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ISBN 1421533146
EAN 9781421533148
Type Fiction
Genre Graphic Novel
Title Bleach 37
Author Tite Kubo
Release Date 08.12.2011
Publisher Viz Media
Edition Paperback
All Authors Edward C. Baig; Bob LeVitus


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Fiction, Audio Book - Graphic Novel, Classics, Children - ISBN: 190240744X, 0531002853, 1406941670, 1598185233, 9626349662

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further insight into motivations of the higher noble class, closer look at D's inner self
occasional gore so not for the squeamish (*)
A new way of looking at important issues
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some minor differences exist between the original novel, anime, and this version, but nothing huge (*)
beautifully written , plot driven . Known in Japan as Ai no Kotodama, there is also a film
please note the mature rating, this is not a young people's comic! (*)
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