Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year?

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Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year?

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published 04/04/2017 | antonblack
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Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year?

Book early or wait for last minute deals: how will you arrange your summer holiday this year?

Allow me first to share some good reasons I cannot wait to get away. First of all, I haven’t been on a proper holiday for over two years. Yes, correct. It has been two years. Two years ago I had the brilliant idea to refurbish my functioning bathroom. What had to be an enjoyable redecorating activity, it turned into the longest and most stressful month of my entire life and a financial catastrophe.
Without going into many details, because of my strong beliefs that anyone deserves a second chance I trusted who didn’t deserve it. Let’s forget the unpleasant experience to flood into the downstairs flat twice. Superstitious people would say that there is no two without a three.  When the new sink, bath and toilet including the lovely vanity units, and shiny taps arrived, I was  working and I remember this awful headache and an uncomfortable weird feeling in my chest that I could not breath. Then my phone rang. I was never going to see what I had bought because it was gone. A total idiot would think that securing some expensive toilet ’bits’ should be the priority while he left everything outside unguarded and I quote “Surely It was upstairs no longer than 40 mins”. That day I learn to swear in five different languages in literally no time. That and other little issues along the way, I managed to finish it and spent three times what I had budgeted!
You are probably starting to understand why the holiday had to be postponed to the next life. However, when I had almost removed that word from my vocabulary, The offer to go to Rio de Janeiro to work during the Olympics changed everything. I was so happy that I managed to pack my bags including polishing my samba shoes in even less time that it took me to learn those bad words I mentioned earlier. Soon I was on that 15 hrs flight. We had such a good laugh on the flight. However, the smile on my face wasn’t there for long. Next thing I know my relationship was ending and me falling into pieces. Slowly, I picked myself back up.

This brings me to the holiday dilemma, here I try to bring arguments to my views: when planning holidays, will You save money by booking early or the bargains are only available at the last-minute?

My views have “matured” lately on this important matter. However, I will also share some what I learned during the years I worked in travel and hospitality, hoping you find it useful.  
As for most other things, a proper assessment of your personal situation must come first. Life, family and work commitments and responsibilities must be clear. If you have, for example, school-aged children, a job with a, almost mandatory or preferred, holiday periods or you have a precise idea of the type of holiday you prefer, no matter what anyone else says, your best bet is booking as early as possible.
Going in well in time means:
1 - you get the first choice from the different offers available for the holiday of your preference. I am sure many of you know that booking, before all the others is vital especially when going away during the crazy school holiday period.
However, if you’re more adventurous and don’t need to make kids or any senior family member needs work together with the holiday and want last minute deals to inspire,  you can end up with a bargain amazing holiday.

Another case, people overlook, requiring an early booking is if you have a pre-booked activity for a particular time. For instance, when you have tickets for a show at the theatre or a music event.  Also, if the accommodation booked has very strict check-in times conditions, that require you to travel at a particular time of the day, an early planning and booking equal having no to compromise with an earlier return or for whatever reason, a less comfortable and more expensive journey.
If you are so lucky and can be totally flexible with times, when and where to fly from, go ahead and play the ’holiday roulette’ because a part of being exciting it can pay off “real money”. But forget any bargain at all in peak holiday times, and should someone still come up with something to offer, I bet anything instead of a bargain you will be getting …. something else.  So be aware that in pick times choice will be limited. Last-minute prices will most certainly rise, not fall. It works the same if you looking for the ’package’ ’all inclusive’ holidays.

The other thing you should know is that any vacation package of the kind that involves scheduled or low-cost flight is unlikely ever to get cheaper when the beginning of the holiday gets closer. Reason being, that profits are maximised applying the basic Economics principle of supply and demand intersection point which defines price. In real terms, as the demand for holidays increases as the summer gets closer, the supply (in our case is the availability of places) will decrease making  Prices increase. I have attached the graph.
So, remember that price generally will go up, except on low season or for those holidays to a not so popular destination.

When you are a holiday provider ’property’ treated as any of their hotels or holisay resorts,  you get brain washed continuossly. They are so good at it you start to beleive you are not a ruthless sales person. If I still was one of the few ’gifted’ guys able to turn people wishes a reality, I’ll be convincing in saying that those who beleive only in last minute deals, could not be more wrong.  Luckily, I am now a free man who is starting to learn that things in life are not all white or black, but all things are completely different shades as different are those observing and what suits one person it can be so wrong for another.

Let’s think about a similar situation just from a different prospective.  

Thomson, Thomas Cook, Olympic Holidays, First Choice, Airtours, Jet2holidays, Virgin Holidays, etc.  will have their summer 2017 Top holiday destinations on sale now.
If you remember what we said earlier about these type of holiday packages, the closer gets to the actual holiday, the higher the price compared to now. If  you have not clicked away to get the bargain, most probably you had not clearly decided for this type of holiday.
But, if reading this peace was someone with a clear idea about  the holiday he wants and has already the money saved to purchase the holiday, for sure he went and got himself a bargain! Now, what would the outcome if an other individual, someone like me, who has also decided which holiday to go?
As I haven’t managed to save the money already, a credit card would be my only option.  
I know I don’t have any cards with free interest, what was clearly a bargain for the other guy who had the cash, for me it might not be. Why? For two reasons:
1 - I will be charged interests on my card and if I am not getting my maths wrong, I am alraedy loosing but should still be better off. But!
2 - Here it comes the second reason: I’ve been knowing myself for 34 years, and even if I am still trying to work myself out, there is one thing I’ve learned. Usually, whenever I had any similar idea, I ended up paying more on interest than what I  borrow on the card.

To conclude, I have always planned holidays, events and fun before anyone I knew. I managed to end up saving a lot because of it and I have been to great places. I remember running The Best almost free holidays competition with my mates at Uni. Then WHERE and WHEN were never a problem, however, WHO, would make or break an Holiday!!!

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