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... Books for children is one book club that I have used, my first requisition was a Lets Speak Spanish which included a sticker activity book, a sing-along CD, Spanish book, board game and model-making kit, I chose this as eventually we are hoping to move to Spain. I only had to pay for postage ... Read review

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Community Level 4nevaeh123xxx


Story Time!

AdvantagesOffers a wide range of books for each age group

DisadvantagesYou are tied to buying 6 further books after your initial purchase

"...girl, even reading extra special books like 101 Dalmations by Dodie Smith at least 5 times. My love for reading continued right up until I had my children, but my concentration span has lessened since then, the big tomb like books I used to read within a week, now collect dust for the rest of eternity. My two boys aged 16 and 9, love me to buy the books but I know for a fact half of them haven't been read, still, I keep trying and will continue ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Zoe2


Books For Children? Never again!!!

AdvantagesGood range of books - age appropriate

DisadvantagesVery bad customer service & delivery times

"The first time I joined Books For Children was when my daughter was 2. I joined after receiving a leaflet through the post. The special introductory offer was for 4 or 5 books at 50p each + children's surprise parcel of books and a child's rucksack. Excellent! I sent off for those items, received them within 2 weeks and had no problems whatsoever. I fulfilled my part of the bargain by buying 6 more books over the next 12 months and then decided to ..." Read review

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Community Level 4JADELOUISE...


Books For Children Book Club

Advantagesshop from home

Disadvantagesneed to buy lots of books

"...23 volumes) two A4 cardboard books (the ones they can’t rip up!) A “learn your alphabet” book with full alphabet frieze, a pack of crayons and the bill, all for £9.99 plus P&P which came to a total of just £14.94! You can buy a book from as little as £1.99 to around £35. I think that all of their books are good quality and value for money. You can pay your bill at the post office, via cheque, on line or on the phone. It can’t be much easier! ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mascarasnake


Books For Children is OK

AdvantagesSaves going into town on the expensive Bristol buses

DisadvantagesNot always cheapest and can make mistakes

"...2001, I received the Noddy books and the overcharge refund, and they cancelled my accounts only AFTER giving me anxiety attacks over an uncleared cheque that their overloaded system had not managed to record as received until weeks after I sent it. They would/could not close the account or stop sending their pesky magazines until the balance was zero. This last incompetency confirms the conclusion that I would not touch them with a bargepole. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 4averagepun...


This ain't worth the hassle anymore

AdvantagesSpecial Deals, Easy online ordering

DisadvantagesDon't always deliver what they promise

"...could choose up to six books for a discount price of 50p each. The only condition was that you bought another six books at full club price over the next 12 months. It seemed fairly reasonable so I signed up. A week or so later, three of my six books arrived. One of these was a book with electronic sound effects - half of which didn't work, but for 50p, I thought what the heck. I was advised that the other three books were on order. After another ..." Read review

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Type Book Club
Genre Children's
Title Books for Children


Listed on Ciao since 22/04/2001

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cheap books!
have to order from every magazine, and I'm not fond of the club editions (*)
Easy to use website
Hasn't got every book, surcharge for some areas (*)
Free books when you join
Quite expensive (*)
find out pros/cons of various speciality book clubs to "sign-up" for each from ONE website.
All the clubs are related to BCA (Book Clubs Associates) (*)
Good special offers
Postage and packing expensive on cheaper books (*)
New releases available in paperback befor the shops
Slow deliveries (*)
Great quality and range of children's books
Some books are a little on the expensive side (*)
Wide choice of books
Monthly editors choice (*)
It's free - or rather it's included in your Prime package
You can only use it if you have a Kindle (*)
Incentives to read, stickers, fun worksheets ...
none (*)
cheap books as a come on
It could be expensive (*)
Beautiful books, good service, super introductory offers.
Expensive books, smallish catalogue with too many books on empire. (*)
Lots of craft items to choose from
Can get expensive (*)
Cheap books initially
Not much choice (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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