Bosch PSR 7,2 LI - 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver

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Bosch PSR 7,2 LI - 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver

Electric/Power Screwdriver - Lithium-Ion Battery

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Review of "Bosch PSR 7,2 LI - 7.2V Cordless Screwdriver"

published 17/02/2013 | blissman70
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Thanks everyone for the R/R/Cs, still much appreciated....... Especially thanks for all the E's ... Looks like dooyoo has finally given up the ghost. Not even sending vouchers out now... shame
Pro easy to use, lightweight, enough power and a good quality brand
Cons none really, unless you're expecting a drill
Ease of use
User's Manual

"Bosch in the screws with little effort at all"

I have a thing for power tools. No, not that sort of thing? I’ve never thought about marriage or anything like that. What I mean is that I like to have the right power tool when it comes to getting the right job done, be it when I’m doing a large scale DIY job or just putting up a shelf in the hope.
So over my many years of DIY, with only a few minor injuries, I have amassed quite a few tools, with many of them already reviewed on here as a matter of fact.
One tool that I have, which is like several others that I own and have already written about, it a screw driver.
Before you start thinking that a screwdriver can’t be that exciting, but this is not a normal screwdriver, it is in fact a sonic screwdriver, one that I received as a gift from a rather dashing gentleman who wore a very long scarf….
Only kidding, it was more a bow tie…
Seriously though, it wasn’t a sonic screwdriver, as they don’t really exist do they? It was in fact a power driver, the sort that is used to drive screws into something then, with the flick of a switch, take out the same screw, or maybe other screws, the choice is yours.

This sonic screwdriver, I mean, power screwdriver I am talking about is in fact from a well known company that can be recognised by the dark green and black colouring, together with the name, Bosch, in big red letters, scratched on the unit.
The full name of this Bosch power driver is in fact the Bosch PSR 7.2Li screwdriver, which, from the ‘7.2’ mention in the name gives us a bit of a clue as to what sort of power this one offers

Yes, this is a 7.2 volt power driver, which may not sound to powerful but as it is only supposed to be used to drive screws into something or unscrew them out again then it’s not that bad at all really. I mean, I’ve used worse.

Firstly, let me give you a brief description of this driver…

It looks like a small drill really, I a gun shaped fashion, like all good ‘man tools’ should be so that us men can pretend we’re gun slingers when we’re using these sort of tools in and around the house. Being about 290mm long by 255mm wide and 100mm at its thickest part, weighing in at about 1.5kg, including the battery.
As for this ones looks, well, let’s start at the front where there is the chuck, where the driver bits slot into. This is housed inside a plastic casing which is actually the torque selector ring. Then, as we take a look along the top, working from the chuck area to the back, we are presented with a rather handy pair of directional indicators, forward and backward, represented by a couple of chunky arrows to show which direction the driver is set to go in.
These arrows are on either side of the power indicator which show you roughly how much power is left in the battery.
So that’s the top, with the indicator lights so that you know what and how this driver is doing.
Now we move downwards, along the handle which is vertical to the top, making the driver look like the gun shape that all men want to see when it comes to power tools of this kind, (You know I’m right lads don’t you? Don’t try and deny it).
On the front of the handle there is the trigger, with the directional slider being situated right above this trigger. Below the trigger, in fact, below the black handle grip, there is a little light which illuminates the area that the driver bits are pointing at, showing up the work that you’re screwing into or taking something out of.
The entire driver weighs a little less than 500 grams so that there’s no real trouble in using this for a while and feeling like you have to put it down every so often in order to rest you muscles.

So that’s the driver itself. But wait, there’s more. There’s the charging system which isn’t just a piece of wire with a plug slapped on one end, it is in fact more a cradle as the driver actually sits inside the charging unit in an upright position, connecting both together using the slot on the bottom of the drivers handle with the connector inside the cradle.

What about the power…

This has a rechargeable lithium battery with something called ECP technology, or Electronic Cell Protection, which is designed to help the life of the battery last a lot longer than a standard rechargeable battery. However, this is yet to be proven on my part.
It also has the good old fashion ‘no self discharge’ which means that it keeps the charge inside the battery no matter how long you go between uses.
So the battery should last a good while without having to be replaced after a few months.
Plus, to let you keep and eye on the power left inside the battery, there’s a lovely set of lights that illuminate to show you the power remaining.
As for the actual charging time. To get a fully charged battery takes about 3 hours, but on a full charge you can get a good 2 hours of constant ’normal’ work time.

Is there anything else to mention..?

Let’s see. It has a un-loaded speed of up to 240rpm, which means that it spins at 240 revolutions per minute when it’s not driving a screw into anything. But once you start driving these rpms drop depending on how tough the job in hand is.
It can take all ‘hex end’ type bits up to 6mm in diameter.

This one has something that some of my other power drivers don’t have. This one has what is called torque settings, which means that the pressure of the driver can be ’softened’ or ’hardened’ so that you don’t drive the screw into the work too far or too hard, damaging the delicate work that you’ve spent months carving out with that butter knife as it was the only knife you are allowed to use.

Do you get anything extra..?

Yes you do.
Apart from the driver you also get a few other things, such as 10 screwdriver bits and a rather fetching black blow moulded carrying case.

My opinion…

This is one of my favourite power drivers, mainly due to the fact that is has the power to do the job and manages to do it for quite some time.
It has everything that a good driver of its type should have, without having anything that isn’t really necessary.
The 10 pre set torque settings do come in handy when it comes to driving a screw into something without the fear of smashing through the other side of it. They are so easily set too with a simple turn of the black plastic section at the front of the driver, the section that is behind the bit holder. Just turn this section and it clicks as it rotates, making the torque ’soften’ or ’harden’ until you get the desired pressure.
Then there’s the reverse/forwards action so that if you get a screw stuck you just press the switch and driver out the screw, so to speak. And to help you know what direction it is set in there is a rather useful light setting to let you know, which saves you accidentally over tightening anything if you have if set in the wrong direction.
The spindle locks in position, which comes in handy if you lose power and only have a few turns left on the screw to finish the job off. In other words you can use this as you would a normal screwdriver, driving the screw in by hand.

As for actually using it. Well, it’s quite nice really, offering both strength and precision without any hassles at all.
The handle is very comfortable, having what Bosch call, an insulated grip, which really means that it has a rubbery texture to it so that it feels nice and soft like when you have tight hold of it.
There’s the fact that the bit holder is magnetised so that the bits that slot into it don’t fall out onto the floor, or behind something in your house that can’t be moved, thus losing not only the driver bit but also losing you rag as you get so annoyed with losing a bit every time you blink.
Plus, there’s a lovely light which aims towards the front which is activated by the press of the trigger. This light is bright enough to illuminate the area that you are working at, such as those darkened cupboards or under the stairs.

The state of the battery power is simple to understand using a three green light system. Basically, when you press the trigger a little bit the battery strength lights show up, one light meaning low power up, maybe think about charging the battery up for a while, to three lights meaning fully charged.
Simple to understand really, which makes life a little easier.

What more can I say about this driver..?

It is small one handed tool yet it is very capable of handling a wide range of small DIY jobs. It isn’t a drill so don’t expect it to bore holes through a piece of wood, but it will put a screw through the wood with no really trouble at all.

So how much does this Bosch driver cost then..?

This driver sells on the open market for about £50.00, which sounds a lot for what is technically a screw driver with a small engine, but as it is good at what it is supposed to do and it makes doing DIY a lot easier it is money well spent at the end of the day

Is it worth the money..?

Yes, I think it is really, considering what you get and the fact that, as it’s from Bosch, you can be assured that it should last more than a few months.
There are cheaper ones on the market, some a lot cheaper, but those ones have either less power or they are designed to fail you when you need them the most, leaving you with more screws hanging out than those you managed to get into the softest piece of wood the world has ever seen.

© Blissman70 2013

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  • mattydalton published 28/02/2013
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    Superb review x
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    Perfect info here for any budding DIY-er!
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