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***What is the product?*** Beechams Cold & Flu are sachets of powder containing ingredients designed to alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu. Dissolving one of these powders in hot water makes a soothing drink which gives relief from blocked nose, headache, fever, and sore throat. ***Manufacturers ... Read review
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Community Level 4jan007


Sniff No More With This White Powder Review with images

AdvantagesClears mucus, soothes throat

Disadvantageskept me awake, allergic reaction

"...became popular and in 1859 Beechams opened the first factory that was dedicated to making medicines. In 1865 Mahlon Kline joined John K.Smith and Co as a bookkeeper. In 1875, in recognition of his successful role in marketing and selling, Mahlon Kline was incorporated into the company which became Smith, Kline and Company. In 1906 Joseph Nathan and Co registered the trademark Glaxo as a name for dried milk. In 1924 Glaxo made its first pharmaceutical ..." Read review

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Beechams Cold and Flu

Advantageshelp ease cold symptoms, seem to aid sleep

Disadvantagesnot a cure and don't taste great

"Whenever I am struck down with a cold I always reach for the Beecham's hot drinks as I always find them very soothing when I have a cold. The drinks can be bought in various flavours including hot lemon and honey, blackcurrant and a new hot berry fruits version. For the purpose of this review I will comment on the hot lemon and honey drinks. The hot lemon and honey drinks can be bought in packs or five or ten from chemists and supermarkets. A ..." Read review

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Soothing and comforting Beechams!

AdvantagesNice tasting, easy to make up and effective an pleasant to take

DisadvantagesNot a cure, just give temporary relief

"...are told that they are Beechams Cold & Flu 'Hot Lemon & Honey' and that they contain Paracetamol, Phenylephrine and Vitamin C and that they can help with sore throats, blocked noses, headaches and fevers and that they are a none drowsy formulation and that my box contains 5 sachets. On the back of the box other information listed includes being told a bit more about the product, the ingredients are listed, dosage instructions are given along with ..." Read review

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Community Level 4vickymason...


For when cold or flu strikes!

AdvantagesThey work.

DisadvantagesNeed to mix well, a little expensive.

"Beechams Cold and Flu ~ Hot Blackcurrant Well it's sod's law isn't it ............. the sun is out, flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up nicely and what do I get ............. yes, a cold! So off I trot to the chemist with the intentions of stocking up on the tried and trusted Lemsips, as no doubt hubby will soon be coming down with this cold too, ................ er sorry, in his case the flu!! However my local chemist had no ..." Read review

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Drink It Like Beecham!

AdvantagesHelps with blocked nose, throat, tastes okay, warm, Vitamin C.


"...always have a box of Beechams Cold + Flu sachets stored in my medicine cupboard at home; as I personally find that these seem to work better than other brands on the market. Beechams Cold + Flu sachets come in a lemon yellow coloured rectangular box. The box contains ten sachets of lemon powder that you basically empty into a cup and add hot water, which once mixed looks a nice yellow colour. It is possible to add sugar or sweetener to add taste, ..." Read review

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Long Name Cold + Flu
Type Coughs & Colds
Manufacturer Beechams
Type for Subname Coughs & Colds


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