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published 22/04/2012 | JasonJRogers
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Pro Some Great Acts! The Judges!!
Cons Some Crazy Acts! Some Lunatics!!
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"Britain's Got Talent or Britain's Got Lunatics!"

Simon looks somewhat amused!

Simon looks somewhat amused!

Britain's Got Talent or Britain's Got Lunatics:

I watch this show every year for the entertainment, judges, unusal acts and the banter...everyday ordinary people perform on stage in front of the four judges in order to get through each round and reach the final. The act that wins Britain's Got Talent is the one that has to stands out the most and the one act that can impress the judges and the audience in order to get a chance to perform in front of the queen at the Royal Variety Performance. The judges each have a buzzer in front of them and they are the one's that get to decide who makes it through the auditions by hitting the buzzer on an act they think ain't good enough to go through.

Ant and Dec are the one's who present the show and takes the show across Britains capital to find out whether they can find any talent, they visit the likes of Birmingham, Liverpool, Cardiff, Glascow London etc...Over the years Britain's Got Talent has had a variety of different judges on the panel and still not all of them can agree on what they see...Last years judges were Michael McIntyre, Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff, Simon Cowell only came in at the live shows. But, this year Simon Cowell has come back has a full time judge alongside Amanda Holden and this time with Alesha Dixon and David Walliams has the other two judges sitting alongside them.

I have enjoyed some of the acts over the years, there are some acts that have stood out to me by a mile whilst other acts have been totally and utterly stupid. First off...I'll mention the acts who think they've got what it takes to reach the next round but ends up making complete idiots out of themselves, I watch some of the people that go on in front of the judges and I think...this ain't Britain's Got Talent this is Britain's Got Lunatics. In the auditions the first thing the judges normally ask is "do you think you've got what it takes to win the show" or "are you any good" and the one's who say they do and perform bad are the ones that ends up with a total black of buzzers where the judges don't approve of what there seeing.

To go on a show like this you need to really be good and not just think that you are when your not, some people going on the show thinking this until the judges bring them crashing back down to earth and then the acts dream is soon crushed. I've seen some of the most silliest acts trying to get through the auditions, I can understand if your nervous and want to give it a go but for some of them they just come on stage, make a noise and think that's good enough to get through.

Some people go on the stage and think they can sing...until the judges buzz them out, these are the people who think they have such a great voice and believes they're good enough to sing on the Royal Variety Performance in front of the queen. You have to be either a good dancer, singer or performer in order to become a great act on this show otherwise you wont last five minutes in front of the panel, I honestly dont think I could do it...I haven't got a talent that's mind blowing or different and as well I dont want to stand up there and make a pillock of myself.

A couple of years back in 2010 there were quite a few acts that I really enjoyed, those were the ones that stood out to me. One of my favourite acts was definitely Spellbound, they were an acrobatic gymnastic act and they won the show that year with there high flying death defying moves, for weeks I thought they'd win because of how talented and amazing they were. The act that came second to Spellbound that year was Twist & Pulse and also one of my favourite acts because they were different, clever and the way the two of them mixed it up was really, really exciting. This year, Twist & Pulse have come back with their very own dancing group called Twist & Pulse Dance Company: Dance Troupe, they were very good in their audition and I reckon with Twist & Pulse training them up they could go along way in the competition.

Another act that was impressive in the same year has Spellbound was an act by a guy called Tobias Mead, I thought he was an extrodinary act it was the way he moved he's entire body. One certain act of he's in particular was the one where he started off upside down and was wearing a freaky face mask on the back of he's head. I really enjoyed other acts that year including the dancing dog act (Tina and Chandi) the Harry Hill impressionist (Paul Burling) the old lady singer with the strong voice which I thought was very good (Janey Culter) and another strong voiced singer (Christopher Stone) I'm not always a lover of that kind of singing but I really enjoyed that act.

There were quite alot of acts I really enjoyed watching last year, one or two of them really surprised the judges and the audience...not even I thought a certain one or two acts were going to be good until they started to perform their talent. One guy in particular came on stage last year and really surprised everyone, I was in stitches, the audience and the judges were in stitches and that was act by a guy called Stephen Hall. As soon as he came on stage my thought was proberly like everybody else's, this guy's to old, looks unusal, this isn't going to be good...what was he's act again? he did comedy dancing and he was brilliant and very funny.

I loved David and Karen the Magician act...they were very clever I dont know how they did their act but it completely stunned the audience and the judges. Simon Cowell has always said he's not a big fan of magic acts on a show like this because he wants to see real magic and the ones that have tried over the years have failed to impress. In David and Karen's audition, one of them got into a glass see-through box on a stand which was locked and the other held up a black sheet infront of themselves and the box, when the sheet came down they switched places.

There was one act that took place on Britain's Got More Talent last year (the show that comes on ITV2) but was never shown on the main saturday show, it was a dancing duo called Bionic Funk. I watched these two over and over again on youtube but somehow didn't get through the auditions, this I couldn't understand because they were just like Twist and Pulse in that previous year...they were brilliant I thought. I couldn't believe the way they break danced to the Super Mario Brothers theme tunes, from start till finish it was such a great act, the judges loved the act and you did see them put em through but for some reason you didn't get to see the act anymore...I know after the auditions the judges have got to narrow the acts down and put certain ones through and knock certain ones out, but I feel that Bionic Funk should have been one of those in the next round.

I'm a huge fan of break dancing and break dancing acts and one guy really impressed me on the show last year, it was the Matrix guy, a romanian break dancer called Razy Gogonea. He was unbelievable at the way he moved around the floor and was bending he's body, he was dressed like the Matrix and that famous back bend that the Matrix does was extrodinary...I have really strong legs so I've been practicing that one myself. There was also another break dancer in that same year which was just as good a French break dancer called Michael Moral, the judges had to choose who to put through to the next round out of the two of them as they only wanted one of the same similar act in the next round.

The Bruce Sistaz was also another act I was quite impressed with and even though I'm not always a fan of mix martial arts acts on a show like this, I must admit, I really thought this one was kind of a special act. The organist act with Jean Martyn was very entertaining and fun to watch, It certainly looked as if she was having a really good time whilst performing in front of the audience and the judges. There was another impressionist I thought was quite good and that was a guy called Les Gibson, it would of been interesting to see him and Paul Burling up on the stage in the same year.

The winner and runner up last year were very good singers...first off, a boy called Ronan Parke was the runner up he had such a great voice for he's age and I reckon he's got a great future ahead of him. The one that beat him was a Scottish guy with an extremely strong but great voice (Jai McDowall) In the end I thought it could only be between those two for the winner and runner-up. New bounce was a singing group that came third and even though they were a very good act and group I still wanted either Ronan Parke or Jai McDowall to win it.

So Far this year...there are a few acts that hasn't been to bad but nothing has really jumped out at me only appart from Twist and Pulse Dance Company and the dancing dog act (Ashleigh and Pudsey) and that was quite funny. There's still been a few silly ones that the judges have put through which I think wont go any further, one act I think wont go no further and that's the German singer with the wings. There was one act this year I found found crazy but very funny (I guy called Mr Zip) a rapper who started singing about losing he's keys and he's phone, I loved the way Alesha Dixon was looking on really enjoying this act and getting into it. I must was certainly something diferent that I and nobody else have ever seen before, what made me laugh was the fact Simon Cowell said he couldn't get that out of he's head after hearing it...I don't think I can either.

There is only one issue I have with the show, its called Britain's Got Talent, but it seems every other nationality comes over here just to be on the show and if someone comes over and wins the show it wont make sense...It is good to see other talent from all over the world but I thought it was only meant to be them finding the talent in Britain and not outside, but all the same there still good to see because some of them I've really enjoyed watching and I suppose if they dont come over we wont see those talents.

I love this years judges, my two favourite judges are Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell I've always like Amanda Holden on the panel and even David Walliams has been quite funny on there. I really love Alesha on the panel because she's full of fun, I love the way she laughs and has a good time on the show and certainly love the way she comments on each performance...She has always been one of my favourite judges on any panel, especially when she's on Strictly Come Dancing. Well...Simon've just got to love him, can be a bit nasty, acid tongue and snid with he's comments but he does tell it like it is and that's what I love the most about him...they don't call him Mr Nasty for nothing after all!

Amanda Holden has always been a good judge on the BGT panel, alot of people I know has got Amanda down has one of their favourite judges and to me she looks really good on the panel. When I heard the show was back for the six series I wasn't sure about David Walliams being choosen has the fourth judge, but he has been very funny and doesn't seem as silly has he is on Little Britain. He has been putting Simon Cowell in he's place this year, especially every time Simon puts he's hand up and stops and act from performing David would turn to him and have a pop at him...

I never could stand Ant and Dec until I started watching this show and I'm A Celebrity, when I used to see them on the T.V the first I used to think was "there are those two wallies again" but now, watching them for so long I have really got used to their presence on screen. They still act like a pair of wallies but now I cant help but sometimes find these two quite funny, they can be a bit too silly with the way they act behind the scene but are entertaining and that's what BGT needs, people who can present and make us laugh at the same time. Stephen Mulhern does the Britain's Got More Talent show on ITV2 and he can sometimes be a bit nutty but is another presenter who makes the ITV2 show entertaining and there's a couple of acts on there that you dont see on the main Saturday show.

There's still a few more weeks of auditions to go for this years one's, so most proberly they'll be more goods acts and some more crazy acts to come. I would like to see something that I and nobody else has ever seen before, I'm not quite sure what that is yet but an act that can blow the judges and audience away. We all need to see a different variety of acts other than keep seeing break dancers (even though I love em) singers and magic acts. Just like Spellbound that year, an acrobatic gymnastic group with death defying jumps and leaps and all other crazy moves, an act needs to come on and show everyone something they haven't seen before and what that will be i'm not quite sure yet...only time will tell!

ThankYou in taking the time reading my review!


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