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published 13/03/2005 | susan1967
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"Spit Don't Swallow!"

Beccas blue tongue

Beccas blue tongue

Being a terrible, neglectful mother I assumed that my children (11 and 8) had been brushing their teeth correctly and didn’t need watched over constantly. I was wrong. A recent trip to our local dentist has resulting in my youngest having to have a filling and my eldest being told to take more care with her brushing routine.

I had wanted my children to progress through life without fillings as I had them as a child and hated having them put in. Our dentist told us that Robert (my eight year old) suffers from hypo calcification and would benefit from a more rigorous cleaning routine.

I had never heard of this term before so looked it up on my trusty internet to find out if it meant all his teeth would drop out by the age of 12. What it basically means is weak enamel are covering the teeth which if not cleaned correctly can cause the teeth to crumble and decay. Obviously one of the main causes is poor dental hygiene, but other factors include prolonged use of acidic fruit juices and it can be hereditary. Rob loves his fruit juices (especially cranberry) and I have always preferred him to drink them instead of fizzy pops. I took Robert to visit my Mams false teeth to shock him a bit and my Mam told me that I used to have the same condition when I was younger. As my teeth are fine now, hopefully his will improve, as he gets older.

The dentist had suggested using disclosing tablet to help show both children where they needed a bit more careful brushing, so off I popped to Boots where they were having a 3 for 2 on all dental products. A packet of 12 tablets costs about £1.60, so my children received a lovely pressie of 36 disclosing tablet for just over three quid. Bargain. I was pleased even if they weren’t!

I remember using these as a child and having a lurid pink mouth so I was surprised to find that the modern ones are blue. What they do is show up plaque deposits in the mouth so problem areas can be dealt with. It’s a fun way of showing your children where they haven’t brushed properly and encourage them to follow a good oral hygiene routine.

In order to use the disclosing tablets properly the teeth need to be brushed before use, then the tablets need to be chewed thoroughly to spread saliva over every tooth and gum surface. It’s advisable to spit out the residue from the tablet and not to swallow it. I did wonder if swallowing it would make your poos go blue but decided not to try it. After rinsing your child will be able to see any areas, which haven’t been cleaned properly, as they will be bright blue. Careful brushing afterwards will eliminate the blue stains.

My children were quite eager to try this, unfortunately the first time they used the disclosing tablets was a morning. I hadn’t read the leaflet provided with the box that explains it might be better to use the tablets before bedtime as some residual staining may occur. Both my kids had bright blue tongues for half a day and Becca nearly made herself sick by brushing it to get rid of the blueness. After using the tablets it took Robert 3 attempts of brushing his teeth to get rid of the blue. Luckily it wasn’t a school day! Using the tablets shocked them into realising how much more brushing is required to clean their gnashers properly. Robert reported the taste of the tablets as being blackcurranty and Becca described them as ‘yuck’.

Both children have now gotten into a much better brushing routine, although occasionally I lie in wait for them after they have brushed their teeth at bedtime and shove a disclosing tablet in their mouths to check they are brushing correctly. So far they are doing ok, even if they are a bit wary of me leaping out at them.

I would suggest careful supervision of anyone using these tablets as Robert dribbled bright blue saliva down his chin and when told to wash his face decided to just wipe it on a white towel. Luckily the blue stains came out of the towel. He also chased me to give me a big kiss so I ended up with blue patches on my face, which would have been very eye-catching at work if I hadn’t managed to scrub them away.

As the product contains Patent Blue V (E131), Boots advises anyone allergic to the ingredient not to use it. They also advise not to use after the ‘use by’ date, which when I checked was for September 2007, hopefully my children will have no need for them then.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone whose children (or partners) are a bit lacking in their dental care. Its cheap, its fun and it really helps establish a good brushing technique. The leaflet reccomends use over the age of 6 as I think it assumes parents will be totally supervising their childrens oral care until then.

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  • woodnymph published 25/02/2006
    Hey.. Great review and title!! I highly recomend these as a dental nurse, great for spot checks!! Niki. Xx
  • tekin21 published 07/05/2005
    Lol at the title and love the picture. I remember using pink ones of these in a biology lesson at school (wow - that was a few years ago!). Jane x
  • jonathanb published 15/04/2005
    Has to be an E for this one, for several reasons. First of all it was a good review. I've come to the conclusion that my children tend to show their teeth the toothbrush rather than put it to any more practical use, so I may have to get some of these. Secondly, the picture says a thousand words or more. Didn't she like it, then? Furthermore (and, what's more, hitherto), the title of the review may go some way to explain why Ciao have you down as a rather dodgy character. But finally, I have just about picked myself off the floor from reading that you took your children to see your Mam's teeth. Do they live with her or maintain separate accomodation? Is she in contact with them regularly? Does she have to send them flowers from time to time? All these rather bizarre questions and more popped into my head. I think I need help.
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