Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie (DVD)

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Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie (DVD)

In his big-screen debut, the bumbling, barely verbal Mr. Bean lands in Los Angeles, where he has been sent to 'guard' Whistler's Mother as it changes ...

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Review of "Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie (DVD)"

published 07/07/2008 | blissman70
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Thanks everyone for the R/R/Cs, still much appreciated....... Especially thanks for all the E's ... Looks like dooyoo has finally given up the ghost. Not even sending vouchers out now... shame
Pro Great comedy from the buffoon Bean
Cons Not for everyone...
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"Mr Bean goes on the big screen...!!!"

Director: Mel Smith
Producers: Rowan Atkinson, Peter Bennet-Jones, Tim Beavan, Richards Curtis, Rebecca O'Brien and Eric Fellner
Writers: Rowan Atkinson, Richards Curtis and Robin Driscoll.
Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Peter MacNicol, Burt Reynolds, Richards Grant and Pamela Reed

Mr Bean, for all those who have never had the pleasure, started life as a television character in several half hour shows. He is a bumbling buffoon whose slow intellect somehow make him come out of most situations looking like the hero. His ability to solve problem in his own special way have created a some what hilarious but rather selfish character, with only a face his mother could love.

This movie was then released in 1997 as a bit of a spin off from the television series.


With the accident prone Mr Bean, (played by Rowan Atkinson), a caretaker at the Royal National Gallery really annoying his employers they come up with a scheme to get rid of him.
This involves calling him Doctor Bean and sending him to America in order to watch over the transfer of the work of art called 'The Whistlers mother' to an L.A. art gallery and to then give a speech about the world famous painting.

As soon as Bean arrives in America his troubles begin as he creates commotion at the airport and total mayhem at the Gallery.

When the art galleries owner, David Langley, (played by Peter MacNicol), brings Bean into his family fold he soon realises that his polite invitation could be the end of his happy family atmosphere as Bean begins to create chaos out of calm.

As Langley soon realises that Bean is not the great doctor of art that he was told he is too late to stop the disastrous destruction inside the gallery when Bean is left alone with 'The Whistlers Mother'.
With Bean and Langley panicking as the unveiling of the painting is forthcoming Bean comes up with a master plan and thinks all will be ok…..but this is Mr Bean, and we know how Mr Beans life has a habit of going disastrously badly.


If you're a Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) fan then you'll love this movie as it is typical Bean at his very best, (or worst…???)
The story is well written and the laughter is more or less continuous with most scene showing the hapless Bean stumbling through life without realising what chaos he leaves behind.

The idea of making a movie about sending the likes of Mr Bean to deliver a priceless painting was pure genius and the writers came up with a winner with this movie.

The hilarious scenarios in which Bean finds himself in will keep most of the audience in stitches, especially a scene in the hospital where he performs a different kind of surgery whilst removing a bullet.

A great film in all, keeping the audience happy with much laughter from the very special Mr Bean.

Would I recommend this movie…?

Well yes I would but some people may not 'get' Mr Bean and his clumsy way of life.
His ability to tell jokes without actual speaking is unique in a way, his facial expression are hilarious and can sometimes tell more jokes and be more side-splitting than a comedian at Blackpool Tower.

Kids of all ages should enjoy Mr Bean for his funny expressions alone, although some scenes may be a bit much for certain individuals.

If you like Bean then watch this one… if you don't then why not…?????

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  • miasmum82 published 08/07/2008
    Love Peter McNichol! x
  • HotBabes published 08/07/2008
    This was very funny and well worth watching. x
  • MizzMolko published 08/07/2008
    Not really a fan but a brill review! Eleanor x
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Product Information : Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie (DVD)

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In his big-screen debut, the bumbling, barely verbal Mr. Bean lands in Los Angeles, where he has been sent to 'guard' Whistler's Mother as it changes hands between the London National Art Gallery and a chic private gallery. Absurd laughs from the hilarious Atkinson.

Release Details

DVD Region: DVD


Release date: 19/03/2007, 19/10/1998, 06/06/2005

No of Discs: 2, 1

Catalogue No: 8248492, 046 912 2, 903 596 9

Producer: Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan

Barcode: 5050582484922, 0044004691222, 3259190359697

Screenwriter: Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll

Executive Producer: Richard Curtis, Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan

Author: Richard Curtis

Editor: Chris Blunden, Chris Blunden

Production Designer: Peter Larkin, Peter Larkin

Composer: Howard Goodall, Howard Goodall

Director of Photography: Francis Kenny, Francis Kenny


Main Language: English

Hearing Impaired Language: English, German

Dubbed Language: German

Subtitle Language: Bengali, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu

Technical Information

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Special Features: Biographies, Forthcoming Titles

Dubbing Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo English French Spanish

Professional Reviews

Review: ...When it comes to laughs, BEAN delivers....This one is a keeper... (New York Times, 1997-11-07)<br><br>"...When it comes to laughs, BEAN delivers....This one is a keeper..." (New York Times, p.E22, 07/11/1997)<br><br>...The gags are plentiful... (Sight and Sound, 1997-08-01)<br><br>"...The gags are plentiful..." (Sight and Sound, p.41, 01/08/1997)<br><br>


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