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published 12/04/2012 | randy_edith
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"This is a lovely boiler that keeps my house warm"

The control panel on my new Baxi Boiler showing the date I got it fitted

The control panel on my new Baxi Boiler showing the date I got it fitted

I have my new Baxi Boiler now and I have had it since 12th February 2012. before that I had had my old one for over 20 years and I was having a lot of problems with it because it wasn’t working at heating all my radiators up properly and it was banging and kettling and the boiler man said eventually I’d need a new one. The last straw came when I had to move in with my daughter when we had our cold snap as the heating went off altogether and I was very cold. I took the cats with me but they weren’t keen on moving house.

The gas board gave me a quote of nearly £4000 including labour but we looked up a Corgi registered boiler man out of the yellow pages and he did it for £2000 which was a big saving plus I got money off due to my age, but my daughter sorted this out for me. The boiler is lovely. It is much larger than my old one was and the old one had been fitted inside a false cupboard to make it look like one of my kitchen cupboards. The new boiler is too large for the cupboard and it had to come off the wall and now it’s a bit of an eyesore but I’m going to have a new cupboard built around it to hide it because there is a lot of pipe work showing.

My boiler is large and is in white and it is very easy for me to operate. They took the large water tank out of my airing cupboard when they took away the old boiler. It is nice now that I have hot water all the time and I never have to wait for the water to heat up like I had to with my old boiler. The radiators come on much quicker too and this is good when I have been out all day and the heating has been off.

The boiler only has a 24 hour timer though so this means I cannot programme it for weekends, but I don’t really mind to much. I can switch the controls so that it will either only heat the radiators or only heat the water up if I wanted to and it is easy for me to see the buttons as there are pictures on the display unit which shows me if it’s water or radiators which I am programming.

I really do like this boiler because it is far more energy efficient than my last one was and also now I have increased water pressure in all of my taps because it is fed directly from the mains, whereas it wasn’t before. Also, the boiler man gave me a really good filter called a Gold Line Filter. He told me that this will keep my boiler protected as they can gunge up just like the insides of a kettle gunges up unless they have a good filtration device.

I am very pleased with my lovely new boiler and he says it will last me a long time. My house is lovely and warm now. They left the old water tank in my back garden and thieves came in the night and stole it for scrap metal and that upset me.

I paid a lot of money for this boiler but it is far better than the old one and now my home is lovely and warm. I recommend the Baxi boiler to you.

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