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A mirror?

06.05.2016 Review of Boredom Breaker 3in Round Mirror with Bell Bird Toy

"A mirror is silly toy for a bird. It's claws will just scratch the thing when it stands on it! Or it will just peck the thing apart! If you are thinking about getting this bird toy mirror...thing!, follow my advice and get a real bird toy, like a plasti ..."

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Mynah Bird should be Yournah Bird too

22.05.2014 (23.05.2014) Review of Mynah Birds

"...Because of my aunt's recently found allergies, I had to adopt her 5 year old Mynah Bird, Merlin. And he is the absolute best bird I've ever cared for (the absolute best). My Aunt didn't train him or care for him whatsoever. There was no special treatment ..."

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~ * The Birds Love It * ~

11.05.2014 Review of RSPB Table Mix

"One of lifeís greatest pleasures is sitting in the garden watching the birds on the bird feeders. I find it so relaxing. In the past I have bought cheaper versions of bird food, although my birds didnít seem to like it that much. So it was time to try so ..."

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Trill - Excellent for aviaries!

10.03.2014 Review of Trill Budgie Food

"I personally use Trill in my aviary. I have a large flock of Budgies and they love this! I often go in and see them all huddled around the bowl eating together and it's actually really remarkable how much of a difference it makes to a bird's health! They ..."

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