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Because of You - Ne-Yo

1 CD(s) - Soul - Label: Mercury, Def Jam - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 30/04/2007 - 602517326910

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Review of "Because of You - Ne-Yo"

published 30/07/2007 | mushtaqquraishi
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"Ne Yo- Raw Talent"

NeYo- Because Of You

Firstly, here is a list of the tracks on this album:
Because Of You
Crazy ft Jay Z
Can We Chill
Do You
Leaving Tonight ft Jennifer Hudson
Ain’t Thinking About You
Sex With My Ex
Make It Work
Say It
Go On Girl
That’s What It Does

NeYo’s first album, In My Own Words, had some great songs with some not so good, however the great songs were special and exceptionally good. In this album, the quality of NeYo’s lyrics and vocals have got better, but again only some of the songs on this album are exceptionally good, the rest just make up the numbers.

NeYo is obviously a talented guy, and after writing the songs for Rihanna’s Unfaithful and Beyonce’s Irreplaceable, he has proved that he really can come up with excellent lyrics. And with his album it is much the same. Some of the lyrics are great.

NeYo’s vocals are smooth and flawless. He is such a good singer and sings with great emotion and passion. For a new singer, this album is very good, but some of the songs on the album are unneeded, or don’t seem to fit in.

The first track on the album, Because Of You, is a very good title song. The vocals and lyrics are perfect and this track really shows how good NeYo is. If you were to buy the album, it would be for this song in particular.

Crazy ft JayZ, is one of the better songs on the album, but I don’t feel it is the best. Maybe it is the fact the JayZ is in it that doesn’t make it the most exciting of songs. However, the beginning of the song where JayZ is singing, is wonderful, it just gets a bit boring after the first minute.

Can We Chill, the third track, is fairly good, and I have it on my MP3 player, but again, it isn’t a chart topping song.

Do You is a fabulous song. After Because of You, this is the next best song. The vocals are again very good, the expression and emotion is all their and this is NeYo at his very best.

Addicted is one of my favourite tracks on this album. The song itself is exceptional and though many will not like this song, I think it is wonderful.

Leaving Tonight ft Jennifer Hudson, is one of the most disappointing tracks on this album. Though it is a very hyped up song due to the collaboration with Hudson, it is pretty boring compared to all the other songs.

Ain’t Thinking About You, Sex with my Ex and Angel are all pretty much on the same ‘entertainment’ level. They aren’t very good and you get the feeling that NeYo is letting himself down with putting such bad songs on his album.

Make It Work, Say It and Go On Girl make up the best songs on the album. They are all very good and make the album worth listening to, unfortunately the last track on the album is shockingly bad.

I would conclude that if NeYo put the best songs from both albums into one album, then it would be worth 5 stars. Unfortunately, there are very disappointing tracks on this album and NeYo needs to learn to keep these songs off such a good album.

Tracks I Love (5 star):
Because Of You
Do You

Tracks I Like (4 star)
Make It Work
Say It
Can We Chill

Worth a mention tracks (2 and 3 star)
Ain’t Thinkin About You
Go On Girl

Overall I would give this album 3 stars. If only the top 5 tracks were included then it would be excellent.

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1 CD(s) - Soul - Label: Mercury, Def Jam - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 30/04/2007 - 602517326910

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