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Pro Lighthearted, some will enjoy the down to earth / charming aspects
Cons Cheesy, cliche, rather irritating performances, nothing overly engaging
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"Bridget's Baby Daddy Dramas"

One scene that was a little chuckle worthy

One scene that was a little chuckle worthy

This is the third and latest instalment in the Bridget Jones saga, released in 2016 to much anticipation from film and novel fans. While the original was creative and novel, and the second was decent enough, I just didn’t find the Baby addition to be anything gripping, unique or memorable.

This falls within the comedy/romance genres, thus making it quite a solid ‘romcom’. The screenplay was in part written by Helen Fielding and it was directed by Sharon Maguire, who worked on the original Bridget Jones.

… Premise …

“We’re going to need bigger pants”

We’re introduced to the leading lady, Bridget Jones, who is now a forty-something and single again after her ups and downs and love triangles in the dating department. She’s a news producer and doing reasonably well for herself, maintaining a solid social and professional life. It looks as though things are starting to get a little more mature and stable in her life. that is, until Bridget finds herself face to face with a gorgeous American guy, Jack, who is as refreshing as he is dashing. She risks her heart having a little fling, but then finds herself back with an old flame, none other than Mr Darcy.

Fast forward a few weeks and, what do you know, Ms Jones is pregnant. Not a shocker given the name of the film. The problem is, with two guys in the picture at a similar time, neither knowing the other exists in her world, Bridget doesn’t actually know who the father is. How will she go about announcing the news to the would-be father when she’s only 50% sure who he is? Will Bridget ever get her happily ever after with Mr Right and a baby in tow?

… // …

The premise is nothing earth-shattering, nor is it overly original, but it is given a novel appeal thanks to the enigmatic characters and twist of humour. There is some element of tension and mystery as we wait and wonder who the father is and how things will turn out for Bridget, though I must admit it was an ending I’d already anticipated early on.

The cast includes Renée Zellweger (Bridget), Jim Broadbent (her father), Gemma Jones (her mother), Colin Firth (Mark), Shirley Henderson (friend Jude) and Patrick Dempsey (Jack), among others. There are various other familiar faces throughout the mix, including a small pop in to say hello by Ed Sheeran (as himself). Acting is, aside from stereotyped, quite uncomfortable and unconvincing, even if you can manage to find the characters memorable and charming in their own ways.

We see scenes at a music festival, scenes that were used a lot in the promo for the film. These, and other aspect of the film, are quite British and relatable, giving us scenes and events and awkward situations we could imagine ourselves being a part of, if we haven’t already experienced them ourselves that is.

The scenes, settings and events were, on the whole, rather cliche and cheesy as I had anticipated. Some scenes were quite comical and cringeworthy, an ode to Bridget’s ability to embarrass herself. I can see how some would find this quite heartwarming, light, sentimental and charming, however I found it had a rather different effect for me.

I didn’t find it overly engaging, but bordering on annoying in terms of the overly British accents and rather unbelievable acting at times. It all felt rather obvious and overt. None the less, it was easy viewing that didn’t require too many brain cells and I didn’t fall asleep mid-way through, so there was something there that made it half way to watchable, probably Zellweger and Dempsey. To be fair to the film, there were one or two chuckle-inducing moments, but they seemed a little thin on the ground.

That said, it wasn’t anything overly new and I don’t think this could ever surpass, or even live up to, the creatively novel first film. Bridget Jones’s Baby has too many cliches, tries too hard, and injects nothing critically poignant or original to be particularly memorable or noteworthy.

While the soundtrack for the original was quite distinctive and memorable, giving a stable backdrop to the flick, I can’t say as that I really recall much of the music from this one. I know one shouldn’t just compare an original to a later film in the series, but needless to say I didn’t find anything altogether too original, award winning or impressive.


I don’t think this film quite lived up to its expectations. Given an estimated budget of $35,000,000 (I’m assuming most of this went in to the casting), it grossed only $24,089,465 (as per IMDB) by October 2016. It scores a modest but reasonable 6.7 on IMDB but a much more positive 4.5 stars on Amazon.

All in all, big Bridget Jones fans and those who like the overly British nature and line up may find this comical, heartwarming and charming. Sadly, I didn’t find it to be anything special and so it was rather unmemorable and cliche for me; a rom com that just couldn’t quite break out enough to be a trailblazer.


DVD released 2017, running time 123 minutes, rated Certificate 15,
Retailing for £10 (Amazon).

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  • Chippytarka published 12/05/2017
    Not for me but nicely reviewedx
  • DodoRabbit published 03/04/2017
    My mum loved this but I'll give it a miss!
  • CelticSoulSister published 24/03/2017
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