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Battlefield 3 (PS3)

Genre: Shooter - Publisher: Electronic Arts - Age Rating: 18+

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published 14/01/2012 | doubleheman
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Pro Very good graphics, real world warfare sounds, very good multiplayer
Cons Poor singleplayer, vehicles can be difficult to control
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Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Battlefield strikes again"


Battlefield 3 is EA and DICE's latest first person shooter, it is the direct sequel to Battlefield 2. It has been released in 2011 on the following platforms Microsoft windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Pros and cons


  • Very good Frostbite 2 engine graphics
  • Real world sounds of warfare
  • Very good multiplayer

  • Single player mode might come as a let down
  • Some of the online vehicles are difficult to control

My opinion

The first Battlefield game that I played was Battlefield 1943 on the playstation 3 Marketplace. It felt like it was a small but good value online multilayer game. It was a very good game and it gave me a good feel of the online side of battlefield games but in a arcade style.

I have been very impressed so far with this game and I'm pleased that their is now a good competitor to the call of duty series of games.


In the storyline you play as a US Marine corp and it's based on you being integrated and you have to recount what happened during the war this is where all of the missions take place.


Single player

I enjoyed the campaign because it's so varied you play in very different environments from Paris to New York. Some of the missions are based in the streets in warfare and other missions you are flying in fighter jets or tanks, I really enjoyed those missions. However I do feel that the storyline is too similar to Battlefield's competitors story line’s we have seen this style of storyline before.


Battlefield is one of the best aspects of Battlefield 3, I feel that DICE have really nailed it this time. In my opinion I feel that there is lots to do in the multilayer mode they have lots of items to unlock for your player.

The thing for me with multilayer is the fact of how big the maps are I for one like to explore the maps and find secret spots where I can take out the other team from the sidelines and you can do this online if that’s how you play. You can also run around like a mad man shooting at everything you see and it's a enjoyable experience no matter how you choose to play.

I do feel that there is so much freedom for choice in the online gameplay like I was saying you can go shooting like a mad man in the middle of the map or you can take control of some of the many vehicle options that are available.

These are tanks, trucks, fighter jets and helicopters, I like the control of all of the vehicles apart from the truck I did not feel like the camera angel helped although the other vehicles control well so I guess I might just have to get used to the control.

Sound effects

I read in a magazine before Battlefield 3 was released that the brave sound tech department went out onto the front lines to record the sound effects for this game and it really does show. I am using my surround sound speakers whilst playing this game but whether your using surround sound or not you will hear every bullet and explosion, the sound effects are really amazing.


I feel that the Frostbite 2 engine does well in the fact that when there is special effects such as Light in the dark such as a torch or a flare or when we have sun flare on the camera it does really deliver these special effects well. The graphics are a step or two up from Battles older instalment.

Value for money

With a average singe player campaign mode and one of the best multilayer modes around you will be sure to get value for money from Battlefield 3.One thing to point out if you are planning on buying this game used is that you need to have a unused online pass to play this game online so if you do buy a used copy the chances are that the online pass will have been used so you will have to buy a new online pass these retail for around £8 but the prices can varrie depending on where you buy the pass. Passing do come for free with new copies of the game though.

Current prices

  1. £27.85
  2. £33.99
  3. £37.99
  4. £39.99


I recommend this game to you, it's one of the best first person shooters out at the moment, good competition in the good first person shooter games in the market.

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  • Jammie1000000 published 15/02/2012
    Very good review, well presented. Nicely laid out. Clearly quoted pro's and con's for the game with reasoning behind. Clear summary at end.
  • fatman88 published 14/01/2012
    MW3 FTW if I'm honest
  • laurahartleyy published 14/01/2012
    may buy this on xbox
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Genre: Shooter - Publisher: Electronic Arts - Age Rating: 18+

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