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This title presents the science behind the human body.

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EAN 9781405337373
Type Non-Fiction
Genre Children's
Subgenre Life Skills
Title Body Science
Author DK Publishing
All Authors DK Publishing, James Cracknell
Publisher Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 1405337370


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similar by Price (25 GBP and more)
Great photos, educational for young children.
None (*)
Really informal. Great resource for kids.
None. (*)
Stunning artwork, expressions perfect as usual, many characters' plotlines developed, no filler chapters.
Deviation from main plot line, lack of background detail, little of Tohru the heroin, (*)
Different stories, suitable for all ages. Timeless!!
Pricey if you aren't going to look after them! (*)
Great educational book for young children
The number names are written in capitals. (*)
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I wouldn't call it a 'Must Read'. Hard to acquire. (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (B)
A sensational book that has redeemed the series for me, after the poor previous book.
I have a while to wait for the next one! (*)
Makes science fun, very informative
Some of the jokes are a bit corny (*)
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