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Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew

Swirls of caramel and chocolate-covered caramel chunks swimming in a sea of caramel ice cream.

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published 22/09/2002 | niclemamy
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Pro It taste's decidedly gorgeous! Gives a bit'o'oral pleasure and it's naughty.
Cons I wish it was this good without the calories and fat!!
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"My Flavour Of The Month."

Well some people aren’t really into ice cream in a big way and don’t really understand me for my passion for it.
To tell you the truth I didn’t really start LOVING it until my last pregnancy. But even after the birth of my daughter (over 6 months ago now) I still MUST have my ice cream fix at least once a week (we all like something on a regular basis don’t we, ahem!).
If my thighs and ass could afford to be any bigger I would quite happily eat ice cream every day and blow the healthy eating but alas my arse and thighs refuse to accommodate my passion.

So on with the review I hear you all cry, lol. Stop talking about you’re ar*se niclemamy!

-Caramel Chew Chew-

Okay, the tub informs me this is a caramel flavoured ice cream WITH caramel and chocolaty covered caramel chunks, phew! There’s a whole lot of caramel going on isn’t there!
I love B&J caramel but even I thought it might be a little to much of a good thing have three sorts of caramel running though the ice cream but I WAS soooo willing to try it out and make a decision, lol.


It’s not very often I am rendered speechless by a food of any sort and apart from B&J The Full Vermonty I can honestly say this is a veritable taste sensation of huge proportions. I LURVE it.
After prising off the lid of my tub of gooey ice cream I was impressed firstly by the appearance. I could instantly see there was plenty of caramel swirling around (at least at the top of the tub) and I also noticed there was plenty of chocolaty caramel chunks and secondly I could actually smell the ice cream!

Normally I find ice cream doesn’t usually have a smell and if it does then I don’t usually notice it. Now I didn’t go sticking my nose in the tub, I know I could hardly wait to try it but I was at least willing to wait until I had a spoon to hand and wasn’t going to dive in head first (or nose first) to try it, hehe!
The smell was lovely and very caramelly as you’d expect with all that stuff running amok in the tub so I was salivating all over the place in a frenzy of ice cream withdrawal, looking for a big enough bowl which would hold a fairly large amount of ice cream.

It has a firm but not solid consistency so it wasn’t a bugger to get out of the tub (if you really can’t wait until you can find a dish then get a spoon and scoff it out of the tub) like some ice creams.

So there I was lying in my ice cream position (feet up on the couch, cushions plumped etc) ready for my first taste.

First I tried a bit of ice cream on it’s own (aaarrr) and was greeted with a very pleasant creamy texture with a wee hint of caramel, not at all overpowering and very tasty. If I hadn’t known before hand that it contained caramel I would have thought it was a vanilla ice cream. As you’d expect from B&J’s the ice cream is of a very high quality and I am never disappointed with the different ice creams I have tried!

Next I tried the caramel. If you haven’t tried B&J caramel then you really are missing out on a veritable taste sensation I assure you.

It melts on impact! Yes, as soon as it hits you’re taste buds it melts and lovingly spreads it’s self over you’re tongue in a rather sensually wicked and sinful way! Oh, my I’ve gone all floppy on my cushions (it’s a good job I was sitting down when I tried it as I’d have been in a heap of pleasure on the floor)! It obviously tastes of caramel but it also has a sort of subtle buttery thing going on there too, which is probably why it melts so well and doesn’t seem to freeze solid in the tub. Not a huge amount in the tub but I feel any more would render the ice cream to sickly so hooray for B&J they’ve sussed it again and added just the right amount for me :O)

Okay, last of all (but not least) I’m going to tell you about the chocolaty caramel chunks. I would personally describe these as sweets. If I was offered a packet of these as sweets I wouldn’t be at all disappointed. They are plentiful in the tub too and are about half an inch in circumference and about half a centimetre thick. The chocolate is good but it’s not great. It is a little waxy which I’ve mentioned before in a previous opinion on a different flavoured ice cream but it’s not really thick so it doesn’t really both me at all and would certainly not put me off buying this flavour again and again and again, lol.

Anyway in the centre of each little sweetie is a lovely ickle dollop of caramel. I tend to play with my food (I’m a big kid at heart) when it’s a newby to me and I wanted to see what was on the inside and I wanted a close up looksie – so I nibbled away the outer shell of the sweetie and found a slightly thicker caramel concoction to the one running through the ice cream. It’s also slightly darker in colour and has a more distinct taste, not burnt but more intense. It’s also, gorgeous in flavour and not to sweet.

So do all the different flavours work together or do they clash?

Well I find they work very well together indeed – I don’t find it sickly at all and I’ve tried a little of everything on a spoon and it’s FABULOUS.
I’ve never been so quiet while eating or sucking on anything, lol.

-Nutritional Information-

I don’t usually bother to add the calories etc as they are printed on the tub so what I don’t know can’t expand my a*se right! But for the sake of all those who care I ventured to the B&J website and retrieved the scary facts for ya’s!


Calories – 270
Total Fat (g) - 15
Saturated Fat (g) – 11
Cholesterol (mg) – 65
Sodium (mg) – 105
Carbohydrate (g) – 28
Dietary Fibre (g) - 0 yes you’ve read it right that’s zero!
Sugars (g) – 25
Protein (g) – 4

So there you have it, not exactly easy reading if you want to stuff it down you’re neck with careless abandon but there you go. On the plus side it does have a bit of vitamin A, a touch of Iron with a dash of Calcium so it has got some good quality and I cling to those while convincing myself it’s good for me, lol. At least until I’ve finished the tub and feel all “oh, I shouldn’t have gone and done that – I’ve eaten the lot” hangs head in shame, lol!

-Princely Price & and Availability-

Yes, not only will you pay for eating this with the size of you’re thighs and a*se but you will actually be out of pocket to the princely sum of £3.27 if you shop at Tesco. If, however you shop at Safeway, you’ll find it nearer the 4 quid mark (rip off merchants!)
It is widely available and you’ll be able to find it in most good supermarkets and corner shops (if ya lucky to the latter).
I would advise stocking up when it’s on offer. I don’t know of any offer at the moment but will be keeping my thighs peeled oh I mean eye’s (I’ve got a bit of a thigh size obsession at the mo, my own not other peoples, lol).


A feast always starts with the eye’s right?

Well the tub for Caramel Chew Chew looks very appetising indeed. A sort of purply coloured background with the B&J logo splattered across the front, back and lid of the tub. Caramel Chew Chew written in purple across the centre of the tub and also on the lid. There is also a very tempting picture of honey coloured caramel and ickle sweetie treats on the front of the tub and on the lid to, just in case you missed it when inspecting the first time :O)

There is also a brief description of the contents within on the front but a more detailed account of the ice cream on the back of the tub in several languages I might add!

The website address is also included on the back and a rather odd picture of Ben and Jerry! By odd I mean they look like relics from the sixties or something, hehehe!

For Further Information on Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, either visit their website at or write to:

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ltd
10 Charter Place
High Street
TW20 9 EA

So there you have it, I have thought long and hard as to whether I have any qualms about recommending this and I have to say that apart from the fact this is very fattening, I recommend it %100 to anyone who like caramel.

It’s getting a full ***** rating from me even though the chocolate could have been a wee bit better I am not going to complain (to much). It’s definitely a mega treat for the taste buds and as I only have it once a week (the ice cream not a bit of the other if you get me drift) I make the most of it and suck the tub dry.

Is it orgasmic?

Almost, but not quite! It does induce a bit of a tingle though, but only to my taste buds :O))

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  • Lancashire_Angel published 04/11/2003
    Mmm, sounds yummy. I loved the B&J's caramel in Phish Food so I'm going to try this flavour. Sharron xx
  • purdy published 10/10/2003
    Hi Nicola This op sounds delicious and lm not huge fan of ice cream! Hope all ok with you. Heatherx
  • the_mad_cabbie published 13/09/2003
    I love Ben & Jerry's me, so I do...Ken :O)
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Swirls of caramel and chocolate-covered caramel chunks swimming in a sea of caramel ice cream.

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