opinion.

The picture quality was very good which is to be expected nowadays and so was the sound quality and so pretty much what I expected from a film that was released only a year ago. Because the film is 116 minutes long it is a long film but in my opinion I thought that the story felt a bit stretched out and less entertaining, the film had quite a bit of action and it kicks off pretty quickly but the film’s story just feels like it had to be stretched to fit the time allocated.

The acting was good, but i think it could have been improved, a few of the actors did not show their characters emotions and feelings as well as they should have done and so it was hard to understand what the characters were going through. I think that if the acting was better I think it could have made the film more thrilling and especially being and alien invasion. Every one of the actors were also very easy to understand and all of the actors spoke clearly.

The story is also well written however the film’s story isn’t original and didn’t really have any sub plots or twists in the story. The story is just another aliens come and try to kill us all and we have to fight them off our planet, the film didn’t really add much into the film to make it any more original and so the story wasn’t that original but it was still entertaining to a point. I think if they added a few more elements to make it original and added sub plots I think the story would have been a lot better. The story does however have a lot of action and does kick start quite quickly. The screenplay is as good as the story it’s dramatic in places and it also has good dialogue. The story is also easily understood and isn’t confusing.

There was a soundtrack in this film and it wasn’t very good, there wasn’t much music that fit the film and it didn’t really create the right atmosphere in the scenes. There were a few scenes were the film did have some good music and it did create suspense and drama but overall I think that the soundtrack could have been improved and that could have added to make the film even better.

Although this film isn’t terribly bad it isn’t an amazing film, the film’s story was unoriginal and although had a lot of action it felt stretched and too drawn out. The acting could have been better in some scenes and the soundtrack could have been improved to make the film better too.


Aaron Eckhart has stated that he would like to reprise his role and also the director Jonathan Liebesman said that the work on the second film’s script and story had begun and so it looks like there will be a sequel, however I hope they add more original elements to the sequel.


Overall I enjoyed watching Battle Los Angeles and think that it was an alright film. The CGI and Special effects were good and all though the film relied heavily on special effects I thought they were all to a high standard and so were good. The story and screenplay provided a good story although unoriginal and it lacked sub plots, but the story is easily followed. The sound track as I have previously mentioned I thought wasn’t very good and the actors all did a good job portraying their characters but again I think in some scenes the acting could have been improved. I enjoyed watching Battle Los Angeles but I couldn’t watch it again, to me it’s just another alien film that doesn’t set it apart from the others and so nothing special. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen many alien films and just wants to waste some time.

3 Out of 5

Recommended to those who haven’t seen many alien invasion films.


Thank you for reading my film review, any comments or ratings are appreciated and I will try to rate you all back but if I miss you please let me know and I will rate. This review may be posted on Dooyoo too.


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  • kickapoo5 published 30/08/2016
    You've reviewed the wrong movie, this is for Battle of Los Angeles which is a godawful CGI failfest of a low low budget movie, you've reviewed Battle: Los Angeles
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