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published 18/08/2007 | smudgeybabes
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"A Bridgestone too far? . ."

. .
These are the tyres that are used by the legendary Vauxhall VX220, they had to be designed especially for this vehicle. They are marketed as sports high performance tyres, and are approved for use on many cars including Maserati, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes A class.

These particular tyres have a high grip tread compound moulded into an asymmetric tread design.The compound used means that they will not last as long as a harder rubber, but then they will grip a lot better. As for the tread pattern, they are designed to shift water, as well as grip in dry conditions. As with the compound, you have to settle for the best of both worlds, and compromise a bit. If you were using these on the track, you would have the option of changing tyres with the weather, but not on the road.
The outside part of the tread has solid shoulder blocks, and inside this is a continuous band of rubber to reduce noise. I am not convinced this works but I am well happy with them.

Personally speaking, I think that tyres are more important than both steering and brakes.

The tyres themselves are made by the famous Bridgestone Corporation, who are very experienced indeed. Bridgestone make the tyres in Leamington Spa. They are the worlds oldest tyre manufacturer, having made them since 1930.

These were fitted onto my alloy rims, with the balancing weights fitted on the inside, totally out of sight, why is it that most fitters continue to fit them on the outside?

I had been shopping around in my local tyre fitters as well as on the internet, and yes I do realise there are places selling them for a lot less, but after you have paid for delivery, and then fitting, I had decided that the saving was just not worth the effort.

A decent tyre fitter is worth his weight in gold, and my own fitter always runs this hand over the tread before doing anything else. Immediately, he then knows if the steering geometry has been knocked out, in some cases this can save me a fortune. I have had warning that my tracking was outa few times, and more recently I was informed that my camber angle was wrong, this saved me a pair of tyres for sure.

All new tyres should be run in, and then checked as son as you can, both for correct pressure as well as wear. The current practice is not to rotate the tyres onto different axles, although this does tend to even out the wear and make them last longer. Unfortunately the disadvantage of this is that all of your tyres will wear out at the same time, and most people (myself included) prefer to change two at a time.

These tyres seem to be as good if not better than Goodyear, Pirelli, or Dunlop, although this is of course my own opinion. They do seem to grip better in the wet than quite a few of the others, and in my opinion this is one ofthe times when you really need the maximum grip.

I know very little about "designer tread patterns" that a lot of tyres tend to have, but these look sort of old fashioned solid chunky tyres, not only when they are brand new, but after a lot of wear, whereas some "cool" patterns look like they are going bald after a few thousand miles, this is because some of the treas is only a few millimetres deep, or even less.

My tyres, which are fitted to alloy wheels, look perfect. A lot of tyres nowadays have a "direction of rotation" on them these don't.. Also, have you got any idea what your pressures should be? What it says in the manual may be correct., but may not. This is because all manufacturers have to give a pressure, which is suitable for the average driver with an average weight. Your car may be much heavier, or lighter, or loaded more to the front, or rear, you get the point. It is best to have a professional tyre fitter's opinion. You may find for example, that yours are wearing on the middle section only for instance, indicating too much pressure, even though it is exactly what it says in the book. If they are wearing on the outside, it is down to pressures being too low, or steering geometery, (see tyre fitter).
As for the price, obviously it depends what size you are after, you will find some sizes are more common, and therefore more cost effective than others, also the more rubber in the tyre, the more it costs.

When you get two or even fout new tyres fitted to your vehicle, you will find them very quiet compared to your old ones, this is not because they are nre super duper mega silent versions, it is simply due to the new rubber being more flexible than your old hardened cases, also the new tyres have far more tread absorbing vibration as well as noise.

Availability, they do seem to be available everywhere, you will have no trouble finding them, but you may have to wait a day or so for delivery.

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Comments on this review

  • eve6kicksass published 15/09/2007
    Great review once again dude! Chris :)
  • Maxlarndison published 20/08/2007
    Great review. I live just outside Leamington Spa and to be honest i never knew they were made there, well you learn something new every day. Amanda
  • RICHADA published 19/08/2007
    A car with the potential performance - not to mention the dynamics - of a VX220 deserves the best tyres on the market. The fact that this car has been developed around these tyres means that replacing them with anything else frankly is going to be false economy. Tyre choice on a car can make or break the wholedriving experienceasfaras I am concerened - even on my (far less extreme) Honda Accord. Richard.
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