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Vali Hallsdottir has returned to her home world of Muspell to discover that her nation is in chaos, preparing to face invasion from the neighbouring country of Darkland.

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Publisher Tor
Title Bloodmind
Author Liz Williams
Type Fiction
ISBN 0330442066
Genre Science fiction
Edition Paperback
EAN 9780330442060


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Highly imaginative, interesting characters, original story and concepts
Complicated plot, complicated technical discussions (*)
Surprisingly involving, pacey plot.
. (*)
Entertaining and engaging
Very long, perhaps overly so, and extremely far fetched. (*)
Page-turning brilliance
Finding the time to read the 616 pages quickly enough (*)
True fiction
Did create a cult based on the one in the book in real life. (*)
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The next book in the Anita Blake series.
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Not to everybody's taste as it is Science Fiction. (*)
A very entertaining read.
Many will be put off by the science fiction nature of the story. (*)
Chilling story, more than just the sci-fi tale which it is often referred to as
None, really (*)
fast pace, funny
not long enough (*)
Entertaining, occasionally thought-provoking
Two-dimensional characterisation, tapers off (*)
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