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Bosch ART 23 Easytrim

Ideal for trimming up to 500m of lawn. Cuts accurately and efficiently.

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published 28/01/2012 | jo-1976
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Pro Easy and comfortable to use, tackles grass well, reliable product
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"Keeping Trim the Easy Way!"

I'm not a keen gardener, by any stretch of the imagination, but do try to keep the sizable lawns at the rear of our house looking reasonably trim and tidy. The problem I have is that our back garden is split level, meaning there are effectively two separate lawns to tackle, with the top section being quite a long distance from the house. There is also wooden fencing around most of the garden, with some stonework around the sides at the bottom stretch of lawn. This layout means that our electric lawn mower can't mow particularly close to the edge of either stretch of lawn, which results in scruffy-looking long stretches of uncut grass all around the sides. Due to the split level and the distance from one end of the lawn to our kitchen, the only really safe and practical option to tackle these patches is to use a cordless trimmer - the Bosch ART 23 'Easytrim'- to avoid having a lengthy and potentially dangerous power cable trailing behind.

The Easytrim lives up to its name, being incredibly straightforward to set up, use safely and manoeuvre around the sides of the lawn without difficulty. This is quite a slim handheld tool, simply needing the handle to be slotted securely into position when first purchased. This is a once only operation, so can't be taken apart once it has been fitted, but the unit is slim enough to be stored easily between uses. I particular like how the handle is shaped, making it possible to hang this over a long nail in the side of the shed. This keeps the trimmer out of harm's way when not needed but it is always readily accessible.

The only disadvantage to this as a cordless model is that a certain amount of pre-planning is required to think ahead and charge up the battery before use. Given the size of our garden and the area which needs to be strimmed, we need to have the battery fully charged to provide enough power to finish the job in one. A full charge takes several hours, so this isn't a tool that can just be picked up and used on a whim whenever the sun shines. I tend to charge this up overnight, whenever I think the weather is going to be nice enough to get out and do the lawns the following day. This can be a bit hit and miss though and does mean that sometimes the battery ends up being left on charge for long periods and not actually used, which isn't ideal. The battery does hold a little bit of residual power between uses, however, and can manage around five minutes or so of cutting time without compromising its power, even if it hasn't been properly charged before use, but this isn't really sufficient for our needs. When fully charged, the trimmer offers up to an hour's worth of cutting time, at a rough estimate.

Charging the battery is pretty straightforward as the battery itself can be removed from the handle and comes supplied with its own charging unit that plugs into a mains socket. The charging unit has a green LED light which offers the reassurance of knowing that the battery is being charged correctly, although I do think it would be useful if the light changed colour to indicate when the battery was fully charged, or had some other way of indicating that it was ready for use. Once charged, the battery simply slots into position on the underside of the handle and is removed by squeezing the buttons on the side. There is only one way to insert the battery so there is no need to worry about whether it is in the correct place.

The trimming/cutting mechanism works using individual small plastic 'blades', rather than a spool of wire that some models use. I much prefer this system as there is no need to thread or feed any wire through either between or during uses. Here, the only assembly required is to attach the plastic blade which just sits in position on the underside of the trimmer. My husband tends to replace the blades before each use, as the plastic does wear away slightly due to the friction caused by cutting through grass and weeds. The replacement blades come in packs of 20 and are available from most DIY and garden centres for around £5 or £6 per pack. I personally don't bother replacing them when I use the trimmer, unless the plastic is actually broken, as I find that the trimmer performs well enough without needing to change them every time. The blades don't stand up very well to contact with harder surfaces such as the stonework around some of our lawn and can occasionally break during use. This isn't as annoying as it might sound, as the handle has a small 'notch' providing a convenient spot to store spare blades so they are always ready to hand. The old blade usually comes away by itself if it has broken and the new one just clips into position without any trouble.

The trimmer is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to hold during use, whilst managing to avoid being too flimsy feeling. The base of the trimmer is surrounded with a shaped hard plastic shield which I think is designed to stop any sharp objects being flirted up during cutting. The trimming motion is operated by a gentle squeeze of a single button which is logically and comfortably positioned. There is also another handle further down, which is handy if you need to lift the trimmer up to reach a particular area. Even after prolonged use the handle doesn't get uncomfortably hot and the whole unit is thick and sturdy enough to stop the potentially unpleasant sensation of any vibrations, even when the blade is cutting. I find this perfectly powerful enough to neatly cut through the edges of overgrown grass, leaving a short tidy surface behind, and I also use it to attack patches of large nettles that tend to grow around the back of my shed. I haven't used it for any thicker items and don't think that it would be strong enough to cut through branches, for example, but it does tackle greenery very well.

We've owned this particular model for a number of years now, without experiencing any difficulties or problems with mechanical or electrical failure. The battery itself is still functioning well, managing to retain its charge efficiently and shows no sign of needing replacing as yet, despite around four or five years of use.

Our cordless model was originally purchased from the now defunct Focus store but it is still available from garden centres and DIY stockists, although this should not be confused with a corded version which, rather confusingly, sports the same model number. The cordless version can currently be ordered online from Amazon for around the £40 mark (September 2011) which I think is a bargain for a good quality product that is still going strong after several years of regular use.

Summary: An excellent purchase for any gardener needing a cordless trimmer

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  • Stephiej published 29/01/2012
    Nicely reviewed, you've covered everything I could need to know. S x
  • doriee.jay published 29/01/2012
    good review
  • jo-1976 published 29/01/2012
    LOL. It crossed my mind but far too cold to go traipsing up to the shed with a camera here! ;)
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Product Information : Bosch ART 23 Easytrim

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Ideal for trimming up to 500m of lawn. Cuts accurately and efficiently.

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