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Because of You - Ne-Yo

1 CD(s) - Soul - Label: Mercury, Def Jam - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 30/04/2007 - 602517326910

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Review of "Because of You - Ne-Yo"

published 18/05/2010 | XICripZ
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"Well Not Quite Just You"

“Because of You” was released in 2005 as the second album from the R&B singer Ne-Yo. Dropping not long after his debut (just a year), it has him showing more of what he has to give the music world with his Michael Jackson-inspired Pop and R&B with the aid of the likes of Eric Hudson, StarGate and Neff-U on production.

1. “Because of You”

The album gets off to a nice start as things are set off with what was the lead single to the LP. The record’s titular track, it saw quite a bit of success and was able to really kick-start the promotion of this project. I felt that it had quite a bit to offer listeners as something with clear Disco-era MJ edges to it and a solid structure with the support of the production which the Norwegian production team StarGate put together.

**Five Stars**

2. “Crazy”

This tune gets a Jay-Z feature on it in order to appeal to those more into Hip Hop than R&B. I thought it was rather average from him and offered nothing to this tune and really didn’t fit in with what this tune was bout. Ignoring this, I felt that this was a pretty nice tune from ne-Yo and one that has him putting up a nice display to show just how well he can put together potential hits with little effort.

**Four Stars**

3. “Can We Chill”

This song was another of the singles. I thought that it was nice to see that on it he decides to go for a little something which takes inspiration from the early eighties R&B scene and so doesn’t sound as corny that he mimics Michael Jackson-esque things as he does his thing here. It’s a powerful one from him and a tune which will appeal to those who tend to get into his more commercial tracks.

**Four Stars**

4. “Do You”

I thought that, where the singles were concerned, this was probably the best which popped off this specific album from Ne-Yo. On this one we have him coming out with a track which has him attacking things from an emotive standpoint and coming out with a tune which has him singing towards an ex partner about how he just wishes her good in her life and doesn’t want to get involved 9as she may think).

**Five Stars**

5. “Addicted”

I thought that this was a great little fun tune on the album and something which shows that the singer has a little more character than what his music has given up to this point. Here we’re given a powerful tune and one which has him singing about how his fame has made it much easier for him to get girls, but he wants to make it clear that it’s not led to him having a sex addiction as some may think.

**Five Stars**

6. “Leaving Tonight”

A change in the music comes with this tune as we’re led right into a ballad. This low-paced offering has him linking up with Jennifer Hudson and together they do a great job at taking the listeners away in their little relationship issue where Ne-Yo’s attempting to fight for his love when in fact his partner has suspicions about what he’s up to and who exactly people on his phone may actually be.

**Four Stars**

7. “Ain’t Thinking About You”

I thought that this was a pretty powerful tune from the singer. Here he puts up a very nice vocal performance and so ensures that you’ll be satisfied if that’s a very important factor for you 9which its likely to be). Eric Hudson comes up with hectic and engaging beats which draw you right in and from there Ne-Yo does a does a great job at taking the listeners away with the danceable cut.

**Four Stars**

8. “Sex With My Ex”

I thought that this was an interesting piece from the singer and one which has him showing just a little more of how he’s not as clean as he may seem to be. Here he sings of how what’s given in the title seems to feel much better than when done under normal circumstances. The only thing which annoyed me about this one is that he sings it as if he’s Michael Jackson and it’s something which many are likely to notice.

**Four Stars**

9. “Angel”

Ne-Yo calms things right down for this one. I felt that that it was a good time to do so as he went for something rather risky on the last and here it seems that he’s going for a little something with commercial appeal for a wide variety of people to get down with. I felt that this one was put together nicely and so is something that his Pop following will enjoy, but was a little plain for my tastes.

**Three Stars**

10. “Make It Work”

Shae Taylor’s production is nice here and its done in a way that makes it sound familiar (when in fact it wasn’t released as a single and so its unlikely that you’ll recognise it unless you went through the album before). I thought that it pulled the quality of the record right back up as the singer shows just how strong his writing is and how exactly he’s able to make things work in ways not many can pull off.

**Five Stars**

11. “Say It”

It took me some time to get into this track. I thought that it was a bit too heavy and so may be a bit too much to those who tend to enjoy much more manageable and straight-forward Pop tunes. I thought that he was appealing to different audiences here (or those who only get off on his higher vocal range) and it done in a nice way, but one which I can’t say hit me at first as anything special.

**Four Stars**

12. “Go On Girl”

The album ends with this tune and I thought that it was a suitable place to close things off on as we’re offered a single. It’s a gentle tune and something which seemed to predict the direction which popular R&B would go in for the years to come as Acoustic material became more appealing and successful (as seen in the inescapable “With You” from Chris Brown). It’s a smooth way to finalise this album.

**Four Stars**

This is a nice album from ne-Yo and the sort of thing that I felt would appeal to all of those into contemporary R&B and the general Pop genre from this time. Much of what was brought here was overplayed and so became annoying, which is why I had to take a while to return to it. However, it feels safe and something which could potentially be seen as a classic for this R&B era.

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  • tink-er-bell published 18/05/2010
    Nicely Reviewed
  • Suavilous published 18/05/2010
    Great review, agree with you on the oveplaying part.
  • MEL0611 published 18/05/2010
    Another great write up x
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