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published 06/03/2017 | kiss_me2070
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"A Fairly Good Western with Cannibals!"

Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk

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Bone Tomahawk is an American, Horror Western film which was released in 2015 in America and was released 19th Feb 2016 in the UK. The film stars Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, David Arquette and Sean Young. Me and my boyfriend both watched this film together last year after it was recommended to us by my boyfriend's next door neighbour. An outlaw unknowingly leads a band of cannibalistic Troglodytes into the peaceful town of Bright Hope, where the cannibalistic monsters kidnap several settlers including the wife of a local rancher. The rancher joins a small rescue party along with the sheriff to help find his wife and the other settlers that have gone missing. The rescue party set out in the Wild West to try and rescue the group of captives from the cannibalistic cave dwellers.

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To buy this in DVD it costs around £4.99 or the Blue-ray version costs around £7.14. If you have Amazon, you can rent it for £3.49 in HD or buy it for £7.99 HD. Alternatively if you have Netflix you can watch it on there for free.

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Kurt Russell as Sheriff Franklin Hunt
Patrick Wilson as Arthur O'Dwyer
Matthew Fox as John Brooder
Richard Jenkins as Deputy "Chicory" Kory
Lili Simmons as Samantha O'Dwyer
David Arquette as Purvis
Sid Haig as Buddy
Geno Segers as Boar Tusks
Fred Melamed as Clarence
Kathryn Morris as Lorna Hunt
Sean Young as Mrs. Porter
Evan Jonigkeit as Deputy Nick
Eddie Spears as Serrated Tomahawk
James Tolkan as The Pianist
Raw Leiba as Wolf Skull
Michael Paré as Mr. Wallington
Jamison Newlander as The Mayor
Zahn McClarnon as The Professor
Jay Tavare as Sharp Teeth
Brandon Molale as Noseless Troglodyte

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The Film
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The film has a slightly violent start to it with two drifters, Purvis (David Arquette) and Buddy (Sig Haig), whom make a living killing and robbing travellers. Right from the start, these characters come across as not very nice people. Not long into the film we see them come across an area which is quite eerie, with skulls and other things laid out in certain ways as though there is some sort of burial grounds there. Purvis comes across very uneasy at the thought of going anywhere near it; how-ever Buddy is very persistent and tells him that they must cross the area. It's here that we get a first glimpse at one of the cannibals as Purvis and Buddy comes across one of them hiding in the bushes. After the approximately 2 minutes opening scene it then goes to '11 days later', which is when we first meet Arthur and Samantha in their home and we also meet Brooder whom is well known in the local bar. We meet the local Sheriff and his back up deputy whom keeps a look out for things and reports things back to the Sheriff. About an hour and a half into the film we see more of what the cannibals are like when they kill a stable boy. This part isn't actually very gory or bloody. When someone discovers the body, they notify the Sheriff and they all go off to the stables to try and catch the killer, but of course nobody is there.

When Arthur realises that his wife (Samantha) hasn't come home from extracting a bullet a prisoner the previous night, he contacts the sheriff and a group of them decide to go out to try and find her. As they start this journey, we learn a little more about some of the characters and what they are like. We also see more of what the cannibals are capable of. Although this part of the film may sound boring, I actually wasn’t bored at all and I enjoyed learning more about some of the characters. It’s obvious that Arthur, despite having a broken leg will not stop at anything to find and get Rebecca back. By now the cannibals have shot arrows at the rescue party and they have sustained a few injuries which slows them down and even stops some of them proceeding to try and rescue Rebecca and any others that they think are in the cave where the cannibals live. The final scenes of the film are based inside the cave where the cannibals live, which is where we learn a little more about the cannibals and we also see what they are capable of and what they do to people. There were some violent and bloody scenes during this part although I have seen films with more violence and blood in before, so these scenes didn’t really bother me too much. For me I couldn’t really guess how the film was going to end as I think it could have easily ended a few different ways but I was pleased with how they did end the film.

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Special Features
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  • The Making of Bone Tomahawk
  • Questions & Answers with the director and cast
  • Deleted Scenes

I haven't watched any of the special features so I can't comment on them.

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Overall Opinion
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Despite this film being quite long and my and my boyfriend thinking that it might get a little boring, when watching this we didn’t find that it got boring at all. The storyline to the film is good and the film held my attention throughout, especially the parts of the film when the cannibals do make an appearance and you get a little action in the film. Kurt Russell plays his part of the Sheriff very well and Patrick Wilson and Matthew Fox play their characters very well too. I personally don’t think any of the acting in the film was particularly weak. The special effects used such as the blood and other scenes look very good and convincing. If my boyfriend’s neighbour hadn’t of mentioned this film to us, then to be honest don’t know if we would have even bothered watching it but I am now glad that we did watch it. My boyfriend also enjoyed the film as well and like me he didn’t find any parts of it particularly boring and he didn’t fall asleep watching it, which is always a good thing. If you like western’s and also don’t mind a bit of blood and gore, then I would recommend this film as I enjoyed it and everyone I have spoken to whom has seen it has also enjoyed it too.

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Other Information
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Running Time: 132 minutes
Classification: 18yrs

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  • euphie published 18/03/2017
    vh :o)
  • siberian-queen published 14/03/2017
    one worth a watch i think
  • eve6kicksass published 13/03/2017
    Nice review! :)
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