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published 18/09/2001 | BJEEE
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"Ok, I Am Mad, But I Must Have Been Craaaazy"

Sorry folkie dolkies, back from France and ready to bore.

The seat box is an unusual thing designed by an iguana called Perry. Well, he might have been called Jim or Ralph and he may even have been human, but what he/she/iguana came up with was a useful piece of kit which combines itself as both something to sit your flabby bum on, as well as somewhere to store your bits’n’bobs (eye of newt, tongue of donkey etc – maybe even some fishing tackle?!).

The oldies out there will most commonly remember these as a simple wicker basket. For many years they did the job in a splendidly way. Over the past 15 years or so though (being a relative youngen I’m just guessing), seat boxes first went plastic (which a lot of cheaper ones still are today) and then they went glass fibre, wood and metal (aluminium mostly).

The BOSS box, since the humble company beginnings around 10 years (ish) ago, hasn’t actually changed much. The boxes basically look the same, are made to the same exceptionally high standards, and prices haven’t really changed *that* much.

Every angler has different needs (Yep, it true!! We don’t all just sit there doing exactly the same thing). Companies like BOSS obviously understand this and their range of products is set out to give the anglers what they need. For example, my box has: (I’ll explain all of this in a bit more detail in a minute).

• A pole seat
• Winder Tray
• 6 Drawers – 4 shallow (25 mm deep), 2 deep (50 mm deep)
• 2 intermediate trays (approx. 60 mm each)
• A shallow fibreglass base (90 mm)
• Aluminium footplate
• 6 Mudfeet (inc. 2 for the footplate)

Colour: Burgundy cushion and base. Drawer part is black with a classy gold band. All hinges are lift-off (explained later) and a goldy colour.

R.R.P: Approx. £400 (For around£300 you get the standard 6 drawer box (inc. pole seat and shallow base)).

I bought all of this for a very reasonable £200 second-hand. All new the whole lot would set you back about £400. It was all in excellent condition because BOSS boxes age so well and are very durable. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and its basically looking just as good as it was then. The only slight blemishes come where there is a little rust on the hinges and the company stickers are starting to turn a funny colour as they fade. Perfect otherwise though.

Starting at the top, the pole cushion (so called because it has a large groove running down the centre to accommodate a pole or rod butt so that you can sit on it to give your arms a rest or time to feed): With just the right amount of padding its ultra comfy!! There are 2 lift-off hinges at the back.


“And welcome to the skiv o’clock news with Benjamin Bogbrains.

Police today in Cornwall found themselves confronted with a band of crazy lift-off hinges as they left a petshop in the early hours of the morning. They all managed to escape on shinny brass screws but it is thought that the identities of the rabid hinges are already known to the local constabulary.”

P.C. Plod: “Yes, very dangerous little hinges these!! They’re such a brilliant idea and they work so well that there was no point in us trying to catch them at the scene of the make-believe crime!!

They are all members of the BOSS family, although look-a-likes can now be seen on most decent boxes. Inserted between each section of the boxes (i.e. under the cushion/lid and under the drawer compartment), they make it possible for the order to be switched around. For example: if for some reason the angler didn't want to take the drawer section of the box, cutting down on weight, then the cushion could be removed and fitted straight back on again above the base. Also, it means that ANY BOSS accessory can fit on ANY BOSS box. They’re all made to the same size specifications so with these hinges, and combination of drawers/base/cushions etc. can be made. Which goes with what the author was saying earlier about BOSS suiting every anglers needs. You see?? They’re just brilliant!!

The area where we’re planning on catching them out (don’t tell ‘em though) is between the base and the leg system. With all BOSS boxes incorporating 4 square, aluminium, adjustable legs built on to a frame, I believe that their weakness lies in the way that there is no way to separate the base from the legs. If this was possible then Ben’s favourite seat design would be available to him. The base is not always necessary for some people. It is deep enough to carry things like reels, rod-rests and catapults etc, but if you have a carryall in which to store such pieces then the base becomes almost obsolete. Fixing the drawers to the frame would provide a lightweight, compact and perfectly brilliant platform from which to catch lots of fishies!!”


Under the cushion is a winder tray. For those of you who don’t know what that’s there for, then I think it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be needing to buy from BOSS. Not done in the usual built-in way, BOSS boxes have an area built UP in to the cushion. Then, on top of the drawer system, self-adhesive plastic strips are placed to hold your pole winders in place. They work very well and I’ve never had any problems with any floats getting crushed.

Underneath that are the six drawers. The fronts are covered in a nice dark varnish which seems very scratchproof and looks lovely. And with a funny little knob on each, pulling them out is easy and smooth.

All built in to 1 compartment with a separation down the middle and simple rests that hold the drawers in place, all 6 slide well and give you just the right amount of storage space. Although the insides aren’t varnished (which looks better), I’ve never had any problems with any mouldy damp stuff ruining them. With 4 shallow drawers above the 2 deeper ones, access is easy through the front. People always have their views on whether its better to have drawers coming from the sides or the front, but at least this way you never have to shift any bait tubs or groundbait bowls around to get at your tackle.

The outside of this part is painted in a very resilient black paint which has definitely passed the test of time. Not a scratch to be seen.

More lift-off hinges lead to the 90 mm deep, burgundy, fibreglass base. Again, very scratchproof, it stores all of the bigger pieces of tackle you’d be needing. I wouldn’t recommend this one for large reels, or any more than about 3 smaller ones though.

The bottom is the permanently fixed leg system which is there on all but the cheapest of boxes. The square legs make use with systems like ‘Octoplus’ difficult, but adaptions are available so you can still use them. All aluminium, as is the footplate (which is available as an extra but was included in my purchase), lightweight was their major design requirement, as well as being rustproof. The screw fittings which make the leg length adjustable, are just the right size and easy to grip, even in the cold.

The footplate is one thing that I don’t get to use all that often, although I would like to. Having fairly long legs, I find that with the footplate fitted, it’s like sitting on a really low chair. With a deeper base the problem would be solved, but as the plate is fitted directly to the frame at the bottom of my base, you get no chance to move it up or down, adjusting to your height. If it were fitted to the legs instead (although that would spoil the appearance and make it more difficult to use) – no more probs!!

That’s about it really (phew)!! To round it up with a little conclusion. If it wasn’t for the £300+ price tags, I’d give a full on 5 stars. Only the price lets the BOSS box down, although if you want something this good then you do have to pay for it (so maybe it does deserve 5 stars!!). They’re brilliantly made, very comfortable and very practical.

Bye bye M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M

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  • marsden published 23/09/2001
    I can't believe I've just read an op on fishing tackle!! You even managed to make it sounds interesting! HHEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!
  • Rincon published 23/09/2001
    An interesting read.. Cheers
  • tange published 22/09/2001
    Thanks for cheering my day with an enjoyable read!
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