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Beneath The Dark (DVD)

Paul (Josh Stewart) and Adrienne (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) are a young couple from Texas who are driving to California to attend the wedding of a college bu...

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Review of "Beneath The Dark (DVD)"

published 20/04/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro Last part of the film makes it worth sticking with it!
Cons 'The twist' is rather obvious.
Did you enjoy it?
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"A slow burner that leaves you thinking."

I watched this film on Netflix (to be honest we thought we were going to watch ‘Beneath the Darkness’ with Dennis Quaid; I told my husband we'll watch this for a few minutes and if it is bad we will find something else – as I am now reviewing it, you can see that we did watch it all; - al;l;102 minutes of it!.
On checking though, I didn’t miss anything by not watching the DVD as there were no extras included on the DVD, apart from a trailer and short interview.

• Mystery
• Thriller

Bring out the truth

'Beneath the Dark' is a 2010 American mystery-thriller straight to video film that was inspired by the novel 'The Shining'.

Film Details

Directed by Chad Feehan
Written by Chad Feehan
Release date November 5, 2010
Running time 102 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Classification: 15

Josh Stewart as Paul
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Adrienne
Chris Browning as Frank
Angela Featherstone as Sandy
Afemo Omilami as The Man
Trevor Morgan as Jason
Christopher Gessner as Max
Robert Maxhimer as Billy
Jeannetta Arnette as Shirley
Grainger Hines as Tim
Sandy Martin as Colleen
Carlease Burke as Beatrice
Chris Hayes as Cameraman
Melissa Bacelar as Shawnee
Wade Feehan as Pledge

“The jukebox has a mind of her own. The whole motel does.”

Paul and his girlfriend, Adrienne (played by Josh Stewart and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) are making their way through the Mojave Desert to go to a wedding in Los Angeles, when they are involved in a car accident. They decide to spend the night in a roadside motel - Roy's Motel and Cafe - and are checked-in by the rather strange and creepy, Frank (played by Chris Browning); he is only slightly less worrying than Master Bates!!
The couple quickly experience a series of odd events, including Paul's encounters with a mysterious stranger - ‘the man’ - (played by Afemo Omilami), who offers him ominous advice about coming to terms with a guilty secret from his past while the song "He's Got the Devil in His Heart" keeps playing on the jukebox.

Then through a series of flashbacks we are introduced to the troubled relationship between the uncanny motel manager and his wife, Sandy (played by Angela Featherstone), which eventually ties in to Paul's doubtful past.
However, there is a reason behind all the mysteries, and that is what the story is about, that and just how Paul handles it all.

And, without me giving away any spoilers, that is all you’re getting!!

• The Hollywood Reporter: "The hapless characters in this turgid supernatural thriller apparently found the Bates and Overlook lodgings already booked"

• The New York Times: "not even the Bates Motel itself could save the mess that is 'Beneath the Dark'.”

• The Slant: "Beneath the Dark is meant to be taken as a relationship drama until its predictable 'Twilight Zone' finish"

• FilmCriticsUnited: "Overall I did enjoy the majority of ‘Beneath the Dark’ though it did seem to get a little clever for its own good as it was nearing its conclusion."

This is a very difficult film to critique without giving away too many spoilers; there are very similar films that I could compare it to – but by doing so, I would be giving away ‘the twist’.
This can’t really be classed as a "horror" film, there are no ‘make you jump’ scares or gore, nor would I classify it as a thriller; it’s more of slightly suspenseful drama. While it is obviously very much a ‘B Movie’ and you can see ‘the twist’ coming from a mile away, I thought that ‘Beneath the Dark’ was quite an engaging film – and was certainly a thought-provoking experience.
The "twist" is easy to see coming— in fact, it feels like the director is keeping it more from Paul than the viewer, and I would imagine that most viewers will see where the film is headed. The drawback is that 'the twist' wasn’t all that mysterious since I had pretty good idea what was going on for about 15 minutes before it was revealed. I’m not sure I would’ve known this so quickly if I hadn’t seen certain other films first. However, while ‘the twist’ is important, guessing it beforehand doesn’t really spoil the film, as the true importance of the end is not in the twist, but in Paul and his decisions.
That aside, the majority of the film, after a pretty slow start and once Paul and Adrienne actually get to the motel, is pretty interesting. The last half hour of 'Beneath the Dark ‘is entertaining and actually a pretty good drama. The acting was average, nothing really spectacular but the story was quite good and quite enthralling. It ALMOST reaches the point of getting a little clichéd and preachy., however, most of it is very well done.; it is a mystery with a fairly strong ethical range without being blatantly religious.

After watching 'Beneath the Dark’, I know that I won't forget this film quickly and that surely says something!

• Rotten Tomatoes: 23% from 579 votes
• IMDb: 5.1/100 from 1669 votes

As of 20/04/17 ‘Beneath the Dark ‘can be purchased from Amazon from£ 0.01 new and from £0.01 used. Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK and are if you have a Prime account, if neither of these apply add £1.26 for postage
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Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, December 20, 2017
It is also available to rent on DVD from LOVEFiLM By Post, and it is also free to watch for subscribers to Netflix.

Would I recommend that you watch this odd little film?
I would say if you can watch this for free (or get a penny DVD in a bundle) it is worth watching. I KNOW that you can figure out most of it but some of it will be a mystery and the last 10 minutes are good. Admittedly, it does require a little patience to get there as the beginning is a little slow. I would say that it’s NOT a good film it’s an OK film, and it is NOT a horror film regardless of supernatural involvement – it is more like something from the Twilight Zone. A It is perfect for someone anyone craving a somewhat scary drama that doesn't involve blood, gore, chainsaws or serial killers

I will give the film 3/5 stars as I did make it through the full film and I did enjoy it to a certain degree.

Thanks for reading, I hope that you have found this review useful

© Sellerleygirl April 2017

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    One for an evening on TV in winter
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Paul (Josh Stewart) and Adrienne (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) are a young couple from Texas who are driving to California to attend the wedding of a college buddy. As they roll through the Mojave Desert late at night, Paul grows sleepy and Adrienne feels amorous, so they pull into an all-but-deserted roadside motel for the night. The couple gets into an argument, and after fitful sleep Paul slips out of their room to the motel's all-night diner. At the diner, Paul is approached by a mysterious stranger (Afemo Omilami) who seems to know a great deal about him. The man alludes to a dark secret in Paul's past that could destroy his relationship with Adrienne, and as the evening wears on the implications of Paul's past grow as evidence mounts that he and Adrienne have been there before. As Paul and Adrienne's evening goes haywire, their experiences are contrasted with the eccentric desk clerk, Frank (Chris Browning), and his unfaithful wife, Sandy (Angela Featherstone).


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