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Publisher Ebury Press
Author David Bennun
Genre Historical Biography
Title British as a Second Language
Type Non-Fiction
EAN 9780091900342
ISBN 0091900344


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(-) None - except perhaps not a light read

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similar by Price (less than 5 GBP)
Packed with detail : a good social history
Lacks definition. Could be editorially trimmed significantly (*)
Well-researched, factual, gently irrerevent, thoroughly readable
None (*)
An interesting look at how we see ourselves
if you are looking for a light read this may not be for you (*)
Excellently researched and written. A real page-turner.
A little too visceral for some. Characters a little underdeveloped. (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (B)
Thorough, comprehensive, and written unlike so many others from a British perspective
Some shortcomings in the research department and subsequent small mistakes (*)
A relatively easy to read account of the tragedy
Rather heavy on history in places (*)
Very compelling
Quite harrowing at times (*)
Interesting if grim insight into how the mentally afflicted were treated in ages past
None really, for those interested in the subject (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (B)
easily digested
leaves you wanting more (*)
A compelling frightening read based on true events
None but will leave you wondering and questioning the ethics (*)
Very well written, illuminates the war
A few authorial quirks (*)
the only book you will need on the subject
none (*)
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