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Beko WM5140W

Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A - Max Capacity: 5 kg - Width: 59.5 cm

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"Beko WM5140W"

When my fiancé and I moved into our house a couple of years ago we discovered that the person who lived here before us had left behind her washing machine, we had spent so much money on everything else for our home we decided to give it a good clean ensuring it was spotless and make use of it. The machine looked quite an old model but it lasted us for a year, however it was getting to the stage where it wasn't working at its best so we thought now we were settled in our house we would buy ourselves a new one. Now neither of us really knew what sort of thing to go for but after doing a bit of research we settled on the Beko WM5140W model, it was reasonably priced, had all the settings we would need and was environmentally friendly, or so the product information told us.

The machines appearance is similar to any other washing machine, it has a front loading door with the usual glass front allowing you to see the washing inside. On one side of the machine right at the top is the detergent draw, this has the name Beko written on it. Next to the draw are the buttons and dials used to alter the settings of the machine, right next to the door is a large round dial this allows you to change the programme the machine is set to, the various programmes are printed directly onto the machine in grey writing and have the various temperatures written next to them, next to this dial is a slightly smaller dial, this is used to change the spin speed and again the different speeds are written directly onto the machine. next are a series of 1 small button and 5 slightly larger square buttons, the smallest button is positioned next to 3 lights this is the time delay button and each light corresponds to a different time setting, the 5 larger buttons consist of the pre-wash setting, the quick wash setting, extra rinse, start and the on off power button. I particularly liked the fact that there were not a lot of complicated buttons and dials to use, the settings are easy to follow and simple to use just by looking at the machine. The door open by pulling the side of the door towards you, this releases the catch, the door opens wide and folds right back against the machine making it easy to remove large items from the machine. The filter pump is located behind a flap at the bottom of the machine, this simply pulls forward and pushes back in place once finished. The whole machine is white with all of the writing in dark grey allowing it to really stand out and easy to read. The appearance of the machine is very simple and quite traditional, however at the same time it does blend in perfectly with other appliances in the kitchen (this is where ours is located) and at the same time looks modern, unlike the old machine we had which was white and dark brown.

Measurements & Specifications
For us the main thing when purchasing our new washing machine was that it fitted into the space our old one came out of, it fits into the work surface next to the cupboard so there is literally no where else for it to go so it had to be of a specific size, however the Beko WM5140W fitted perfectly.
Height - 84cm
Width - 60cm
Depth - 45cm
Weight - 65kg
Electricity - 230V
Spinning Cycle - 1400rpm (max)
Now I am not going to go into detail about all of this because to be perfectly honest I do not have a clue about this sort of thing and I had nothing to do with the installation of the machine, my fiancé and Dad did this, however I do know it has to be connected to the water supply so for us the machine being positioned next to the sink was perfect. They did inform me that the installation was reasonably easy to do, the machine came with all the relevant connections and items you need to do this successfully. Once installed it is best to do a test wash first without any cloths in but using detergent to ensure the machine is working correctly and also is connected up to the water supply correctly. The washing machines manual comes with full instructions about how to install the machine and carry out a test wash illustrated with small pictures and diagrams. Programmes
The Beko WM1540W comes with a variety of programmes to choose from depending on the type of laundry you are doing.
  • Cottons - This is for more durable clothes and the wash cycle tends to be slightly longer, this is ideal for bed clothes, linen and towels. The temperature settings under the cotton programmes are 40, 60 and 90 degrees.
  • Synthetic - Slightly less durable clothes can be washed using this cycle and the wash cycles are slightly shorter, this is ideal for everyday clothes such as t shirts, shirts and so on. This programmes (as with some of the others) has different temperatures which can be used depending on the durability of the clothes/ items being washed, these include 30, 40 and 60 degrees
  • Delicates - This as the programme name suggests is for your delicate items which require washing, the wash cycles are very gentle and the temperatures included in this programme are 30 and 40 degrees making it less hash of the fabrics.
  • Woollen - This is for all woollen clothing, the temperature can be set to suit the items being washed and include 40 - cold
  • Hand Wash - This is the most delicate setting and is suitable for all items which state that they are had washed only, you can use this setting to wash the items without the fabric being damaged in any way.
  • Intensive & Stain - This is for all those items which need extra washing, the wash cycles are longer and items are washed at a higher temperature of 60 degrees, I often use this for my fiancés football kit which is white of all colours!

Once you have selected your programme to suit the type of washing you are doing you need to select the spin speed, again this depends on the washing you happen to be doing, more delicate items may need a lower spin speed where more heavily soiled items will be able to cope with a higher speed of 1400 rpm. To change the spin speed setting and the programme setting you simply turn the 2 dials on the front of the machine (the larger is for the programmes and the smaller of the two is the spin speed) there is a small grey line on each dial, you line this up to the setting/ spin speed you require.
Other Option
As well as the spin speed and programme choices there are one or two other settings on the machine, these include -
  • Pre-wash - This is only really beneficial for really dirty clothes, and not using it saves energy, time and detergent, I don't think I have ever used this setting on my machine.
  • Quick Wash - This is ideal for clothes washed using the synthetic and cotton settings and is for lightly soiled cloth/ items. Really this setting is ideal for every day washing, items that need a wash but that are not stain or covered in dirt. I often use this setting when washing our work clothes I work in an office and Mark works in a bank so our work clothes obviously need washing but are not really dirty and covered in stains. I also particularly like this setting as it reduces washing time to 45 minutes which means I can get a load done and pegged out before work in the mornings.

*Time Delay - This is a setting I often use to use when I did my washing over night due to us having cheaper electricity at night. You simply load your washing as usual, put in the detergent and fabric softener and choose the setting. You then have the option to delay the wash by 3, 6 or 9 hours, you press the time delay button once for 3 hours, twice for 6 hours and 3 times for 9 hours, a red light lights up next to the time you have selected. If you press the button 4 times the time delay setting will be cancelled. I do not really use this option any more but it is handy to have. Once you have made all the selections of which programmes and spin speed you want you simply press the large start button, the machine will then start up one or two seconds later, all of the buttons have small green lights under them which light up depending on the programme you have selected. I tend to leave my machine on the same settings most of the time unless I am washing something particularly dirty or delicate items. The settings I use for everyday use is the synthetics programme at either 30 or 40 degrees and I have the spin speed set at the highest setting of 1400rpm and also as I have mentioned most of the laundry I do is on a quick wash, unless I am doing a load of towels or bed sheets or even a football kit and then I use a more intensive and longer wash cycle. I was impressed with the range of settings on the machine as there really is something suitable for all items, I haven't come across something that I have not been able to wash myself because the correct setting was not available. For a reasonably cheap washing machine it does have a wide range of programmes and settings to choose from.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Keeping the machine in perfect working order is simple, there is a filter in the bottom section of the machine as previously described, this should be clean about every two years as recommended my the washing machines handbook, I haven't actually cleaned my as of yet as I have not had the machine a huge amount of time, and I have to admit I am a little worried about doing this as last time I did it with my old machine it flooded the kitchen, it turned out something had lodged in the filer while cleaning it and broke the water tight rubber seal, however it has put me off a bit but there are step by step instructions in the hand book. The other area which needs cleaning is the detergent draw, this simply comes out by pressing down on the lilac button in the middle of the fabric softener section and pulling the draw towards you, you then carry out the same action to put the draw back in place, before you replace the draw it is a good idea to wipe inside the gap where the draw sits as I find old detergent does somehow get into this area.
Price & Durability
We purchased our Beko WM5140W washing machine from Argos, we actually brought it online and arranged for it to be delivered direct to our house. The machine was very reasonably priced at £180.00, this was the price at the time we brought it several months ago, however this may have changed since then. Compared to some machines we found that this one had the best range of settings and was of the best quality being sold at an affordable price. The machine has proved to be very hardwearing, we use the machine about once a day occasionally twice over the weekends so it has had a lot of use and is still in excellent condition and looking as good as new. In my opinion it was well worth the money

My Opinion
I have been extremely pleased with my Beko WM5140W washing machine, it has a wide variety of settings to choose from with one suitable for all laundry requirements, the whole thing is very easy to use and pretty self explanatory, although it does come with a very detailed hand book which talks you through all the settings, maintenance and installation step by step. What I also like about this machine is that it is not overly noisy, with the machine being in the kitchen and our house being open plan this is quite important, our old machine use to sound like it was taking off when it got going, whilst this one does have a bit of a rattle when the spin kicks in it is not too loud at all you can quite comfortably sit and watch the TV whilst having it on. I also forgot to mention that the feet on the machine are adjustable should you wish to alter the height of the machine slightly although these do only raise the machine by a few centimetres it does not make a massive difference but would help should you have an uneven floor and the feet adjust independently. So far I have had no problems with my machine at all, it does a perfect job of washing my clothes and laundry not matter how dirty. For me this is the ideal washing machine and one I would recommend to anyone.

Summary: A good reliable washing machine

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Product Information : Beko WM5140W

Manufacturer's product description

Freestanding - Front Loading - Energy Efficiency: A - Max Capacity: 5 kg - Width: 59.5 cm

Product Details

Manufacturer: Beko

EAN: 5023790019170, 5023790019187

Automatic: Full Automatic

Construction: Freestanding

Integrated: No

Freestanding with Decor Door: No

Type of Loading: Front Loading

Revolutions per Minute: 1400

Front Decoration: Standard, White, Silver

Drying Function: without Drying Function

Maximum Loading Capacity in kg: 5

Display: No

Tube Material: Plastic

Start Delay Option: Yes

Display of Remaining Time: No

Water Control System: No

Energy Efficiency: A

Wash Efficiency: A

Spin Efficiency: B

Energy Consumption in kWh (60° C): 0.95

Water Consumption in Litres (60° C): 49, 47

Energy Saving Trust Feature: No

Height in cm: 85

Width in cm: 59.5

Depth in cm: 48

Steam Function: No

Energy Efficiency Class (EU): A


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