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... I went through a phase of having it quite a lot (didn't know it was related to sex - more of which later) and what eventually sorted me out was not a miracle of modern medicine but a humble tub of small red capsules available over the counter from Boots. Now I for one have never found over-the-counter ... Read review

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Community Level 5ImogenW


Strictly for the girls

AdvantagesEffective and easy


"...stuck until I discovered that Boots sold cranberry supplements, with capsules that containted the equivalent of about half a pint of juice EACH. And boy do they do the business. Okay, so they're not cheap at about £5 for 30 or so - but that's a bargain compared to the juice and a lot less than in health food stores (the only other place I've found them). And you can take several at once and really blast the bugs, which is what I do. After a few days, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5NoLogoGirl


For a Cure that's really effective

AdvantagesRelatively inexpensive, tasteless

DisadvantagesThat I suffered with out knowing about them in the past!

"...the doctor. I knew boots carried the powder satchets that for the most part are cranberry powder, so I asked the chemist behind the counter about anything nicer tasting or easier to swallow. She told me about boots cranberry tablets and, I swear I will not go back to anything else, nor will I suffer from cystitis for more than a day with my new found miracle tablet. After taking three tablets, the symptoms had all cleared up. They are easy to swallow, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leeds_chick


My Saviour!!

AdvantagesWorks a treat, much easier than drinking loads of cranberry juice!

DisadvantagesRemembering to take them

"I have always had problems with cystitis and as a sufferer I can tell you there is nothing worse than getting that tell-tale tingle when you go for a pee! Cystitis, when really bad, can control your life because you always need a bottle of water or cranberry juice by your side and to be frank, you always need a toilet, no matter how little comes out! There are many different reasons why cystitis occurs, my reason, unfortunately was having sex. ..." Read review

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wonder berry?

Advantageskeeps away urinary infections, good for antioxidants

Disadvantagesnone I can think of

"...get the cranberry powders from boots which work very well. I then did a 30 day detox which included taking a cranberry supplement every day. After finishing the detox I continued to take the supplements as well as keeping up the healthy diet as much as possible. I have not suffered from cystitis since and I first did the detox about 2 years ago. Cranberry is also supposed to help with gum disease and stomach ulcers as it contains proanthocyanidins ..." Read review

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Long Name Cranbery Capsules
Type Feminine Creams & Treatments
Manufacturer Boots
Type for Subname Feminine Healthcare
Dosage Form Capsule


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