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Boots No.7 Amazing Eye Pencil - Black

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published 05/05/2012 | jimmychoogirl
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Pro works well with a smokey eye, relativley easy to blend, often on offer, intense colour
Cons doesn't look as good when applied alone, a little overpriced
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"Almost Amazing Eyes!"

I wear eyeliner on a daily basis and although it is normally just a thin stroke of liquid eyeliner along the lid of me eye, recently I have really been liking the smoky eye effect with a smudged eyeliner underneath the eye; therefore I decided to purchase this eyeliner from No 7 as I thought it may help me to achieve this look.

~~What is it?~~

The Amazing Eye Pencil is a dual ended eyeliner pencil from No 7. At one end there is the 'normal' pencil eyeliner end with a gold lid and at the other is a small, rounded sponge with a clear lid. Despite this item being a dual ended item, you still are able to get maximum use out of the eyeliner due to being able to sharpen the eyeliner right down to the sponge, rather than it being a 50/50 product.

~~Price and Availability~~

Due to it being a No 7 item, it is currently only being sold in Boots stores and at the Boots online store, despite saying this I have also seen them being sold on eBay, where they can be picked up for a pound or two cheaper.

They are currently being sold at £7.75, although there are often offers on No 7 items at Boots, such as the £5 off voucher, where this eyeliner would therefore cost just £2.75.


Although this particular review will be on the black eyeliner pencil, there are other variations in colour, some of which I own. Although online it is currently only showing 3 colour variations, I have seen 4 or 5 being sold in my local store.

Black is Black. It looks the normal, matte black colour that is normal to be expected from an eyeliner pencil. The colour looks to be very well pigmented and seems intense, compared to some grey/blacks or brown/blacks.
Blue Grey

I also own this colour. It is again a very matte colour, though it can sometimes appear ever so slightly metallic. I would say that is it mainly a grey shade and although there are some slight blue tones, it remains similar to almost any other 'grey' coloured eyeliner. I have found this one works particularly well with both a natural and smoky eye.

This is an emerald, matte green colour. Although describing it as an emerald green, it is also a very, dark green and I think you could work this eyeliner in both ways depending on how much you layer it up.

The Brown variation is much paler than other brown eyeliners I have used in the past and is much more neutral toned. I find this works well if you are wanting a nude look or a more natural eye as it is much less intense than the black eyeliner, yet is still highly pigmented.

~~The sponge 'smudge' end~~

The applicator at one end of the eyeliner is very much like a rounded piece of smudge, that comes out into a somewhat point at the end. Although is quite flexible, it also feels quite sturdy and also feels secure within the eyeliner. It is not particularly soft to the touch, yet neither is it harsh or rough. I really like this end on the eyeliner as it can achieve a lovely smoky / smudge look the eye, though I have found it can be difficult to use and that I have to use it in a certain way in order to achieve the results.

~~Applying the eyeliner~~

The eyeliner itself is a kohl eyeliner and should therefore be very soft to use, on the eyeliner itself it describes itself as being 'silky smooth'. Although I did find the eyeliner very smooth to apply, I would not describe it as being effortless. It was soft to apply and did feel very light on the skin, yet at some points I found that the eyeliner did not look to even on my eye and the intensity of the colour changed and in going back over the eyeliner, I did sometimes find that it dragged a little on my eye.

I did, however, find that the eyeliner did seem to be very well pigmented and although sometimes is could appear slightly uneven, the colour was very bold. This proved particularly true for my waterline, where I often have to go over my eyeliner a few times due to the water in my eye, yet with this I found that I could simply go over my waterline once in order for the colour to be bold and true.

I was really impressed with how soft and smooth it was to apply and the fact that on the majority of occasions it did not pull at my eye. Although it could have been softer, I think the intensity of colour and the pigmentation of the eyeliner made up for this part as it meant that I did not need to continually need to go over it.

~~Using the smudge end~~

Having applied the eyeliner, I then had a go at using the 'smudge' end on the eyeliner, in order to achieve the slightly smoky look. I must admit, I did find this stage a little difficult to being with as I found that the sponge end seemed to be removing the eyeliner, rather much like an eraser, rather than smudging and blending it out.

It did not feel harsh to use and I was pleased that it didn't pull on my eye and instead felt relatively soft. I found that the best way to use the smudge end, was to build up the eyeliner up slowly, as when I had applied the eyeliner too heavily this is when I found that it began to remove the eyeliner. I found that it was best to smudge the eyeliner out gently and when doing this the eyeliner began to blend out in a subtle way so that the colour did not look as harsh or intense as it had done previously.


I was really pleased with the results of using this eyeliner and it the smudged eyeliner worked really well with the smoky eye. I liked the fact that although the eyeliner gave the 'smudged' look, it did not look untidy and still fitted in with the overall look of a smoky eye. The black colour looked slightly more subtle once it had been blended out, yet due to the pigmentation of the eyeliner, the colour still remained intense. I was pleased to see that the colour did not feather in anyway and remained the same as which I had applied it.

I found that I preferred the look of this eyeliner with the smoky eye, as when worn alone, once it had been smudged out I did find that this did look a little untidy. This was mainly due to the fact that when I applied it to underneath my eye, it looked as it my eyeliner had become very worn throughout the day and looked as if it had began to fade, rather than actually been applied that way.

The eyeliner was able to define my eyes and the intense colour of the black really made my eyes stand out, as I think it would on anyone. I think that the eyeliner defined my eyes better when applied to my waterline, yet still added definition when smudged onto the underneath of my life.

I found that the eyeliner stayed in place all day, whether I had used the smudge end with it or not. I did find that sometimes the intensity of the colour did fade a little and did not look quite as pigmented as what it had done when I had applied it at the beginning of the day. Nonetheless, I was pleased with the staying power as it lasted eight or so hours before it was really noticeable that the colour had began to fade. I did find that if I applied the colour to my waterline it did begin to fade a little quicker and did sometimes fade a little too. When applied to my waterline it did need to be reapplied throughout the day, though this was only to keep the colour intense and had I not wanted the colour to be intense then I would have happily left the eyeliner as it was.


Overall, I was happy with my purchase, though do feel it was a little overpriced at just over £7 as I have had many similar types of eyeliner that achieve the same results for considerably cheaper. I liked the fact that it worked really well with a smoky eye to achieve that slightly edgier look, yet found when applied alone it did look a little messy and was not too keen on this. I like the fact that the eyeliner came with the sponge applicator as this allowed a new use for the eyeliner and I could therefore use the eyeliner to achieve multiple looks. I think had the colour of the eyeliner not faded throughout the day then I would have given this eyeliner 5 stars as it is very almost perfect, yet as it did begin to fade slightly I can only award this eyeliner 4 stars.

I would recommend it, although do think it is best to buy on offer.

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