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Title Black Sheep
Author Arlene Hunt
Publisher Hodder Headline
EAN 9780340921142
Release Date 01.06.2006
Type Fiction
Genre Crime
ISBN 0340921145


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It is brilliantly written and really does draw you in.
I don't think I've ever read a darker book - it's actively disturbing. (*)
Talking freely on Ciao
Talking freely on Ciao (*)
Riviting. Thought provoking. Captivating. Well researched and well written.
May make you opinionated in your views on the Italian Judicial and police system (*)
A good old-fashioned detective thriller
A little formalaic (*)
Needs concentration (*)
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None (*)
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Something different, well told story
Has a bit of an identity problem (*)
colourful setting, fast paced storyline
There is nothing outstanding or different from most crime books (*)
Gritty writing
A little predictable (*)
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Enjoyable read, well-developed characters
really disapppointing ending (*)
Fast Paced, Several Suspects
- (*)
A very strong sense of place and an interesting story, an ambitious novel
Not all the author's ambitions are fulfilled (*)
Great read
Too gruesome for some maybe (*)
Interesting well written crime story
A little slow (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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