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published 11/01/2018 | thedevilinme
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"My review of the world in 2017.."

America no long a superpower?

America no long a superpower?

A TRUMP is what we call a nasty smell in the U.K. and we all knew it would be all about him in 2017, behaving exactly how we thought he would. He hasn’t quite started nuclear war yet - or pi**ed off every immigrant group on the planet - but not far to go. When Obama very publicly humiliated Trump at the Press Writer’s Dinner in the White House in 2012 over the US passport thing you knew Trump would run for President to get back at the President but few thought he could win. It seems absurd even today. Not only that but now he is enjoying erasing every Obama policy he can, including Obamacare. That is racial spite. That is power.

Policy wise the Mexican wall turned out to be a metaphoric one, kicking them out faster than they can sneak in. If you are picked up and end up in a US detention centre, there is a 90% chance you will be on a bus to Mexico within the week. It was no surprise that the president has already awarded himself a huge tax break with his only other policy of note to get through the House, and all those lowly educated people who voted for him are getting hit hardest by his giveaway policies. Suckers comes to mind, that tax break coming out of their public services.

The midterms should see Trump punched firmly in the nose for his nastiness, something the book The Fire and Fury also failed to do, and we have to cling on to that for now to get rid of him. The Republicans are clearly not going to impeach him.


America had 911 and we had Grenfell, a tower block in the heart of London burnt down due to poor fire safety and inflammable materials, killing 71 people and displacing hundreds. The local council had put pastille coloured cladding on the sides of the tower to make it look prettier to the eye in an area increasingly being gentrified to help push up property prices. New build property in London is such a cash cow for foreign investors they can afford to buy it on mass and keep it empty, imaginary people getting that improved aesthetic view of more empty tower blocks with more imaginary people. But the Grenfell Towers were full of ethnic minorities from around the world, not all poor but a microcosm of London’s population and they were rightfully very angry about becoming a human firework last June.

What the fire did was highlight the housing crisis in London and beyond, the world arriving in the great capital cities of the world but not being able to afford to live in them. Race entered the debate with some saying that people died because they were poor and black and London didn’t care about them and so expendable. In reality it was just an accident through corporate malpractice at worse. The surviving residents, quite rightfully, are holding out for the best deal as far as cash and new accommodation goes. Many are refusing what they are being offered to live in whilst others are looking for much better. The race card is being played by lawyers and community groups to maximise compensation returns and no one can win here. Every negative racial incident these people have suffered in London leading up to the fire is being packed into their emotions after the fire. But the Mediterranean is full of desperate black African migrants ready to take those flats the Grenfell survivors don’t want.

The Rohingyas...

Pretty much no one had heard of these guys until the Burmese starting killing them on mass, yet another genocide involving brown skin people the world has turned its back on. You do wonder what the point of the UN is, other than giving power to the big countries to do what the hell they want – or nothing at all, as the case here.
Myanmar (then Burma) denied the ethnic group citizenship by law in 1982. Most came to Burma as migrant workers from India during the British Raj. But they are mostly Muslims now and that is seen as a threat to Buddhist, Myanmar and, as always, religion mixing in the third world causes tensions and often mayhem. By the end of 2018 one million will have fled Myanmar. The saddest part to this news story is the liberal lefts darling and poster girl, Aung San Suu Kyi, canonised by the west for her fight for freedom and democracy in Burma, is standing back and allowing the genocide to accelerate, an astonishing turn off affairs.

Britain leaving Europe is dominating the news cycle here and the United Kingdom as divided as ever. Originally we joined just for a trading block back in the 1973 and were happy with that but things have been added on and the country is changing. Yes the June 2016 vote was mostly about immigration but that was not enough to push the vote over the 50% vote tolerance. The mistake was not to hold the vote but have that fresh hold at 50%, meaning just one vote in 30 million could have decided it, and that person could have had dementia or been an illegal. A 60% threshold would mean the country were behind it. No, the vote was Brexit because the E.U was hurting big chunks of the blue collar workforce. Unmetered immigration can only drive down wages and push up housing costs. As a working man you know you don’t get much of the pie but when your government is actively trying to get you fired or at least reduce your wages so big corporations make even more money to stuff their tax havens with you have the right to fight back and make your point, plebiscite or not.

Green energy on the march....

Although heavily subsidised in the early days to get projects up and running, wind and renewables are beginning to bear fruit for the natural energy mix. Although carbon fuels are the most economic energy source by far they are very dirty and driving up CO2 pollution and so warming the planet to dangerous levels for the next generations. In 1997 a wind turbine, on average, would receive £150,000 public money per year to run at a level where it would make tangible money as the government tried to hit EU clean energy targets. Some companies were throwing up turbines just to make money from the subsidies, cranking down the rotor speed to maximise the returns. Now the cost has fallen enough for the government to slash subsides as wind turbines around the country begin to supply the national grid to great effect. We still import coal from Europe and China to get around carbon targets to keep us warm in the winter but 2017 was the first time that saw the U.K. take 50% or more of their national energy generation from non carbon fuel on regular 24 hour periods, an impressive achievement. Big business always goes the way the wind is blowing.


It’s been a big year for my countries last great assets, the Royals. Without the Queen we are sunk and so the younger royals have been busy to boost the family’s image and place in the world before she snuffs it - by getting in a hot black chick. Prince Phillip retired after finally upsetting every country in the Commonwealth, the Queen also taking a step back to prepare Charles for the throne.

Meghan is about as black as the first lifeboat off the Titanic but enough ethnicity to make it a story. Prince Harry is the dude and no doubt he knows his brother William is losing his looks and so his standing in the public eye and receding in appeal like his hairline and so took his chance and popped the question. But Meghan is an actress by trade and knows how to play the media and make love to the camera and almost like she is taking on a new film role now. It’s like Angelina Jolie meets Princess Diana, which could be double - trouble for the Royals. This marriage is not going to last and people in ‘the family’ will feel threatened by Megs, especially Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who likes the limelight enough to get a ‘Hollywood’ hairstyle the day after Meghan announced her engagement to that other famous English ginger bloke. This is going to be fun, but a train wreck.

=The Weinstein thing

“Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.” ”...., so said Marilyn Monroe. The Tinsel Town rules were set a long time ago and people like Weinstein will only ever exploit them. The problem with Hollywood is there is an oversupply of beautiful women and an under supply of glamorous jobs but everyone wants to be famous and so some will compromise to get ahead. Weinstein would not exist if that was not the case. I admire the women’s stance at the Golden Globes and clearly a lot of bad stuff has gone on but there are as many actresses that have gone along with it as there are those who didn’t. If the women had come forward earlier and worried more about the next girl going into the casting couch than their ‘big break’, Weinstein and the like would have been seen off. I’m not blaming women for any of this but fame and Hollywood has no rules. It’s not a tangible thing, stardom; it’s an ethereal thing that can’t be quantified or learned. Meryl Streep was calling Harvey everything in 2017 but ‘God’, last year...

Whatever your feeling on man-made global warming the planet is warming and weather is being revved up by it. The hurricane season was phenomenal in the Southern Hemisphere as Harvey dropped an incredible four feet of rain on the US Gulf Coast part of Texas as it rained and rained and rained. It was one of the costliest ever weather events on the planet.

If Harvey was soggy then Irma was windy, its 185mph sustained winds the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic. Hurricane Jose was just as terrifying as it shredded Caribbean island after Caribbean island and then swung right over Cuba and headed for Miami. Insurance companies would have gone under with the waves if it had hit. But a late drift to the left just pushed the worst of the winds and tidal surge to the left and a bullet dodged like no other. Hurricane Maria also roared in the Caribbean as three hurricanes raged at the same time in a biblical row of three.
The United Kingdom also dodged a bullet as Hurricane Ophelia barrelled up the coast of West Africa towards the United Kingdom approaches. This was the furthest north a hurricane had ever got in this part of the world as it was downgraded at the last as the sea water cooled it off the coast of Ireland. It was a fully formed rotating hurricane in all but name when it hit and yet more proof the weather is disturbed by something. Just four years ago the first ever hurricane formed off the coast of Argentina for the South Atlantics first ever recorded hurricane. Below video shows 200mph winds from the eye of Irma lash the Virgin Islands.

North Korea

We have Prince Phillip and you have Donald Trump and we didn’t think anyone would be ruder to the world than Phillip. But Trump is far worse and the taunting of the North Korean leader has been as funny as it has been scary. At least he didn’t call the Rocket Man ‘slanty eyes’ like Prince Phillip once called the Chinese. But the US military build up is fully underway and the B52s and B2s being quietly moved out to the China Sea theatre ready to strike. Trump won’t be messing around with UN resolutions on this one and will just steam in. He is a sociopath and unhinged, and I’m not talking about Kim Jong –Un.
Mass shootings

The US defines mass shootings as two or more dead with multiple casualties. There was a mind boggling 356 in America in 2017 around 32,000 people died of gunshot wounds, 11,000 off them, suicides. Everyone has a gun in America and if they lose their temper, ten others lose their lives. But the Las Vegas attacks trumped even Sandy Hook where 28, mostly young kids, were killed. Stephen Paddocks attack was bizarre, a well off middle aged guy who gambled a lot but no real signs of serious mental illness, machine gunning 50. He had the perfunctory links to the Post Office and the military many mass shooters have in America but apart from some prescribed Valium he seemed to be no more depressed than the average 60 plus America. What inspired him to do this mirrored films like the Manchurian candidate where a mental switch was flicked and the killer activated. It’s very intriguing why.

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