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Review of "Best Ciao Opinion of All Time"

published 28/06/2005 | TheDuke
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"I am fab."

I'm sure there are plenty of decent reviews and opinions out there. I've been a member of Ciao for just of four years now, and in researching this review, I've read one hundred ad forty four top quality reviews (they're all mine).

However, the greatest Ciao opinion of all time is one that sadly no longer exists on this site. Posted in the Café, the review which I think was entitled "Namedropping" (though I might have be wrong) was a study in the Ciao obsession at the time of littering perfectly decent consumer reviews with pointless references to their Ciao chums. It was also, I might add, a study in rating as well.

Unlike most of the tripe that Ciao members consider to be Exceptional, "Namedropping" was not a long piece of work. If I recall correctly, it was barely one hundred and fifty words long. There were no positive features to it that I could see. Apart from mentioning the name-dropping phenomenon, there was no opinion and just a long list.

Taking the members of the Circle of Trust from whom I thought were the two biggest villains of this particular behaviour, I tried to prune the list to eliminate any duplicates that might have existed (I failed, and a few members were listed twice) before painstakingly, and rather nerdishly I might add, arranging the list into alphabetical order. OK, so I bunged it into Microsoft Excel and used the auto-sort feature and that took all of about four seconds.

The final list (including duplicates) ended up at around one hundred and twenty members. In theory, this should have been enough to bypass Ciao's one hundred and twenty minimum word limit, but the reality of the situation meant that I had to add more to it. Even though I thought that it would dilute the piece, I added a small descriptive paragraph detailing why I was writing such an article and where the names in the list came from. It wasn't a terribly long paragraph, but was just long enough to get over Ciao's word barrier.

Finally, at the end, I added a disclaimer mentioning that no one who was listed was being singled out. Personally, I thought it should have been unnecessary, but we all know how some people like to over-react.

In my own eyes, it could not have been anything other than 100% UH, but you never know with Ciao members what you're going to get.

Surprisingly, once it was posted, it managed to generate quite a bit of interest (you'd be amazed how the snidey reviews gain more reads than your bog standard ones) and even managed to get all four ratings (this was long before the days of the 'Exceptional'). What was even more surprising was that the ratings were spread more or less evenly across all four tiers.

I pretty much lost interest in the ratings once the comments started flooding in, though. Think about it: the piece contained one hundred and twenty members names and about thirty words of descriptive blurb, and people still didn't read it properly. I got many comments along the lines of "I don't understand why my name is mentioned here?" simply because they'd noticed their name (or, more accurately, had been told by someone who had read the piece properly that their name had been included). Some people did make intelligent posts as well - it wasn't all muppets being indignant.

Nevertheless, I had fun writing it and lots of fun reading the comments and I enjoyed the idnation as well from some people. I consider it to be THE GREATEST CIAO OPINION IN THE WORLD… EVER!

Oh, and I asked for it to be deleted ages ago - Ciao were happy to leave it on the site. I've no idea if anyone reported it to abuse.

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Comments on this review

  • 1st2thebar published 11/01/2018
    Obviously this was written before I minced onto the writing scene, like Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever.'
  • DBZKing published 28/12/2005
    Sorry, but I did not see the point in this review...
  • thingywhatsit published 02/10/2005
    Sorry you lost me there and if thats the best review ever, ciao is somewhat lacking.
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