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Bistrot Romain, Marrakech

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published 13/03/2017 | pinotprincess
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Pro Clean and finally a good toilet and normal stairs
Cons No English spoken, slow service and lack of choice for the buffet.

"Bistrot Romain, Marrakech"

Bistrot Romain, Marrakech

Bistrot Romain, Marrakech

Bistro Romaine

Le Bistro RomainPlace
, Immeuble 87, Magasin C11,

Gueliz, 40000 – Marrakech


Situated just outside one of the two main shopping plazas in Morocco, we found this restaurant /bistro offering a buffet lunch for £9 ( 89 dm’s).

If you have visited Morocco especially MARRAKECH, you will be familiar with the hygiene standards in most restaurants and they are incredibly bad. It was our last day there and I sick and tired of MARRAKECH and the smell, the filth and being followed by creepy locals.

We decided to get a taxi and take us to one of the nicest shopping plaza’s I have ever seen and best of all the area was safe, clean and very westernised.
Just outside the mall was this restaurant and it looked clean and tidy, no flies over the food and seating outside to watch the world go by, so we opted for this for lunch.


From 9 am till 1 am. If you want to use the restaurant service then you need to pre book a table online or by calling them.

They only speak Arabic or French so good luck . The menu is in French only.

***HOW TO PAY***

The currency here is Dirham but its a closed currency which means you can only bring limited in from outside Morocco .

Credit cards especially AMX are accepted as are Euro's. Watch your credit card total though as every single place we visited all tried to rip us off including here.


No queuing system here just hang around the tables and a waitress will seat you within minutes. We opted to sit outside under an umbrella and in the shade. It was March and the temperature had reached 42 !! There is further seating inside and upstairs.

I noticed the locals seem to occupy the tables inside and it’s very cramped in there, if you didn’t know anyone you soon will and quite intimately not by choice.

Once seated outside the waitress gave us a basket of dry bread which is custom in Morocco. It’s like a French stick but stale version cut into chunks.
We waited to place our drinks order and we waited and waited. In the end we gave up and went to get our food.

Morocco is not a safe country so my partner and I took it in turns as I didn’t want to take my huge handbag inside and risk knocking off some poor ladies hijab as I maneuvered the buffet cart.

We had both returned at separate times and still no order for our drinks was taken yet I noticed others had their drinks and they came after us. My other half was getting hot and bothered at this point; the temperature was rising on him and outside.

He was ignored each time he raised his hand and finally the manager saw him and summoned a member of staff over. We only wanted a bottle of water, nothing too stressful yet it took over 20 minutes.

If you ever go here and want sparkling water which we wanted you need to ask for water with gas as they don’t understand the word sparkling. Normal still water came out first followed by two Fanta’s then eventually we got our water “with gas”.

****FOOD ***

You can choose either the menu and be waited on or go for the buffet selection.
We opted for the buffet as it was a set price and we were both starving. Having just minimal food for the last few days, this place looked a god send.

The restaurant menu pictures look appetising but the buffet offering is limited. If you choose the restaurant then each dish is around £7 each so the buffet is the cheaper option.

The buffet cart is right by the main doors as you go in. There are seating surrounding it and it’s very cramped to get around seeing the selection. So far not good. Once again the local people push the chars out without any respect for you standing there and it’s very difficult to not only get your food but to see the selection.

Me being typical Brit I was letting everyone push in and I actually stood there getting nowhere for over ten minutes until I decided to be just as rude as they are and go for it , elbows out and stuff any manners I had.

The plates are stored under the buffet counter and I went between this guy’s legs to grab one, I had no choice otherwise I wouldn’t have got one.
Food wise, the front of the cart is all different salads, lots of it with fruit which I loved and a delicious mayonnaise and coleslaw accompaniment.

Further down there was warm rice (non spicy) with peppers and something sweet in it but couldn’t pin point what they used. It was delicious and I had two plates of this. I could see a tinge of yellow and presumed that was turmeric to add colour but the sweetness still baffles me. I couldn’t ask what the ingredients were as the staff spoke no English, only Arabic or French.

The pasta dish was full of olives and tomato’s, I hate both and have a fear of tomatoes even more so when they are cooked and squishy so I avoided this completely.

The meat selection looked like a tagine (casserole) and consisted of chicken on the bone or beef. I am vegetarian but my partner said the chicken was succulent with just a hint of spice.

There was also soup and a quiche but that had tomatoes in so I avoided that too.


This was ok, nothing special.

Some satsumas were on offer, a few pots of yogurt, chocolate mousse in shot glasses (amazing) and small bite size strawberry tarts. I ended up devouring three pots of chocolate mousse, sounds worse but in reality there were only two scoops in each shot glass.

My other half had a dozen strawberry tarts, one bite and they had gone literally. These were quite lush and the strawberries so fresh and big.

After some of the disgusting filth ridden restaurants in Marrakech we saw, this place was spot on for hygiene.

Food was covered up, tables cleaned instantly and the general appearance of the staff was second to none. Cutlery was clean and glasses sparkling. No complaints there.

*** DRESS CODE ***

Looking round I would say smart casual. Jeans were accepted for all but please respect its an Arabic country and ladies should be partly covered up.


In Marrakesh the majority of the toilets are vile, covered in dried excrement, smelling like a pig farm and sometimes no more than a hole in the ground. Something else I endured whilst in Kech was the dangerous and steep spiral stairs in most eating areas, no hand rails and not enough space for the whole of your foot.

Believe me I was a nervous wreck spending four days here.

These toilets however were accessible upstairs. These stairs were normal, proper westernized style with a hand rail too. I actually felt safe coming down.
They were clean and had modern facilities such as a hand dryer and soap dispenser.


In a nut shell none what so ever. You can only get a wheel chair in if you sit outside, there is no space inside and no disabled lift to go upstairs or to use the toilet. In fact there is no disabled toilet end of.

A wheelchair user would find it impossible to manoeuvre around the buffet cart due to lack of space and a pram couldn’t get around either.


Very slow for drinks and bringing out your bill.

Scrutinize your bill before you leave as Morocco rips you off as a tourist. As with other places we visited there is always a little extra added which you never had. Be careful out here.

Of course our bill was wrong and wine was added (a whole bottle) but neither of us drink it and extra water. Totally wrong and when we queried it they knew what they had done and just crossed out the items, adjusted the balance and no apology.

The only person who spoke limited English was the manager and we found him rude and far from welcoming. The atmosphere here wasn’t great either as the locals gave us looks like we shouldn’t be there in the first place.

*** PARKING***

Don’t even get me started on driving out here unless you’re on a death wish. There is parking in the mall but we took a taxi, never would I drive in Kech.

The taxi dropped us off two streets away and we walked up, you can’t get any closer as it’s in a pedestrian area only.


Being honest it was relief to find a clean place to eat that had no flies crawling over the dishes. The service was pretty poor, we weren’t made welcome or greeted personally but the salads were lush as was the chocolate mousse pot. Value for money I would say not bad but the selection was limited and the layout chaotic.

The best high light was seeing a film crew come in as we were just leaving and the next table down was Vin Diesel. They all opted for the restaurant service and the tables were already reserved for them with water placed on each.

I was surprised he had no security around him unless they were in normal clothes. With Vin Diesel I was expecting men in black standing round him but it was all casual and relaxed. That man’s voice was so deep it was hypnotic.

I wouldn’t return there for a meal but compared to the other places we had seen it was ok but then I wouldn’t return to Kech again ever, even if you paid me.

Thanks for reading.

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