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published 21/01/2011 | MackotheBacko
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"Let's Metalise-2"

Boss Metal Zone MT-2

Boss Metal Zone MT-2

The Boss Mt-2 pedal. Now where shall i start? Ah yes. The rigerous Boss Mt-2 pedal is somewhat of a mystery. It comes in the standard box and a 9v non-working battery (Makes great use if your trying to corrode someones body part with acid).

The box comes with:
  • The pedal
  • The instruction manual
  • The dead battery

Which is all well and dandy and whatnot, but the fact is... £82?!! i mean yeah its like made some sort of black brick and has so many knobs to turn and make loud distorted noises with; but i can do the same thing slamming a door into each of my family's faces. It is a completely useless price to give such a great overall pedal.

Now to the...


The pedal is such lightyears away from the other, similar distortion pedals on the market. It's brother the ML-2 is rather similar in... well... everything. Goes to show how the fantastic minds of the BOSS corperation cannot come up with something even remotely unique to something else. The metal zone by far outstands the Metal core. It's one of those pedals where you can make it sound like everything else. But you can't make them sound like the metal-zone. It comes with so many features as well!

The "tone" is fantastic, you can change from being in a pop punk band allt he way up to being in a death metal band with just one flick of a switch! Handy feature.


The EQ sections can be banded into two main sectors.
  • The Low and mid
  • The Highs (with High-mid)

These EQ (Equaliser) sections are fantastic to play with. Exceptional in the sense that it just boosts each one.

But im not really getting the feel of the Bass frequencies. They're there, but not punchy enough. Its about as punchy as a pacifist homosexual. So not punchy then. The Treble however works incredibly well and gives the sharp edge all the other distortion pedals i've tried needs,

"'Ease of Use"'
..In a nutshell..

Is so simple to use as well! Tap on...tap off. Goes into a lovely, clear, clean section. Then when the battery runs out, unscrew the pedal with the black screw, flip it open, change the battery and start all over again!


_"'Ah the bad stuff, this is easiest. Because i like being critical.'"_

There are more bad sides than good sides im afraid.

Wheres the charger gone? Oh right it didn't come with one. So now you have shed your bank out to pay for 10 9V batteries which eat away at the energy like a fat man eats away on cake. The battery will run out within an hour. I had to resort to using my amp's Roland Power supply and buy a new power supply for my amp, just to play it without screaming or throwing something at someone somewhere. And then the noise I mean it is just the most irritable thing i have ever heard. You switch it on and it sounds like a battalion of wasps are flying around the room. You can't even hear the guitar. Then when you try and twist all the knobs to fix it, you end up with something sounding as bland as David Attenborough on describing how a plant does its "Business". Then when you try and turn up the distortion, all that does is increase the Treble. Which you have up anyway. Your ears will be ringing for days!

The price is just un acceptable. For a piece of derelict scrap shoved into a wired system that sheds out noise. This is the most expensive thing i have ever had to over-pay. It's not even worth a quarter of it.

You know i'd love to say this was a good pedal. I really would. But If i could say one thing about it and one thing alone. It would be to go spend your money on a screaming orangutang. What a miserable piece of guitar kit.


Jackson Reynolds,

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