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published 29/10/2010 | sarahbarrow
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Well that was the longest couple of weeks break I've ever had! xx
Pro Quick boil, flitered water, coffee like the ones from the coffee shops!
Cons The T-discs can be quite expensive
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"Tassimo, my new kettle!"

After having my wisdom teeth removed a while back and suffering with it (though I am female so of course I didn’t moan…..much!), my darling husband decided to get me a treat, and buy me something I have been after for a long time…..a coffee machine, the ultimate luxury in my eye’s, there is nothing more lazy than not even being arsed to put the kettle on!

The unit in question is -“Bosch Tassimo - silver”

At the time of purchase this was one of the better models available, though of course it probably isn’t now!

With the unit you get the main machine, a 2l water tank complete with a Brita filter for extra water quality, a drip tray and stand and finally a “T-disc” for the cleaning.

With my set you also received a registration card, that once activated, entitled you to a free pack of “T-disc” drinks (I will explain the discs later).

The set up and initial clean was incredibly easy.

You rinse all the tanks and removable parts, place the filter within the tank. To start with a filled the tank, let it filter through then threw the first lot of water away, I remember having to that with my water filter tank, so though that would be the best thing to do.

Before placing on the back of the machine, which again is easy to do, simply sliding the tank down the two ridges and lining up water inlet hole, before this you will find the cleaning t-disc slotted into the back of the unit, a fantastic idea in my mind, I am terrible for losing things so this way I will have the disc close to hand at all times!

To clean the disc goes on the spring loaded tray, with the little lip part slotting into the small cut out on said tray, this means you will never be able to put a disc in wrong! You then gently lower the lid and click into place and press start.
The water heats up incredibly fast and from start to finish the clean will only take about a minute, if that.

There is a digital display on the front of the machine and also on the water tank lid itself, the one on the tank shows how many uses you have left of the filter, though be warned this will go down with time rather than actual usage!

The display on the machine shows a few different things, the first being standby, with the word being shown and also a red backlight to further illustrate, this will automatically kick in if the unit is left unused for more than a few minutes, this will also reduce the electric used.

When in use it gives you the simple instructions needed to make a drink, ie insert t-disc and press start, that kind of thing! When the unit is on the backlight is green.

The first thing that I really liked about this machine is the cup tray. Many moons ago I bought my mum a coffee machine and she had to buy small cups to use under the unit, not only this but when making the drink you seemed to get the amount that the manufacturer assumed you should have, not necessarily what you would like, which in my case is a good mug full, due to the cost of the t-discs I do like to get my money’s worth!

With this unit you can fit a good sized mug under the nozzle, not only this but after pressing start and seeing the progress of the cuppa you are making, (this done in picture form of a cup and a white line travelling up the cup to show how full and far through the procedure the machine is), if your cup is not full enough when the machine is finished, you can press the start button and keep it depressed until there is the amount you require in your cup.

The next thing I like is of course the ease of use, aside from the adding of sugar and milk (if required), this machine takes half the time it would take to make a coffee from the kettle, not only this but unlike other machines I have had drinks from, the drink is piping hot and not lukewarm.

The downside, unfortunately is the price and at times availability of the t-discs. The discs are simply plastic bowls with a thin foil lid, that once place upside down onto the machine and the lid closed, has a spike punched into one side of the foil, this then has boiling water pushed through it with a second hole made having the coffee or whatever beverage you have pushed through into your cup.

Within a pack of these discs there are usually around 8 drinks, with a pack starting from £1.50 onwards, depending on what you want (tea is usually cheaper) and what type of coffee you have (cappuccino holds only 5 drinks, due to there being a coffee and a corresponding milk pouch).

There are around 15 different types of tea, coffee and even Suchard’s hot chocolate, though of all the different supermarkets I have been to, there are only half this amount available for purchase, with the rest being available for a bit more expense from the website!

Another thing that potential buyers should look out for is determining which discs can be purchased for which machine.

When I got this machine I didn’t realise that the next model down didn’t take the discs that make a crème coffee or the cappuccino’s, this due to the fact that the milk creamer disc were too deep for the unit, this would have been very annoying and also disappointing to me, as these sorts of coffee’s are the main reason I wanted a machine, to make proper frothy coffee’s.

There are warning stickers to this end on the coffee packs, but no definite model that they are not suitable for.

Price wise these are available for around the £88.00 mark from, though is considerably cheaper than what my hubby paid (or at least that’s what he keeps telling me…..over and over again!).

These machines are a lovely addition to the kitchen, and makes the nicest coffee’s I have had (aside from Starbucks of course!), though do try and shop around for the t-discs!

Thanks for reading x

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  • frankiecesca published 17/11/2010
    Is it noisy as I would love one in my office room so I could make a drink without having to log off my work phone - if not too noisy then I could justify having one in the same room as I work from! x
  • Jake_Speed published 14/11/2010
    Very detailed review.
  • Gooseydyoo published 02/11/2010
    Back with the E
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