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published 24/11/2009 | stephbond89
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Pro Great site, which needs to be more established by the public!
Cons As it is a new site, not many people use it and it isn't very well known!
very helpful

"Bingerific search engine!!!!"

== ==

Introduction used to be the search engine for Windows Live search engine, and is the search engine for Microsoft, so isn’t run by a 3rd party company like Yahoo or Google. It is a very new search engine, and so at the minute not many people use it, or are even aware of it. It was only unveiled on the 28th May 2009, so it is still within it’s first year, the site only went out to the public for use, on the 3rd June 2009, yet, by August, had pulled in 9.3% of the US population who use the internet! Which is quite a fete, considering the US is, well, quite large! Over in the UK, I must admit, I haven’t heard much about it at all, I have not heard many people talking about it, and hadn’t even heard of it until I was told to go to by another website, so thought I would check it out. Although I have heard of it now, I still prefer to use Google, but why? To be honest, I don’t know!

Bing now also runs Yahoo search engines, so if you use Yahoo! you are actually using Bing’s technology.

So although many of you may not have heard of Bing, you can guarantee many of you use it daily without even been aware of it!

Maybe this review can enthuse you to go out and try for a week, and see if you prefer it to your current search engine!

I’ve never heard of it, what is it? is basically a search engine! If you don’t know what a search engine is, which many people new to technology may not. It is a website such as,, where you can go to when you are looking for information on something but don’t know where to look. So for example, if you were looking for the top speed of a Bugatti Veyron, you could go to a search engine and type in “Top Speed of a Bugatti Veyron”, and up would pop thousands of websites with the information on them! The results nearer to the top of the page are the most relevant to the information and will be more likely to have the answer you want! is very much like this, you simple go to, and type in the search bar whatever you wish, you can then search either on the web, images, shopping, videos, news or maps. You can also search the whole web, or just websites in the UK.

When you press search a long list of websites come up with the information you searched for within them, from here you can simply click on the website you want to look at, and it will take you there. And done, you just used Bing!

The sites speed depends on the speed of your internet! I have 10MB internet, which is the lowest internet which was on offer to me, and the site is very fast, as soon as I press on the search button, I am taken straight to the results page which is great for me!

So all in all, is a search engine just like Google and Yahoo!

Why would I use it over Google?

For me, this isn’t a choice between which search engine is “better” than the other, it is just a choice of 3 major search engines. Once you use one of them and use it all the time as your main search engine, it tends to be the one you will always use, and you will try not to deviate from this. So it must be quite hard for Microsoft to drum up users of this search engine, as once you get used to Google or Yahoo, it isn’t likely you will suddenly change. So the main people this site is aimed at is the “new” people using the internet, the young people who are only just starting to use the Internet for themselves, or even older people who have only just started using the Internet!

For me, is no different to Google, it is no better or no worse, so I have no reason to change from Google which I am used to, to this website, it doesn’t offer anything else or new, so I wouldn’t bother. But that isn’t to say that you may find a difference in the sites, so I do recommend you use the site for a week, maybe set it as your homepage for a week, and if you don’t like it, then change back.

(To set as your homepage go to Tools, which is at the top of your Internet page, then click Internet Settings, under the General tab, there is a box titled “Homepage”, just type into this box, and then it is your homepage, you can change this back whenever you like!)

Do I have to pay?

The simple answer is no! is completely free just like Google and Yahoo; it gets its money from sponsored links, which are websites who pay (and the other search engines) to display a link to their website, every time these are clicked, will make money from the company!

So for us, the website is 100% free to use!

What are the good points?

Well this site as I have said is very much like Google and yahoo, but for this purpose I will ignore the fact that there are any other search engines out there, and will treat this as it’s own site.

You can search for a never ending list of items using the site, whether it be an answer to a question, an item to buy, the price of something, a fact, a picture, research for some work you are doing. You can find anything on the site!

You can filter out all, most of none of the adult content which the site will bring up in its results page, so if you are setting up the computer for a child to use, you can press on “preferences” in the top right hand corner, and turn the adult content filter on, so that no matter what the child puts into the search engine, no sexual content will come up! But on the other hand…you can turn the adult content filter off, so if you are looking for “adult content” sites, you can find them.

You can set your town, village, city, etc as the place where you are now, so that the results will be local, i.e. if you are looking for let’s say a wedding cake, and you’re in say Birmingham, it will bring up the most local sites first, and the sites which are in say Scotland and London last.

There is a picture on the home page of, which changes daily, weekly or monthly depending on what it is for, you can choose to turn this off, but it’s nice and interesting too as there are “facts” about the picture dotted around the page for you to find! (You can turn this off if you prefer not to have it on too which is another good point!)

The site is quick, and brings up hundreds, thousands even millions of sites when you put information into the search box, so you’re almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

You can search for images, videos, maps etc as well as just textual information!

And the bad points?

To be honest, there aren’t any bad things about this site! The only downside to it, is with it been a “new” search engine, it isn’t well known by the public, so it isn’t used much by people who have gotten used to using Google or Yahoo! Which is a shame as it is a great search engine, which is why I am telling you to put it as your homepage for a week and just try it out!

In conclusion

All in all, this site is no much better or worse than or, it is great in its speed, and it’s content, although not as well known as Google and Yahoo, it is just as good as the better known sites, and when I used it, although now back with Google I was impressed, but was so used to Google after using it for most of my technological life, that I just missed it and had to go back to it!!

So as I have said before, please do try it out for a week or so and see how you find it! It is great!!

A big 10/10 for!

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  • roktimdutta published 28/11/2009
    Good one.:)xx
  • xmen109 published 27/11/2009
    well reviewed
  • paulpry118 published 26/11/2009
    Think I stick with Google after the mess up they made with Ciao
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