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published 30/11/2002 | purebitch
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Pro Easy to use. Cheap. Effective. Re-useable.
Cons Leaves a white powder, but it can be rubbed off. Will tear, if excessive pressure is applied.
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Value for Money
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"The BEST Hair Removal Product I have Found"

We all hate shaving, don't we? It is one of those mundane tasks that we all have to do, but hate! If you have read any of my other shaving opinions, then you will know that I have not had much look in finding a product that I like.

I don't like razors, as I am a little too clumsy for my own good and always end up cutting myself. I don't like hair removal cream, as they all smell revolting! As for wax, well I have to be honest, the idea of appling hot wax, then a sticky strip and pulling, does not appeal to me. Call me a chicken if you will, but hey, I have found a product, at last, that is pain free, safe, easy to use, cheap and re useable! Yep, you did read that right.

What is it? I hear you all shout. Calm down, and I'll tell you!

********************PRODUCT DESCRIPTION***************

The name of this product is Alida SilkyMit.

On opening the packaging you will find three little mits. I would have to describe them to be about the same size as a wrist/sweat band. They are a dark grey in colour, and there is enough room for you to slip your four fingers through the middle of them, which is why they are called mits!

They look and feel like a fine quality sand paper. Not to rough but not too smooth. They are just a little grainy, which is what helps to remove the hairs.

They are designed to remove hair from the arms and the legs. I personally don't shave my arms, (only my armpits) so I can not tell you what the results will be like there, but I do use them on my legs. I wouldn't recommend that you try to do your bikini line with them. The thought did cross my mind, but it doesn't say that you can use them there, so I decided against it!


For all of you that have bought a CD that comes in a cardboard sleeve, then you will know what to look out for. This is what this product is packaged in. Inside this cardboard sleeve, there is a little plastic sleeve that holds the three mits.

The front of the sleeve has a picture of a woman, with her legs on show, and she is holding one of these mits against her leg. Above her are the words "Silkymit, for smooth hair free legs" in bold, black writing. Below this, in a circle there is the number 3. This is to inform you that there are three mits inside.

On the back of the sleeve, there are the directions of use, a 2D diagram of how to use and the manufacturers address.


I found this product purely by mistake. They caught my eye, whilst I was in town, looking for the eyebrow shapers that I buy. I bought mine from Superdrug, but they are also available from Boots.

The price is truely remarkable!


**********************HOW TO USE**********************

To use this product and to get the best results, you will need to have dry skin. Slip your hand into the mit and start anywhere on your leg/arm. Use the mit in a slow, gentle, circular motion. Without lifting the lit from your skin rotate it four times in a clockwise motion and then four times in an anti-clockwise motion. Do this all over the area that you want to de-hair, untill the hair has been removed.

You do need to apply a little bit of pressure, but you do not need to rub that hard. You will find the right pressure for yourself, when you start to use them.

********************HOW THEY WORK*********************

You will feel like you are sand papering yourself, and to be honest, you are! This is how this product works. The grains on the mit rub at your hairs and wear them down and then away. This is why you need to apply some pressure, so that the grains wear away your hairs.

You will be pleased to know that this product exfoliates your skin at the same time! This is also done by the grains that wear away your hairs. It is an ideal product, because it does two things at once for you. De-hairs and exfoliates.

Because this product exfoliates aswell, it helps to leave your skin soft and feel smooth. It will remove all the dead/dry skin that you have aswell as the hairs, meaning your legs are left looking and feeling better.

***********************MY OPINION*********************

This is the ideal product for me, and know that I have used it, I wont be going back to any other kind of hair removal treatments! I would rather spend a little extra time, using this product, than any other.

The amount of time that it takes for you to do your legs/arms depends on how often you do them and how long your hairs are. If you keep ontop of it, then you can been done relatively quickly. If you let your hairs grow, then it will take you longer. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but now that I have found this product I use it regularly and this means that the time it takes isn't long!

It is an easy product to use, which gives brilliant results. The fact that it exfoliates aswell, is ingenius. I am not one for regularly exfoliating, but know I do it without having to think about it.

Now if you remember rightly, I said at the beginning of this opinion that this product was reuseable. Well, it is. If you take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the mit down, you can re use it over and over. Obviously it wont last forever, especially if you are as heavy handed as I am, but you will easily get two maybe three uses out of each mit. Buying them in a three pack, means you will get about nine "shaves". This can't be bad, for 99p.

Have I noticed a change in the appearance of my legs?

YES, I have. They are definately smoother, for longer. They also look and feel better. This is due to the exfoliating. The dead skin is regularly removed, leaving them looking healthier.

Would I ever be without them?

NO, but I think you have worked that one out for yourself.

Are they easy to use?

YES, this has to be a yes. Just rub in circular motions applying a little pressure. Easy peasy.

Are they safe?

Again, YES. I have introduced the two teenagers in our house to these, as I feel they are better for them than razors! This is an excellent product for the young adult, to introduce them to removing hair, in a safe and clean manner.

Are they good value?

YES. I have never found anything so effect, so cheap before. They are excellent value for money.

**********************GOOD POINTS*********************

  • Clean
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for the young adult
  • Cheap
  • Effective
  • Re-useable
  • Exfoliate at the same time

**********************BAD POINTS**********************
  • Can tear, if you apply to much pressure
  • Leaves a white dust on the area you have used them

On the whole, well worth it's five stars. I can not rate this product enough!

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  • lovepiercing published 25/04/2006
  • uk_girl_nikki published 19/06/2003
    These sound very good. I will definately be keeping my eye out for them!
  • jeszikca published 22/05/2003
    These sound really odd - I'll stick to my razor for now! x
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