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published 13/03/2012 | doriee.jay
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"professional porefessional primer"

Benefit The Porefessional Pore Minimiser

Benefit The Porefessional Pore Minimiser

You may be able to guess what this Benefit The Porefessional primer is for. Your pores of course! Benefit promise that this is oil-free, lightweight, translucent and silky and is supposed to smooth out the appearance of large and small pores located anywhere on your face. Personally, I don't have an issue with my pores, they are visible on my nose but once I have my make up on they are not very noticeable anyway so I'm not too worried. I went to get a full face make up facial done at the benefit counter, house off fraser, this is because I felt like a change in make up and wondered what products I should use, Benefit offer a few primers but I was told because of my skin condition this might help. The problem I have on my face isn't pores it's acne scarring which will go eventually with medication but in the mean time I need to do anything I can to make my skin look even. I was told and shown that this will smooth out any of the bumps I get and make me look more freshed face. After my make over I decided to buy a couple of the products including the porefessional primer.

Firstly this comes in a tube of 22ml for £23 pounds roughly, I thought this was a little steep for a 22ml bottle, so I search online and found a lot of 3x 7.5 porefessional tubes for just £5 so the 3 x 7.5 ml actually measures the same size as a normal sized tube for a quarter of the price so I went ahead and got those ones. Porefessional has advantages and disadvantages of being in the tube that it is in, it's good because it's easy to stand up on it's flat screw top lid and easy to squeeze the product out, but I've also found that you'll have leftovers in the tube you cannot get and you can over use by squeezing way too much into your hand. The colours of this are very neutral, like the product. The colours are a mint green and white so very simple, with all benefit products you will always get instructions on how best to use this and where to use this and the porefessional is no different, I never looked at the leaflets because I remembered everything the benefit lady was doing so I had no need for these.

Benefit claim that this is translucent so I was surprised when I saw the product for the first time because it was the same colour as a shade of foundation so I had to check a couple of times before the application that this was basically see through. Of course i was, if they say it is, it means that it is, the consistency of this is very thick, like a paste or actually more like when you have a tube of paint and it comes out in a thick toothpaste like line, that's exactly what this is like. I'm still getting to grips with how much to use, but if you squeeze this out little bits at a time that way you won't waste any.

First steps to using this are, make sure your face is clean and washed and moisturized, it should already be anyway because that's what we do to keep lovely skin. Then there are several ways to apply this, I like instructed apply this all over my face before putting my make up on, usually you will only put this on your pore areas but I don't have a problem with pores I'm using this for another problem. I apply this with my finger so I have to wash my hands first and then dab my finger into the product on my hand, I then apply this in small amounts to small areas at any time similar to moisturizer, I will apply a little bit extra to my problem areas which is my cheeks and forehead. When I first applied this I only did it to once side of my face to see the difference, and there is a massive difference to the way you look. The normal side of my face was white, dark around my eye with raised bumps on my cheek with a nasty red patch all around my cheek. On the side with the porefessional, my skin tone was more even with white and slightly pinky patches on my cheeks rather than raging red patches, but even more remarkably the bumps had been smoothed out a little making my appearance look more elegant, smooth and soft. The other way you can use this is on top of your foundation or just for a touch up through the day.

Once I had this all over my face I noticed it was very lightweight even though I think I used too much and touching my skin is was very soft and silky and yet had a matte finish to it at the same time. Using a primer not only helps with little problems on your face, it helps create the perfect base for your make up if you wish to apply any after using the primer. I've noticed since using this my foundation has gone on properly first time round without me having to re do it due to looking like I have dry skin which really annoys me, and my foundation is £30 so it isn't money I want to waste it by re doing it often. Once I had all my make up on I took a little tube of this out with me, I knew I was going to be out all day, I know that my make up comes off on my cheeks and I know I don't carry big bags for all my make up around with me, the bottles I have are only a couple of inches big so they don't take up hardly any room. Looking in my mirror I noticed my foundation was still on my face (including my cheeks) after 4 hours or more which really surprised me, so the foundation and powder had clung onto the primer which stayed on my face, after a few more hours I decided to apply a little amount of this on my cheek bones, when I did I thought it would all bunch up and look like dry skin or too much make up, but again it didn't disappoint me it went on silky smooth and looked as if I had just applied my make up for the first time.

Taking this off is no hassle I find myself still only having to use 1 make up wipe every time I take my make up off so this means that it doesn't cling to my face and get left behind, but of course I wash my face afterwards anyway so it wouldn't really matter.

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