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published 27/09/2017 | daylehall
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Pro Bio-degradable, compostable
Cons More expensive than other brands
very helpful
Value for Money

"Brilliant Beaming Baby"

I am the proud owner of two Border Collie dogs. As part of my duties of being a responsible dog owner, I always have to ensure that I have ‘poo bags’ on me every time I am out with my dogs. I generally use nappy sacks for my dog pooping duties as they are cheap and can buy them as part of my normal shop. In the town where I live, we have a little shop which opened around 8 months ago, in which the owner sells out of date items or items or items that have been passed to him as ‘end of stock’ items. The idea is he then sells them for an affordable price. I like to pop into this shop every now and then to see what is being sold and it was on a recent visit to this shop that I came across these Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks for the bargain price of 20p a packet.

Beaming Baby
This is a company I have actually never heard of before buying these nappy sacks. Beaming Baby’s is a company that produce chemical-free, biodegradable and compostable nappies and nappy bags. These products are ideal for babies suffering from nappy rash, eczema, asthma or sensitive skin, or for parents wishing to do their bit to help the environment.

Beaming Baby Nappy Sacks
These nappy sacks are 100% bio-degradable and can be composted. Each sack once taken out of the packet and opened are around 4 inches wide by 8 inches long so the perfect size for fitting a nappy in. The nappy sacks are a pale green colour and are completely fragrance free.

As I mentioned earlier, I managed to get there nappy sacks in a local shop in my town where I got them for 20p a packet. A quick search online has informed me that these are availbale on the Beaming Baby website for £2.59 for a pack of 60.

The nappies come packaged in a green cardboard box which has the product and company name printed on the front along with a picture of a rather cute looking baby. There is a little circle in the centre of the packet which can be pushed out and then this gives you access to the nappies inside. The nappies can easily be pulled out by pinching the top one and lifting it out. The packet contains 60 nappies.

In Use
I bought these nappy sacks with the intention of using them to pick up my dogs poo but to be honest they are a little too large to be using as dog poo bags. Having said that, they are perfectly suitable to use for this purpose but the bags are fairly large so to me, it just seems that most of the back is being wasted with using them for this. For this reason, I have also taken to using them in my food compost bin at home. I simply stretch the bag over my food compost bin and then use it as normal. Once it is full, I lift the bag out and dump the entire contents, bag included into my compost bin in the garden. This makes life much easier as normally I have to fish all the contents out of a normal carrier bag and then throw away the carrier bag ans it is covered in juice from the food. Being able to lift the entire bag out ad know that I can out it in the compost and it will rot certainly make my life a little easier.

With regards to using these bags for what they are actually supposed to be used for – nappies, I think this is a wonderful idea. However, in order for them to be effective, you would of course have to be using the Beaming Baby bio-degradable nappies. I am unaware of how much these cost and whether they offer competitive prices compared to brands such as Pampers but if I had known about these when my children wore nappies it certainly would have been something I was interested in. I know standard nappies can take 200 – 500 years to de-compose so I think it would be a wonderful thing to do to help the environment.

In Comparison
As I mentioned earlier, these nappy sacks cost £2.59 for a pack containing 60 nappies. Currently at Tesco's, their value nappy sacks currently retail at 35p for 300 bags so as you can see they offer much better value for money but of course they do not decompose which is the main selling point of this product. It does annoy me that if you want to be more environmentally conscious, it appears you will be out of pocket for doing so!

In summary I would highly recommend these nappy sacks. For me, they are much more convenient to use in my food compost bin in the kitchen, knowing that I can simply compost the bag and all contents without having to empty all the rotting food out with my hands. They are also effective being used for dog poo bags. I think if I had known about these when my children were younger and still in nappies, this is a product I would have liked to have used as I love the idea of having nappies that would bio-degrade, along with the nappy sacks you put them in. I like to do as much as I can to help the environment and I love the fact that this company and product help you in doing this. For me, it just seems a shame that products that are more environmentally friendly always seem to be so much more expensive than products that are not, which only encourages people not to try and do their bit for the environment.

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