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published 25/06/2016 | euphie
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"Silver Shampoo"

Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Bleach London Silver Shampoo

I have dyed blonde hair which has a tendency to go brassy and slightly yellow after colouring. I had used Pro-Voke's Touch of Silver range but found the shampoo did leave my hair feeling quite dry. I complimented my friend on her highlights a few weeks ago and was surprised when she told me that she hadn't had her highlights done In months and instead credited this shampoo as to why her hair looked so good.

Bleach London

Bleach London are a salon in London which also have their own range of home dyes, colour care shampoos/conditions and styling products as well as some home bleaching kits. The range is readily available in larger Boots stores as well as online.
About this shampoo

This shampoo is described as “For blondes that constantly strive for whiter, brighter colour” and it is advised that you use this shampoo every other wash to keep an ashy blonde tone.

This shampoo contains wheat proteins and vitamin B5 to moisturise hair and it promises to “dismiss brassy tones and eliminate unforgivable yellow on the packaging.

This shampoo comes in a chunky bottle with a screw top lid. The graffiti background and the fonts used on this shampoo immediately give me the impression that this is a hip, young brand.

While I find that the screw lid can be slightly inconvenient when I have wet hands in the shower, I prefer this over the push to open lid that I had with the Pro-Voke one as I found their bottles always leaked. While this one could be slightly hard to unscrew with wet hands, and easily spilled if you are like myself who kept having to go back and put more of the shampoo onto my hair, it can be inconvenient but I still prefer this to some other types of push closure shampoos which are easily pushed in and can leak everywhere.
In Use

Unlike the Pro-Voke shampoo, there wasn't much in the way of instructions on this shampoo, just to lather into wet hair and massage throughout hair to the ends. It didn't state how long you left this in your hair, unlike the other ones I have used on the past, and I have tried a few different things, rinsing it out straight away, or leaving it as a toner in my hair for a few minutes to see if this made any difference.

As is the case with all of the blonde shampoos that I have used, this is a bright violet colour with a slight shimmer running through it. It is a quite thin shampoo and has that typical violet shampoo chemically smell that seems to be common in any of the shampoos that I have used but this doesn't seem to linger on my hair after I have used the shampoo though which is good. This shampoo doesn't really lather much and I find that I need to use quite a bit more of this shampoo than I would do with other similar shampoos but this is partly because I am used to shampoos that lather up. It also does seem to take slightly longer to wash this out of my hair completely compared to most other shampoos and I need to just keep an eye for when the water starts to run clear as I don't want to end up with purple hair.

After seeing the results that my friend had achieved, I was excited to see how my own hair looked. While it looked slightly brighter, I have had been results from other shampoos that weren't actually violet or blonde shampoos and I didn't quite feel that this shampoo got rid of all of the brassiness that I have in my hair. It picked up on some highlights which were a nice ash blonde but I wasn't overly impressed with the results of this shampoo. I have tried using this and rinsing it out straight away and also keeping it on my hair for a while in case that made a difference but I got the same results regardless of whatever way I used it. I also felt that this shampoo left my hair feeling very dry after use and I needed to use a lot of conditioner which left my hair looking fluffy and I normally had to straighten my hair after using this to stop it looking so weird.

Not surprisingly, the brand recommends that you use the matching conditioner to get the best results, I didn't really want to spend another £6 on the conditioner and vowed to get it later if I liked the effects of the shampoo. I do often think though that these things are just a ploy by the manufacturers as my friend had great results with this and she doesn't use conditioner on her short hair at all whereas my dry and damaged blonde hair needs as much help as it can get.

Some reviews that I have read online have said that this shampoo has left some people with a violet tinge to their hair but I haven't found this with this or any other violet shampoo that I have used. While I'm not doubting that this could potentially happen though, it seems rare and maybe sometimes people see things that aren't quite there (though the brand do have a pink coloured shampoo that does actually leave your hair with a pink tint).

Price and Availability

I bought my bottle of this shampoo from Boots for £5 which I think is a standard price for silver/blonde shampoos as most seem to be around this price. The matching conditioner costs £6 although I can't comment on this as I haven’t tried it. While this is expensive, it is often part of Boot's three for two on hair products so it's worth stocking up when this offer is on and if you have similar results to my friend, it could save money on hairdresser's appointments.

You can also buy this on Amazon but prices are very expensive, over twice what Boots are charging so it's best to avoid Amazon if you want to purchase this.

Summing Up

While I think this is an okay shampoo, it's not one that I will re-purchase as I didn't feel it was quite worth the price tag and I didn't get as good results from it as my friend did. Don't get me wrong, it's it works as a shampoo and leaves my hair clean but I don't like how this left my hair feeling and I didn't feel that this left my hair looking much brighter or less brassy. I am used to shampoos that later as well, although I am aware of the issues around SLS's and other nasties in shampoo but I didn't feel that this shampoo really helped my hair much either. I wanted so badly to like this shampoo, partly because I loved the packaging and also because of my friends results but I had to admit that I have had better results with a blonde shampoo that I bought for £1 in Poundland than with this shampoo.

It does have it's fans online but I have had better results from cheaper blonde/violet shampoos and my bottle is now with my friend as it seems to like her hair. If you have blonde hair and fancy trying this, please don't let my review put you off as my friend loved this shampoo and had excellent results – it just didn't seem to like my hair as much.

I am tempted by the pink version of this shampoo but I may buy that when there is a three for two on similar hair products in Boots rather than paying full price just in case.

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