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Publisher HarperCollins
ISBN 0061374784
Author John Riordan
Genre Architecture
Title Boutique Restaurants
Type Non-Fiction
EAN 9780061374784


Listed on Ciao since 15/12/2010

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Imaginative, wonderfully delivered, great story, great artwork
Too dark for many, deliberately difficult at times (*)
Strong views, makes you think.
None (*)
Stunning contempory photos and artwork, good quality, beautifully presented pages and cover
None (*)
attractive, easy to follow, practical, price, fun
not for beginners (*)
Objective, well-researched, sometimes poignant biography of the classic band
Apart from the lack of an index, none (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (B)
Great insight to the album
Some writers go a bit too deep (*)
Thoroughly researched, painstaking, very readable account of the 1967 case and after
None (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (R)
Good funny book
Not a biography (*)
well written, plebty of illustrations, very engaging
skims some subjects a little (*)
Thorough, passionate look at the 80s British music scene
A little over-opinionated; omits some key figures (*)
some brief, really small parts are okay...
... but most is mind-numbingly boring (*)
Tells the story well with help from surviving band members
Uneven chapter lengths; needs updating (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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