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Beko WM5100S

Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A - Max Capacity: 5 kg - Width: 59.5 cm

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published 29/06/2011 | angelboouk123
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About me :
Busy working Mum to two boys and married to the love of my life <3
Pro affordable, ok design, washes clothes, many programmes
Cons no low setting, small capacity
Ease of use
User's Manual

"Beko WM5100 - Reliable and Affordable For My Household"

Beko WM5100S

Beko WM5100S

***Please note that Ciao have provided the wrong photograph and also note that I have checked with ciao that the white machine should go here, thanks***

Beko is a well known white goods specialist company offering laundry machines, cookers, fridges etc.

The Beko WM5100 in simple terms, is a washing machine. It is available in white - perhaps it was once available in silver though I cannot locate this one. The washing machine is free standing and has an energy efficiency rating of A+. It has a maximum washing capacity of 5k (less for certain types of washes) and a 1000rpm spin speed (maximum).

Technical Specifications

The following has been take from the Argos website in relation to this washing machine :
  • Washing performance A
  • Spinning performance C
  • Energy consumption - 0.95kWh/cycle
  • Water consumption - 49litres/cycle
  • Size - H85, W59.5, D48cm
There are 16 programmes on the machine so plenty of choice depending on your families/personal requirements.
  • Synthetics - cold, 30c, 40c and 60c
  • Delicates - 30c
  • Woolens - cold and 40c
  • Cottons - cold, 40c, 60c and 90c
  • A class - 40c
  • Mini wash - 30c
  • Handwash
  • Rinse
  • Spin and drain

Additional features include a digital display hosting 4 buttons - start/pause (hold for 3 seconds), prewash, rinse hold and extra rinse. There is also an on/off button. The washing machine boasts a child lock.
The machine will slot into any decent size space. It is of course white all over with the main focus being on the drum itself. A large silver drum sits inside the machine and is accessed by tugging open a wide opening door and deep clear glass. There is a click on piece of thick plastic along the bottom of the machine which conceals the draining tap.

Across the top of the machine, you will find all the bits and pieces required to operate the machine. The drawer can be fully removed for cleaning. There are 3 different sized compartments. The widest is for the washing powder. The narrowest section is suitable for fabric conditioner and the medium sized section is for prewashing liquids.

The various washing options can be obtained by way of a circular dial and every cycle is clearly marked. The digital display is located at the far right handside. There are 3 light up dots which change to signify which stage the cycle is currently at.
Availability and Price

This washing machine is one of the cheaper Beko machines. Argos sell this model at a cost of £179.99 which is a £29.00 saving on the normal price. Alternatively, Comet sell it at the same price.

Our Experience

When me and my fiance first moved into a council flat (6 years ago), my parents offered us their pretty much, brand new washing machine. It lasted well through various housemoves but around 18months ago, it suddenly gave up the ghost. Rather than risk spending a fortune getting repairs done, we got rid of it and relied on the laundrette in our tower at the time..not very convenient especially with a young family to keep in clean clothes!

Anyway, I was demented at people stealing our turn at the laundrette and managed to save up £100 from dooyoo cheques last year. My Mum noticing my annoyance, offered to pay for half of a new machine for us and desperate, we accepted. We visited my local Argos and then onto Currys and Comet in the nearby town before settling on this Beko model in white. I have a white fridge and cooker so this fits in well with my kitchen. it has been 14months (approx) since I purchased this for £179.99 so I decided it was time to review it though I am not very technical minded! I did however, want one of those Moon ones but design isn't everything!

Why Beko?

From past experience, Beko is a brand I trust and whilst not the best brand, is reliable and affordable. I chose this particular machine based on price really as we couldn't afford a more expensive one and I didn't want my Mum putting anything more expensive on the credit card! Although I would have loved a bigger drum in order me to wash more clothes at any one time, this one is perfectly suitable for a family of 3. Those with a larger family may wish to purchase a larger machine and certainly if we had an addition child, we would appreciate a larger machine.
Delivery and Set Up

This machine was delivered to my home in copious amounts of packaging. It is heavy as you would expect and needed 2 to lift it and put it in its rightful place. When it first arrived, my Dad came up the following day and quickly set it all up. The machine came with all the neccessary attatchments to hook it up to my pipes under the sink. The instruction manual was full of the usual jargon but in reality, unless you intend of trying out every single cycle, it is fairly easy to operate and I tested this before my Dad left!

We have moved home since purchasing this washing machine. My Dad removed any excess water by loosening the bottom pipe and emptying the water into a basin. It required 2 strong guys to lift the machine up a flight of stairs and was simply reinstalled by my brother in law in our new flat where it has been for the past 10months.

Aesthetically, this machine isn't the nicest but its inoffensive and compact. It fits neatly under my worktop next to my sink and looks the part. Every feature is in the right place allowing me to use this machine easily. I say *me* in the strongest terms as despite showing Keith how to operate the machine, he still says he can't do it! The markings are very clear and haven't rubbed off in the time we have owned this machine. The machine doesn't look overcrowded but does show dirt very easily and is able to be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Load Me Up

I usually do a wash once a day..sometimes every 2 days but I like to keep on top of it. Despite only holding 5kg of washing, the drum is reasonbly big and suitable for us. The door of the machine swings far open allowing me to easily load the machine up with clothes. I don't do handwashing and everything goes in the machine from towels to jackets to bed sheets. I do however, try to sort out lighter clothes from darker ones and tend to wash my towels altogether as they defluff onto clothes otherwise!

Ok, clothes in the machine and aslong as I don't overload it, the machine door clicks closed perfectly. I have used everything from liquid tabs inside the machine to powder and liquid in the drawer but my preferrence is powder. Surf, Daz, supermarket doesn't make any difference. I also use a fabric conditioner with every wash and find the runnier ones are more appropriate as the gap in that section of the drawer isn't huge and can get clogged up.

Spin Me Til I'm Clean!

Operating this machine is very simple that my toddler knows how to switch it on and regularly helps his Mummy do the laundry. Once my laundry is loaded and my powder/fabric conditioner is in the right parts of the drawer, I can set the machine to the setting I need. I tend to switch between 4 settings on the machine though depending on what you need to wash will depend on which setting you use. Ok so cold is the lowest setting and then 15c on this one so if you want low energy this isn't the best machine option! The dial is quite stiff to turn but luckily the wash options are spaced apart and once you settle on a cycle, it stays put unless someone moves it.

Anyway, for a normal load whether it be white or darks, I tend to stick to 40c cottons. This cycle takes quite a while though and it seems to vary between 1hr 30mins - 3hours..heavens knows why as its always the same setting! I notice it runs quicker during the day but at night it takes forever. I appreciate the light up buttons which tell me how far the cycle has reached and therefore roughly when it is due to finish.

The machine stops and stars and one minute it will be gently spinning then it completely stops before going a bit crazy and spinning extremely fast. It doesn't move too far forward and although not the noisest machine I have experience, certainly isn't one to have on through the night if you have neighbours downstairs like we do. I can hear it along the hall in our bedroom when the doors are all closed.

Once the cycle is finished, the machine drains and clicks to let me know its done. I try to either get my laundry hung up indoors or outdoors as quickly as possible to avoid creases setting in. On some occasions, the machine hasn't spinned enough and the laundry has been soaking wet..moreso if I have bulky towels and the likes in the machine. When this happens, I turn machine off, change the dial to "Spin and drain" and put it back on. This takes an additional 10minutes and fully drains excess water from my clothing allowing me to hang it up and not have it dripping.

When it comes to bedsheets, hair dyed towels or sickly clothing (happens with a toddler who is often sick), the best option is 60c cotton wash which is of course hotter and this can be felt by touching the glass so not one to have on with young kids running around. I have used the "Mini" wash a few times but I am not fond of it. I often forget how much powder I am putting in when doing a mini as too much and the wash remains wet and soapy after 30mins in the machine. This means I need to put it on a "spin and drain" and it seems pointless doing the quick wash in the first place! I only do this if I am in a rush and need something washed and out to dry before leaving the house but try to ensure I put half the recommended amount of powder in.

Regardless of which cycle wash I use, my clothing comes out clean, fresh and scented from the laundry products I use. Everything dries quite quickly and I can keep on top of the washing load that my family uses. I will note that the stop button has came in quite useful when I have switched my machine on only to realise someone has moved the dial. It stops the wash, drains the water and within a matter of seconds, I can get the correct cycle set up to use. I don't use the prewash or rinse button.

Clogging Pores...I Mean Drawers!

I find the drawer for the laundry products gets clogged up and icky very quickly. Once a week, I remove it and give it a good scrub with a cloth to bring it back to its clean, white appearance! I do find that the bit underneath the drawer gets grubby and needs regularly wiped but is a nightmare to get in to as its a tight spot. I run the machine empty on a 90c wash every few weeks to keep it smelling fresh. At one point, there was a dodgy, damp aroma coming from it and I realised that the bottom pipe was clogged with hairs, coins and allsorts but once drained, the smell was gone.
Keeping It In The Family

Being so simplistic yet effective, this machine could be used by someone elderly. A few weeks after purchasing this, my 91yr old Grans machine went on the blink and she needed a new one. I recommended this one and now my Gran and myself have matching washing machines. Anyway, having problems with her sight, we marked a certain wash for her and she can work it fine and its suits her being on her own.

Recommendation and Conclusion

For under £200.00, this is reliable, decent looking washing machine that performs its intended purpose and washes my families clothing. It is easy to operate due to the simplistic nature of the cycles offered and is an affordable model. I highly recommend this washing machine to those who are either on their own, or have a small family. I have not noticed any additional electricity being consumed compared to my previous washing machine so all good.

Highly recommended :)

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  • daisyleex published 20/08/2011
    Brilliant review x
  • Coloneljohn published 08/07/2011
    An excellently informative review. John
  • Deesrev published 04/07/2011
    Such a superb review with brilliant descriptions of features of this very reasonably priced machine; love your sub-headings too :D E from me Laura xXx
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Product Information : Beko WM5100S

Manufacturer's product description

Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A - Max Capacity: 5 kg - Width: 59.5 cm

Product Details

EAN: 5023790019637, 5050595839450, 5023790019620

Colour: Silver, White

Manufacturer: Beko

Energy Efficiency Class (EU): A

Energy Consumption per Year in kWh: 170

Depth in cm: 45, 48, 54.1

Width in cm: 59.5

Height in cm: 85

Display: No

Water Control System: No

Display of Remaining Time: No

Start Delay Option: No

Tube Material: Stainless Steel

Spin Efficiency: C

Freestanding with Decor Door: No

Front Decoration: White, White or Coloured, Standard

Maximum Loading Capacity in kg: 5

Revolutions per Minute: 1000

Type of Loading: Front Loading

Drying Function: without Drying Function

Integrated: No

Construction: Freestanding

Automatic: Full Automatic

Water Consumption in Litres (60° C): 49, 51

Steam Function: No

Wash Efficiency: A

Energy Efficiency: A

Energy Savings Trust Feature: No

Energy Saving Trust Feature: No

Energy Consumption in kWh (60° C): 0.95


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