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published 24/02/2012 | dbuk2000
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Not sure why people comment just to say 'not for me' or 'will give this a miss'. Hardly contributing to the review or helping out future readers looking to purchase the item.
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"50% Talent, 50% Pathetic"

This is a show that deserves five stars, however at the end of the day it is meant to be displaying talent and for this reason alone and a couple of other small things, I won't be able to give it five stars.

So for those of you that don't know what this show is about, it is pretty similar to Xfactor, another of Simon Cowells shows, except there is a studio audience and it doesnt just have to be singing, it can be anything at all, it doesn't even have to be a talent. Basically the way to get onto the show is to be really good or really bad, as of course the judges don't have time to check each and every act out that auditions for the show. The judges are Simon Cowell, the creator of the show, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden. They are all pretty decent in their own way and will talk more about them later.

What bemuses me about this show is that really it is not a full talent show, as the only artists that ever truly impress are the singers and dancers. Of course there are other acts that are slightly entertaining, however the judges even sometimes gets confused between what is good and bad. Some of the acts that are meant to be bad, sometimes get through for no apparant reason. I think the most apparant example is when this fat man or woman, I can't tell which to be honest, who is very very overweight comes on and starts wobbling their belly. Now I'm no expert, but how is it possible for three normal judges to say yes to an act like this. This is not the only act, with also people dancing around with cardboard celebrity faces and also a band that play 'air' instruments.

On each episode they tend to have two or three pretty decent acts that come on. Enough has been mentioned about Susan Boyle in recent weeks so there is no need to go there, and there has been a few decent dance groups and other singers. Personally the majority of people on this show generally have no other way to gain exposure, so in that sense this show succeeds at showing of talent. I just wish they would show more good talent, than just talentless filth.

Also another problem I have with these shows is second chances. I know that people deserve second chance, but last years winner George Sampson, had already auditioned the year before and in a way he had his sob story set for that following year. There should be a rule that if someone got through to the audition stage, in front of the judges, they are not allowed to audition again for another three years. I think thats only fair.

Simon Cowell is the same as ever with his sarcy comments, and generally seems to be a lot more relaxed here than he ever is on Xfactor. Well I would be relaxed if I was getting paid millions just to sit and watch acts and press a buzzer on whether i hate or like the act. Piers Morgan is likeable on the show, but unlikeable off it as he comes across as very arrogant. He is good at what he does, although like Cowell he gives very honest opinions and maybe they shouldnt have two similar judges on the show. Amanda Holden is the token soft judge and she seems to cry at most acts, god knows why they are worth crying over though. She comes across as sweet and I guess she is a decent enough judge, but nothing indispensable.

Overall if this show focused a bit more on the talented acts and maybe got another judge it would definitely be a bit better. I know they had Kelly Brook for a bit and that Simon Cowell got rid of her cause he thought it didn't work with four judges, but I really am not sure how much truth their is in this. She is much better eye candy then Amanda Holden after all, and maybe Holden saw her as a threat to the token soften judge role that she had begun to get very comfortable in.

I am not sure how many years this show has left, but at the moment it is going strong and I imagine it will be around for quite a few years yet.

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  • Walowiz published 29/02/2012
    Have to admit, I love the pathetic ones XD
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