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published 30/08/2005 | scuba_angel
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Pro It teaches me not to drink so much......
Cons i forget
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"Im a student i know what im talking about!"

Ok im a second year student i indulge in the alcohol probably slightly more than most of my friends and seem to have a fairly high tolerance level at the moment. But i do still fall victim to the hangover. I am currently trying varied hangover cures so far these have worked or not.
The traditional stay in bed till it goes. I like this one mainly because even nonhungover it can take me hours to get up, but your hungover, you probably need the toliet and the room is spinning, while you try to unstick your tongue from the roof of your mouth/pillow/floor. So staying put isnt exactly a good option. At the very least you need water and the bathroom. So you have to get up, cure blown already.
Next is the BANANA plan, BANANA meaning BAth, Neurofen And No Alcohol. Sadly for me i cant really say if this one works, i like my bath and i have taken the neurofen but hang on whats that, oh yeah its my phone happily ringing with the news that my friend needs to see me, NOW in the local pub. Up until now the plan is great, i feel great which is where it falls apart, the neurofen has done its job my head is clear, im walking and talking and my brain has forgotten that i thought i was dying earlier so on comes the vodka lemonade. On the one occasion i managed this one i did feel fine and was my usual 'happy' self at work the next evening, which as they werent used to it led my collegues to think i was still hungover. So this gets the thumbs up.
Next good old alka seltzer. It says on the box it works best if taken before bed, so after a recent wedding i come home as drunk as i remember being for a long time and while in the process of trying to take off my dress decide to go get the alka seltzer (no logic im drunk remember), so i fall down stairs- typical the dress decides to undo itself half way down stairs. In the kichen i do my best to read the instructions without turning on the main lights, an pour myself a couple of pints of water, dropping the tablets in to one i down the second, as the first fizzes. Then drinking the first i pour a second. And leave it on a chair in the middle of the kitchen and take myself to bed. On waking i find theres more water by my bed a cup of tea and two more tablets, god knows i love my dad. So as the room spins around me i drop the tablets in to the water, you know that fizzing is a very satisfying noise, pity the room hasnt slowed down yet.
By lunchtime i was almost back to normal but my drinking was of epic proportions (i was challenged to drink with the best man, and ushers i think i held my own, but theyre 6ft+ rugby boys), i'll be giving this one another (3) chance(s) as theres 10 tablets to a box (and ive used 4).
The one most people try is just leave it and carry on as normal. I have 2 jobs i cycle to my day job which is about 5 miles from my flat, when im hungover i cant face the bike ride so get the bus. My pounding head and grey face must register with my collegues but they dont comment their disapproval of my lifestyle is well documented (im 20 years younger than the next youngest member of staff). The punters however arent so kind, the comments and jibes about drinking are hurtful but not so hurtful as my heads pounding, at lunchtime i go for painkillers.
Another one ive used is redbull, i dont know why i tried this but i have and i know that if i consume 2 or 3 cans of redbull or similar drink i feel good enough to cycle to work but like any drug i need more through the day to keep myself 'high'. Ok if you can stomach vast quantities of redbull.
Greasy fry ups and coffee. Nope not even gonna think about this one, it caused me to throwup.
Hair of the dog. It works to a degree, ive woken before at lunchtime and headed straight to the pub, a couple of vodka lemonades later im feeling better, but i know im storing trouble for later, when the hangover is coming back even though it will be lesser.
I have a packet of RU21 to try on my next drinking 'experience'.
But as anyone will tell you the best hangover cure is not to drink in excess. Or if you have to have alcohol dont drink a lot fast, and do have soft drinks throughout the night.
Other suggestions ive had recently from my ever loving friends, go diving, i know it works but the compressed air in my cylinder is dry and my mouth is dry so i dont enjoy my dive, and in the UK, its cold and dark i dont really want to make it any harder.
Another from the divers, steal the o2 kit, the oxygen does clear your head remarkable but like the red bull you tend to come down and then it hurts again, but with the divers im probably in the pub again by the time that happens. (nb, we take 2 o2 kits on every dive trip the one with the lowest pressure we use first, be that for hangover clearing or if we have an emergency, so far we have never needed it for anything other than the hangovers).
Oh yeah the pack of RU21 is still sat in my flat, i always forget to take it out with me, or it wont fit in my handbag.
As im currently recovering from my 21st birthday party i guess i can tell you that Sambuca works, but only if taken in large quantities on top of large amounts of vodka - yes my hangover cure this weekend was to be violently sick before i stopped drinking, and the next day i had no hangover but stank of sick and had to phone the pub to apologise. Its not recommended but it worked, i just need to get my memory back now.
As i find and try more cures i'll review this and let you know if it works.

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  • Holiam published 05/07/2006
    The only thing that ever works for me is sleep, sleep and more sleep! I can't take the beer like I used to! x
  • SusanLesley published 15/06/2006
    I always find that water is the best cure both alternated with alcoholic drinks during the evening but more importantly beofre going to bed, Susan
  • meghangrove published 29/12/2005
    I used to wake myself up at about 6am when the headache was starting, take paracetamol and then go back to sleep. By the time I got up at 9am the headache was gone and the pills had mixed with the last of the alcohol making me tiddly again, lol. But i would like to say I only got up for that stupid 9am class cos i was in love with one of my fellow classmates. haha. now thats dedication for you. Great review - entertaining read. Meghan x
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