Braun IRT4520 ThermoScan Infrared Thermometer

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Braun IRT4520 ThermoScan Infrared Thermometer

Ideal for the whole family. ThermoScan ear thermometer. Measures temperature within seconds from the ear. The ear is an accurate site to measure tempe...

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published 31/03/2012 | nicolaxx74
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Pro Easy to use
Cons A new lens filter should be used each time you take a temperature.
very helpful
Value for Money

"Too hot or not, only thermoscan has the answer!"

Thermoscan digistal thermometer is a handy bit of equipment to have in order to determine your temperature quickly and easily. I have two childen and have has this since before the ledest was born - he is 5. I wuld say a thermometer of this type, one where the temperature is taken in teh ear, is a must when you have children. Other methods of taking a temperature are fiddly and take a loner time to achieve teh desired result - knowing what the temperature is, this method and particualrly with the braun thermoscan, the outcome is easily achieved.

Ideally each time a temperature is taken a new lens filter should be used. These are like little plastic caps that fit over teh bit of teh thermometer that goes into teh ear. they clip on easily and are also easily removed. I honestly don'y chnage them every time, I'm not sure how much difference it would make if I did. I know the doctor at my local surgery has one of these thermometers and he of course for health and safety reasons and possibly for accuracy to, does change the lens filter after each patient. All I can say is that this is what it says you should do in the instruction booklet.

How to use

There are two buttons on the thermometer. The one on the underside of the thermometer near to the LCD display is the on button. Press this and wait for the ready signal beep and also the display will appear with three lines. Once ready as described place into the ear canal and push the start button, this button is clearly visible when the theremometer is in the ear. Leave the theremometer in place until it beeps again and the green light flashes to say that a temperature recording is being taken and it is placed accurately in the ear. The temperature reading will be shown on the display screen. If the probe isn't placed correctly for long enough for the temperature to be taken the theremometer will give some short beeps and an error mesage will appear on the screen. The error message will read POS and means that the position of the thermometer is not correct. Once an accurate reading is taken the display can be cleared by pressing the on/off button on the underside of the handheld theremometer.

A used lens filter can be removed by pushing a button on the underside of the thermometer, it is then ready to use on someone else or to take another temperature reading. If no lens filter is in place teh thrmometer will not work. The display flashes a picture of teh lens filter to let you know what the erroir is and why it isn't working.

The thermometer stores the last 8 temperature readings. When it is first turned on the last temperature reeading will be displayed. In order to view the other temperature readings the thermometer should be turned on and then the on/off switch should be pressed again for a short time. Each time it is pressed another temperature reading will be displayed, counting backwards through the last 8 temperature readings taken. On teh screen it displays MEM1 through to MEM 8, this indicates that the readings are from the memory, with number 1 being the most recent and number 8 being the oldest reading taken..

Battery life

The thermometr turns itself off after 60 seconds of not being used. It takes two AA batteries and for me they last a long time, I have proabbaly only changed them twice at the most over teh course of the last 5-6 years. The display shows the battery if it is getting low and if it flashes it means that the battery is too low to take an accurate temperature.


The storgae for this thermometer isn't great. It sits in an open casing and can easily be knocked and easily fall out of it. Though it must be quite durable as this has happened to mine a number of times and it still works. The casing does however contain space to keep extra lens filter caps.


I find using this thermometer gives great peace of mind. My children are happy for it to be used on them and as it is so easy and quick to use it causes no distress. They actually think it is quite fun! I wouldn't be without it! It is currently £25.80 on Amazon, I have no idea what I paid for this as it was so long ago, but think that this price is pretty reasonable seeing as I have had it for such a long time and have no plans for replacing it in the near future.

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Product Information : Braun IRT4520 ThermoScan Infrared Thermometer

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Ideal for the whole family. ThermoScan ear thermometer. Measures temperature within seconds from the ear. The ear is an accurate site to measure temperature because the eardrum shares blood supply with the temperature control centre of the brain. 21 dispoable lens filters included. Memory function stores upto 8 temperature readings. A new. clean lens filter helps ensure hygiene and accurate readings. 2x AA LR6 batteries installed for immediate use.

Product Details

MPN: IRT4520, 4210200000000

Manufacturer: Braun

EAN: 0755805020653

Power Source: Battery & Mains Operated

Type: Health Monitor

Feature text: Thermometer

Monitor Type: Thermometers


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