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published 29/06/2017 | Candyperfumegirl
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Pro price. Widely available.
Cons Won't work on a heavy infestation.
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"Bob has got it covered"

Bob Martin Home Flea Spray

Bob Martin Home Flea Spray

Ensuring we do not get a flea infestation is a year round job for those with fluffy friends although I must admit to being slightly more lax during the colder months. We were mid way through a summer heat wave and my cat was regularly out and about, during such times I find it is even more important to protecting my cat and our home from an unwelcome flea infestation. I do this by combining Flea drops for my cat and a spray for around the house. I have used a variety of Flea Sprays and Bombs over the years, depending on price and availability with my most recent purchase being this Bob Martin Home Flea Spray which I picked up in my local Tesco for £2.50.

What does it look like?

The tin I have is very different from Ciaos picture above, which has a very pest control look to it with its bright red background and picture of a large flea predominantly placed in the centre with a yellow target surrounding it. The tin I have retains the cylindrical shape but the look is completely different and looks more like a air freshener than flea spray, in fact one would be forgiven for confusing it for this. It is predominately white with a homely picture in the centre, not a flea in sight - In fact the only giveaway is the brand name displayed on the front along with the product name 'Home Flea Spray'. If you accidentally left this one on the bathroom counter when guest came around it would probably go unnoticed as a flea spray thus avoiding any embarrassment, likewise the check out assistant would not give it a second glance as she beeped it through.

On top we have a simple press down nozzle, when pressure is applied a nice even spritz is released. There is no child proof cap here, so be careful around little ones.

The reverse gives plenty of information including warnings, precautions, ingredients, usage guide and a general blurb, all of which should be read thoroughly before use.
What are the promises

Bob Martin is a well known brand which produces affordable pet products which are available in most supermarkets and pet shops, no prescription is needed.

Bob Martin claims that this spray will protect the home from fleas, mites and ticks for up to 3 months. It has been clinically proven to kills fleas on contact and to go on protecting.

The product is suitable for use on carpets, rugs and pet bedding.

What can it not be used on?

Your pet! Do not spray this one on your pet, a different product can be purchased for eradicating fleas on a pet such as:

* Bob Martin Spot On Pipettes

* Bob Martin Flea Collar

In fact, it is advised to remove the pet before using the product and to use it in a well ventilated area.

It should not be applied to human bedding or clothing and obviously is should be kept away from food stuff and food contact surfaces.

The spray is dangerous to fish and insects such as Bees.

My Experience

I do try to keep up with using flea spray around the house every three months or so because I know how quickly a flea infestation can get out of hand. One day you may find one and think little of it except 'oh, I must pick up some flea spray next time I am at the shops', however within days the place is jumping with the horrid things and the whole family (pet included) is covered in itchy red bites. It is worth noting that a female flea can lay approx 40-50 eggs each day, larvae hatch from these eggs within 1-5 days, an infestation can therefore happen extremely quickly. Fleas prefer to live in the comfort of pet hair, but larvae can (and do) survive easily around the house, particularly in the carpet. During one or two 'outbreaks' in our home I found only the more expensive products brought it under control, so I would reach for the likes of Front line which can be prescribed by your vet (or some pet stores such as Pets at Home). From my experience, Bob Martin products can just not deal with heavy infestations as they just aren't strong enough.

I do find that Bob Martin products working well at keeping the fleas away or at least at bay. A regular spritz of Bob's Home Flea Spray should prevent an infestation occurring at all, and in my experience this really does work. This of course should be coupled with a suitable flea deterrent on the pet as well.

We don't have carpets in our home, so I tend to begin by cleaning my laminate flooring with a all in one cleaner, paying particular attention to any nooks and crannies - so this may involve pulling furniture out so I can get in all the corners. I then shoo my cat and kids (and anyone else for that matter) out of the room and thoroughly hoover my sofa before spraying the Bob Martin spray, again paying particular attention to all the nooks and crannies, and of course my cats favourite sleeping areas. I then, leave the room myself for a few hours before returning to open a window and ensure the room has 'breathed' before I allow any one back in. This is all easy enough to do and as it only needs to be done every three months or so its no big deal really - although sometimes it will take me a while to get around to it. When I am vigilant there are no fleas present, so I feel this product really works. In the past, when I have been a little lax I have noticed a flea or two hopping about the place, but if caught at this early stage Bob Martin can still sort this problem out, bringing everything back under control - just don't leave it too long!

I have used a variety of Flea Sprays over the years, but seem to jump (no pun intended) between Bob Martin, Johnsons and Beaphan, primarily because these are the cheapest and most readily available. Go to the Pet isle in any large supermarket and you'll see Bob Martin products for sale. Having used all of these brands I would say that they all seem to have a similar results, Bob Martin works no better or worse than the rest of the low priced flea control products out there, they all work well at preventing any flea infestation - but none of these will do much to bring a flea epidemic under control. The more expensive products - which you'll find in specific pet shops or vets - are stronger and therefore better for these situations.


It may look like an air freshener, but this one is certainly not for smelling, in fact doing so can be harmful. It is important to not breath in the spray as it is released. However, it does of course let of a smell, which isn't terrible. I would describe it as smelling like furniture polish, so its not as chemical smelling as some other flea products I have used in the past.

Bob Martin Home Flea Spray has a RRP of £3 for a 200ml can. It is widely available in large supermarkets, pet shops and on line.*

Final Thoughts

I would certainly recommend the Bob Martin brand in general for keeping Fleas at bay in your home, I feel confident that this Home Flea Spray helps prevent a flea infestation in my home and so I will continue to use it every three months or so as suggested. But just don't expect it to do wonders if your house is already jumping with the little creatures.

I am sure I have made you all suitably itchy, so I'll be ending my review here. Thanks for reading.

* Prices correct June 2017. Delivery charges may apply.

** Please do read the information carefully before using this product. Those who feel unsure about using Bob Martin products or just want help and advice about flea control can call their care line (0844 748 0108).

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