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Born This Way - Lady Gaga

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Review of "Born This Way - Lady Gaga"

published 06/06/2011 | SweetTooth93
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Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

[the title is a quote by my Autistic little brother, who tends to take everything literally]

I defy anybody to tell me they have not heard of Lady Gaga. It's quite strange really, how famous she has become. In 2007, she supported the Pussycat Dolls, and I remember thinking 'who the hell is this woman?'. Nobody was overly aware as to who she was and she was simply a back up act. I do remember her being sensational though. Fast forward 4 years, to 2011 and Lady Gaga is perhaps the biggest artist in the world at the moment. I've always adored Gaga, and all she stands for. Her wacky style is just awe inspiring and she always pulls something new out of the bag. I've loved her music, however they've never been my favourite songs. 2 weeks ago however, I fell in love with Gaga for real, when I purchased her new album 'Born This Way'.

I had eagerly been anticipating the release of the album as its been in the pipeline for a long time. So when, on the 23rd of May (2011) it was released, I was absolutely overjoyed. I preordered my album, so it arrived promptly at 8am on the much awaited Monday morning. The album cost me £8.99 which I thought was brilliant. 'Born This Way' can be found in literally every music store from the big retailers such as HMV to the tiny little CD stands in a local shopping centre. Prices for the album vary. HMV was selling it for the knock out price of £7.99 last week, however I think since then it has increased in price. Nowhere sells it for too much money though, I think the most expensive i've seen it going for is around £11. I would have paid £11 for the album though, as it's definitely worth the money.

From the moment I sent eyes on the album I loved it. The case was a sultry black colour, with a beautiful picture of gaga on the front. It looks very edge and rocky, but has a classy chic to it too. The front cover would definitely draw me in, even if I was unaware of who Gaga herself was. The front cover is actually part of a booklet which contains stunning pictures of Gaga herself, as well as the lyrics to all of the songs. I must say though, that the lyrics are typed in very small print so it's quite difficult to read.
Also inside the booklet are credits and Gaga's thankyous and acknowledgements. The back of the case, as with every other CD case, has a list of the songs on the album. Unlike the lyrics though, the song track titles are written in clear writing and are very easy to read.

'Marry The Night' is the first song on the album, and I think is a really good choice for a starter song. The song was written on the road and Gaga was inspired by the song 'Dance in the dark'. She wanted the song to be an amazing show opener and one that got everyone on their feet. On my first few listens to this album, I skipped this song because it didn't jump out me straight away, however now i've listened to it about a trillion times (funny thing is, that's only a slight exageration) it's one that I looked forward to listening to it. It's very Lady Gaga-esque and rather different from quite a few of the songs on the album. It has a lovely beat to it and some interesting lyrics. 'Marry the night' in my opinion is more poppy than rocky.

'Born This Way' is the title track of the album, and was initially released a single in February, going to #1 in all 23 countries it was released in. I am aware that this song had a mixed reception amongst hardcore Gaga fans, however I personally loved it. The song is a very inspiring song, and is very similar to Jessie J's 'Who You Are' in terms of lyrics and messages. Again, this song is very electropoppy however I (and I think i'm in a minority here) think there's definitely a rocky Gaga edge to it. The song is basically a message which tells people to be who they are, and not to try and change for anybody. On days when i'm feeling upset or unhappy with myself, this song really is a mood lifter. I think the end of this song really sounds like a Kylie Minogue song from her 'X' album. Definitely one of the highlights to the album, and an amazing title for the album as a whole.

'Government Hooker' is very different from the first two songs. This track is a very political track and may cause some upset if the lyrics are taken to seriously, however I think it's brilliant. It's much more grungy and rocky, than the previous two songs. It's not downbeat though, and has a lovely lift to it when it comes to the chorus. It's not one of my favourites on the album, however it's not one I skip either.

“Judas” was released as a single in April 2011, and just like 'Born This Way' had a varied response from fans. I personally, as with the previous single, absolutely adored it. I must admit though, it did take a couple of listens to however now I absolutely love it. There are lots of conflicting views on what the lyrics of Judas mean. I know, me and my friend have very mixed opinions. I personally feel she's talking about falling for a person who has a bad influence on her, and she is trying to move on, but can't. I interperet that she wants to surround herself with good people, and have positive influences however she can't because she's in love with the 'bad guy'. This song is wonderfully written and manages not to be offensive to anybody who is religious. Judas really reminds me of 'Bad Romance' in terms of the beat and the vibe it gives. There are wonderful electropop parts to the song but it's definitely got a rock vibe to it too.

It probably shouldn't, but this song reminds me SO much of Mambo Italiano, espescially the beginning. I don't think this is what Gaga was aiming for....however! This song begins very like a musical theatre song however then it enters straight into Gaga's typical pop rock genre. Again there are mixed opinions on what this song is about, however I get the impression it is about the disgust at Gay Rights and how unequal society is. It appears to be a fun song, however after a few listens it is clear that it is a rather meaningful song. Although the lyrics mean A LOT to me, the actual song itself doesn't do too much for me and its probably one of my least favourites on the album.

This is definitely in my list of top 3 songs on the album. I first heard it performed live at Radio 1's Big Weekend and completely fell in love with it. This song, just like Born This Way is very inspiring and again, Gaga is telling everyone to be true to themselves, do what they want to do, don't change for anybody and be yourself. It's amazing and so motivational. Gaga sings about how people tried to change her, and the effects it had on her. The lyrics suggest that your hair should be a metaphor of how you should live your life: free. I love this song, not only because of the lyrics but because you can really hear the saxaphone playing at one point, and I get this image in my head of a man going crazy on his saxaphone and really enjoying himself and feeling free in his music. The music is again quite poppy however there is a dark edge to it too.

This is definitely one of my least favourites on the album, and perhaps my least favourite all together. I'm just not very keen on the sound of it and I didn't fall in love with the beat or the melody. I really don't understand these lyrics at all. It's such a random song, and me and my friends have a good giggle at how weird and crazy they are. Some of the song is in German and that just confuses me even more, so I am a bit at odds with this song! It's usually one I skip, just because I can't get into it, and can't sing along without needing to whip out my dictionary.

I really didn't like this song for my first 5-10 listens however now it's definitely grown on me now. I find this song is one you can't really dance to, unlike all the others, and I kind of just find myself sitting awkwardly bobbing along to it. It is quite a dark and grungy song though and one that needs a few listens to in order for it to grow on you. I'm not gonna lie either, listening to this when you're home alone in the middle of the night is really scary!!!


This is definitely one I look forward to on the album. When it begins, I don't think it sounds like a typical lady Gaga song however as soon as the singing begins, it's typical Gaha. It begins really edgy and fast with an AMAZING beat to it. It's a song that REALLY draws you in and one you kind of dart around the room to in my case, in an embarassing manner. It quickly jumps out of this edge fast paced beat though and turns into a really upbeat, poppy tune. I translate the song as being very like Born This Way in that we're given that the message that we should embrace our flaws and quirks and appreciate who we are.
HIGHWAY UNICORN (road to love)

I absolutely love the way this song begins. It's really upbeat and poppy, but then immediately darts into a grungy rocky beat. This song changes all the time, one minute it's fast, the next it's slow, one minute it's edgy, one minute its more like an anthem(actually I don't think Anthem is the word i'm looking for..i'll get back to you on that one!) Definitely one of my favourites!

Again, bits of this song REALLY remind me songs off of Kylie's 'X' album. Bits of this song, I swear, are identical to parts of 'Speakerphone'. As a huge Kylie fan, therefore I adore this song. It's probably not one of my favourites, but I don't skip it. By this time i'm just getting excited because my two favourites are coming up. Some of the lyrics in this are extrmeley strange. Okay, true story for you here. So, you know when you get an annoying lyric stuck in your head. Well, let's just say my Grandmother was a little shocked when I piped up with “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blond south”. It took me literally a week to get that one line out of my head- most embarassing thing of my life.

I initially didn't like this song, but it has definitely grown on me. Listening to it now, i'm really unsure as to why I wasn't a fan before. It begins really rocky with an amazing electric gutiar and this is just a hint of what has to come. Definitely one that takes a few listens to.

This is definitely one of my favourite songs on the album. I first heard it performed live by Gaga and immediately fell in love. I must say though, Gaga singing this song live is 10x better on the album, although I do find that with most tracks. It begins rather slow and appears to be quite a slow, swaying song, however it soon picks up. The lyrics tell the story of how Gaga tries to get back with an ex as she believes they were good together. One of the things that initially drew me to this song is because Queen guitarist Brian May features and as he works closely with my favourite person in the world (except Jessie J) Kerry Ellis, I was really intriegued. This song is described as being rather 'rock n roll' and I have to agree. I would say its a slower paced version of a rock n roll song, however it's definitely very upbeat! Some parts of this song just show off her wonderful voice so much.

This is 100% my favourite song on the album. I'm really not sure why, but from the moment I heard it when it was released as a single in May 2011 I fell in love with it. It's such a beautiful song and one I can listen to 100 times over without getting bored. There is an absolutely amazing saxaphone solo in this which just melts my heart. Absolutely adore this song and it's definitely my favourite from the album. One thing that makes this song so stunning and emotional, is because it was inspired by the death of Gaga's grandfather. You can really tell this is a personal song. If you only listen to one song from this album, please make it this one! It won't disapoint.

This song is just Born This Way in a remix. I much prefer the original and find this is a bit annoying because I don't want all the random beats, I just want Gaga's beautiful voice singing to me!

Overall, I must say that this album is absolutely sensational. It's a massive step away from her other albums, and seems a lot more meaningful and personal. You can tell from this piece of art that Gaga is a very passionate and inspired person who believes that you should live how YOU want to and not how anybody else does. On a bad day, this album is a real pick me up, and definitely one I would recommend.
Gaga has an amazing voice, however I don't think it's really shown to its full potential in quite a few of these songs. We get to hear her from her grungy rock voice, her sensational pop voice, to her powerful ballad tones, and each one is absolutely wonderful. The album almost puts me into a coma, it's so beautiful and inspiring. There is no doubt about it, I would recommend the album.

I think quite a few people are put off listening to Lady Gaga because she's such a big band wagon and there's a lot of hype around her, but I truly think she is wonderful and worth a listen.

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