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Shouldn't Have Been Allowed Out in Public

17.01.2018 Review of Private - James Patterson

"James Patterson is the world’s best-selling author, having written more novels to top the New York Times bestsellers list than anyone else. He has held records for the highest earning author and most borrowed author from the UK’s libraries, as well as wo ..."

Read full review by Soho_Black

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Time's Running Out

16.01.2018 Review of Deadline - Mira Grant

"This was a four star book all the way up to the penultimate chapters. It takes a lot for me to change a solid four into a five, even if it only just scrapes it but Mira Grant manages it with style. I didn't see that coming could be said about a half dozen ..."

Read full review by Secre

Ciao members have rated this review on average: exceptional


15.01.2018 Review of The Devil in Me - Christopher Fowler

"...He called me a knob in my last review. (Disclaimer: the following is a collection of words to make up the 120 word limit. The, text, is, too, short, please, write, at, least, one, hundred, and, twenty, words, green, frog, French, baby, police, hair, pudd ..."

Read full review by GrannyRenthorpe

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Crying Wolf

15.01.2018 Review of Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel

"I’m hugely torn in rating this. On one hand I enjoyed the look at the times through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell. I thought the author managed many aspects very cleverly, including the fact that the audience knows who is divorced, beheaded or died before t ..."

Read full review by Secre

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